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  • Esper | MP100 x Saiki k
    9K 197 3

    A story when two psychics with the opposite desires meet.

  • Courting Pinetree - Billdip - Omegaverse
    7.9K 339 7

    Being an Omega is already tough as it is... Doesn't help when you are constantly pestered by an Alpha who just can't get through his thick skull that you're not interested. But now the sleeping mafia families are beginning to stir, all thanks to a new heir within one of the families. Will Dipper be able to keep hims...

  • Stay Inside (by my Side) : Gream/DreamNotFound
    229K 11K 28

    Quarantine hit just as George flew into Jacksonville, Florida for a business trip. Usually, he and Clay met up once or twice to hang out before ultimately resuming their own lives. This time, though, George's hotel shuts down and his return flight gets cancelled in the midst of the pandemic. Thankfully, his best frien...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mirror Mirror ; Gallavich
    246 33 1

    Mickey Milkovich's thoughts before he distraughtly punches a mirror.

    Completed   Mature
  • You remember?
    21.5K 678 9

    Ian's life is stable, he's in a relationship, has a job and finally takes his meds. But something's missing. Someone. Sorry for the mistakes, there probably are some typos, plus English is not my first language.

  • cRaCk // cReK sToRIe
    1K 64 7


  • Shield Me ( Stiles X Captain America )
    323K 10.5K 33

    Sheriff Stilinski sent his son to New York to spend his spring break with his uncle Phil. Stiles thought he might get that peaceful break from supernatural mayhem that seemed to follow him like a shadow and spend his time exploring his mother's childhood neighborhood. The thing was, they forgot New York was home to t...

  • Fated (Rewriting)
    464K 13.8K 44

    Book one There you were shinning amidst all the carnage and destruction like a beam of light. Created by the person I loathed the most in all creation but destined to be by my side as my mate. You will always be mine sweet Angel no matter what. Now being rewritten. Old version was formerly known as Lucifer's mate

    Completed   Mature
  • Try and Stop Me
    4.3K 161 24

    Like a crosshair to his vision, Jay finds anything he's looking for with ease. This isn't a game anymore, and for him, it never was. Takes place in a modernized 'By the way, can you survive a RPG?' world. (Please read the tags before reading.)

  • The Horrors Of Our Love
    3.8K 236 2

    Murders in Gravity Falls peak the interest of the young self-proclaimed detective and paranormal investigator Dipper Pines, but with further inspection, he learns maybe he should have stayed out of it. Human!BillDip. In this fanfic, Bill hadn't been introduced yet, and he only appears in human form. These Fic is based...

  • Way Back to You [TomTord]
    27.5K 1.2K 14

    Tord was the one who confessed to Tom during their high school days. They loved each other very much that their friends thought they'd have their happily ever after. However that's not the case. Tord's been seeing someone else around their freshman year of college. Tom eventually finds out from their friends, Edd and...

  • The Chaos Lounge
    33.3K 1.9K 47

    A collection of Jayphen headcannons with scenarios. Will be updated whenever.

  • ⟩ You Don't Own Me ⟨
    9.5K 300 18

    Stephen thought he was average looking, a bit odd with his lavender mohawk and his shitty personality , but he never imagined he could drive someone to be crazy in love with him from simply saying hello.. >>jayphen, yandere!jay au.<< so when jay met the guy, his world changed. it was bursting in a array of colors that...

  • ❦𝙺𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚎𝚍 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎❦(𝕊𝕥𝕖𝕡𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕏 𝕁𝕒𝕪)-COMPLETED-
    14.4K 467 20

    Stockholm Syndrome. Feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor. Probably one of the reasons yanderes kidnap their Senpai. If I'm just a muderous-tastic male, then why am I kidnapped by my 𝐨𝐰𝐧 killing buddy? ...

  • Parenting 101 For Insane Parents
    15K 705 17

    Stephen and Jay have been dating for about a year. Somehow a talk abour marriage lead to a conversation on adopting a child. So, here's a guide as to what not to do if you're new parents and you and your partner are equally insane. » OFFICALLY DISCONTINUED ON 1/16/20 «

  • His Property.
    18.2K 458 16

    prop·er·ty /ˈpräpərdē/ 🔊 noun 1. a thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively.

  • Hero Vs Villain (BoyxBoy)
    2.1M 112K 90

    They couldn't be more different. Ridley is a knight in shining white armor, so perfect in every way that it makes people hardly able to stand him. Prince Vandel on the other hand (aka the evil demon prince of darkness) is the sworn enemy of the kingdom, obsessed with gaining power and wearing beautiful clothes. The tw...

  • ANTICHRIST | phan ✔️
    139K 6.7K 74

    "gay and psychotic; we're enough to make god cry." in which a boy with a face like an angel and dreams like the devil meets satan in black denim who chainsmokes and hates the world completed!

    Completed   Mature
  • stained (phan) || book #1
    412K 27.3K 24

    *'BEST SERIES' WINNER (FANFICTION AWARDS 2017)* FIRST BOOK IN THE 'STAINED' SERIES Meet Phil Lester, a bad boy with blood on his hands. Literally. After one night strikes, Phil turns to a group of serial killers as a distraction and soon he finds himself with a trail of dead bodies at his own fault. Meet Dan Howell...

  • Demon: Book 1
    4.3M 222K 73

    -Demon Series: Book 1- Aden Perri has problems. The last day of school his girlfriend calls it quits. And proceeds to move on a little too quickly. His friends disappear, leaving him to spend the summer alone. His mother buys a dog. Aden hates dogs. The scar on his leg confirms it. ...

  • heart like yours / phan
    63.7K 4.7K 7

    "i'm counting down the days to go." or in which a boy who is waiting for his life to be over may be losing to cancer, but he also saved his best friend's life and, in return, won his heart.

  • Speak [ phan ]
    1.7M 98.5K 32

    " we're friends right? well, you can't really tell me otherwise anyway, which is probably why we're friends. " Or the story of an overenthusiastic boy called Phil, who has trouble shutting up, and a reluctantly mute boy called Dan, who's life is falling apart, and how they both come to realise that sometimes - actions...