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  • Ask or Dare Mao Mao: Heroes of pure heart (On Hiatus)
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    enjoy! This is my first time doing this so please go easy on me

  • Mao Mao OneShots (practice)
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    I'm doing this as simply practice for my writing, and feedback/criticism is appreciated and welcomed!

  • Baby Mao
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    When Shin begins wishing he had a better relationship with his son he tries to be a good Dad by asking for forgiveness, will this make Mao forgive him for years of neglect? Nope. When this doesn't work, what extents is Shin prepared to go to? Will things get weird? DEFINITELY! 😋 Warning: Cuteness will be written, bab...

  • Art book (Y'all Stop Reading XD)
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    this is my very first (art) book so....yea. I'm going to post my art here and maybe even write in it. Enjoy! 😊 Edit: so this will also kinda be like a public diary thing??? Yea but nothing personal...or nothing too personal ;))))

  • Anime Art Book
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    Here we go... You are going to see big changes in this book, also most of these drawings are used with references so credits to that ig

  • "Runaway Deputy"
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    (Mao Mao: Heroes Of Pure Heart) (Mao Mao and Adorabat-centric) (Drama, Family, Hurt/Comfort) ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Summary: Mao Mao and Adorabat get in a fight, which results in Mao Mao saying the wrong thing, causing Adorabat to run away. When the Sheriff goes to apologise, only to find her missing, it makes him e...

  • Bounty hero (Tanyamao)~[discontinued]
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    Basically it's meet Tanya keys but with a different ending Tanya now lives with the sheriff's department,she also soon falls in love with Mao mao, she is concerned that Mao Mao won't feel the same way ,She also realized that there is something wrong with Mao Mao

  • Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart! Oneshots
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    Hey, y'alls! Welcome to my Mao Mao One-shots collections! After taking a good interest in the series, I decided to make this so that I could make beneficial improvements to my writing and while creating content for the fandom.

  • You'll be a Hero Too
    8.9K 247 25

    It's WAY too late to inform you people, but the art I used for the cover is by twincookies. Adorabat ALWAYS looked up to Mao Mao and Badgerclops ever since she first saw them (especially Mao Mao). She wants to train like them, fight like them, and BE like them. This story will take you through Adorabat's early childho...

  • Defeat (Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)
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    I deleted my other story cuz I was never going to write in it anyways jaja Anyways, I originally was going to make this story into a comic, but decided writing it would be better since I just can't make a comic without abandoning it 2 days later- so now we're here.

  • Mao Mao (Heroes of Pure Heart!) x Kikio Fox
    13.9K 228 25

    The show took my heart. This show is so adorable and has so many relatable characters, and the colors are so beautiful as well as the setting and horizon and as for the Character they all look so clever and so funny to see. I'll be only writing my own OC's and inserting my own art in them.

  • Mao Mao: A Christmas Carol
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    I have a Christmas story to share with all of you. It's about a legendary cat who doesn't understand the true meaning of Christmas. And yes: it is inspired from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".

  • some mao mao short lil stories 💕
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    yea!! this'll be a bunch of headcanons and just wholesome stuff. just for fun! and no im not doing that kiribaku fanfic lmao

  • What does a Hero need?
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    A "Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart" story. Ever since Mao Mao, along his Co-Hero Badgerclops, landed in Pure Heart Valley and met Mao Mao's little daugther deputy, he became the Sheriff from the mishap of breaking the protected barrier and are in desperate need for a new one. They were the protecting barriers of the lov...

  • Beyond time (Mao Mao x reader)
    12.5K 432 46

    To escape marrying someone you didn't know and would never love, you and your beloved brother run away from your aunt and uncle's house to the freedom. But a tragic accident makes you travel to the future. When it seemed that all was lost, you find the young unknown cat, owner of the face you always drew.

    Completed   Mature
  • Badger mao
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    This is a love story about Mao Mao and badgerclops so if you don't like gay people you can leave there is a smidge bit about self harm but he goes to therapy eventually so i think its cool this is my first story so yeah you've been warned The feels T-T

  • Badgermao, Love Between Heroes and Sidekicks ♥︎
    21.2K 855 171

    Look I Know The Thumbnail Of My Story Looks Like It's Probably Bad...But Really, Once You Read It, I'm Sure You Might Love It! ^^ Can't Wait To See You In My Stories!

  • A Buncha Random Oneshots
    5.6K 113 6

    Just random one shots with my favorite cartoons and shows, which may include DadMao, Dadspeed, ships, and much more! Also, PLEASE don't ship any minors with adults or I'll beat you to death

  • "I'm no hero"
    6.6K 148 5

    " dad please give me a chance i'll prove to you that I can be a legendary heroe just like you!" Mao mao said to his father with determin look "your no legendary heroe and You'll never be one" Mao mao's father said as Mao mao just stood their tears forming thru his eyes as his father just walk away into the shadows (v...

  • Mao Mao Oneshots
    30.6K 959 14

    Just some random oneshots for the show Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. Contains Badgermao scenes and Dad Mao / Adoradaughter, so if that's not your preference, I wouldn't read these oneshots.

  • Ask or Dare {Mao mao Heroes of pure heart}
    11.3K 336 38

    the title is literally what it is, BUT I do have rules •Ok first of you can ship what you want, but seriously no mao mao x adorabat •uuh no smut >save it for later books 😏< •Don't ask inappropriate questions like "How big is your D***" or "does adorabat have boobs {shes literally a child}" any who that's all the rule...

  • ♥️ Legendary Love | Mao Mao x BadgerClops ♥️
    21.6K 338 19

    This is my first story, I hope you enjoy

  • Badgermao One Shots!
    20.1K 417 15

    Cover art credit - @ / maomaogalore (on Instagram) Heyo! Another one shots story! I'm going to be taking this one a bit more serious, rather than my crack ships one! This story is all about Badgermao... If you love the ship Badgerclops x Mao Mao, you've come to the right place! Be sure to request, thank you! <3

  • Its unprofessional to love (Badgermao)
    4.4K 23 2

    Badgerclops has been feeling a little something more than his usual feelings toward his smaller feline friend, let's just say he's really having the urge to find somewhere in himself to confess, yet all he doesn't know is what's coming for him.