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  • My Domestic Abuse Story.
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    Here's some background information on me, I'm a 16 year old, Caucasian, female, with brown hair and green eyes who lives with my mom in South Western Ontario. This is a past relationships I had with an over protective boyfriend.

  • You Thought Wrong
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    Stories that have abusive characters/relationships. ⚠Trigger warning: abuse, violence

  • My Life Story- the Reality to Emotional Abuse
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    ***COMPLETED*** So, I decided that I, Felicity, will write to people the story of what my life was like. I don't think people quite understand how severe emotional abuse is and I want to be able to shed some light on that. Yes, the cover photo is a picture of me. And I will say, I do not remember a ton of what happen...

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  • Narcissist abuse recovery
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    You can't silence me anymore, Sheena.

  • Narcissistic abuse: my story
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    My personal story of narcissistic family abuse and advice.

  • The coward & the belt
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    A belt being used in a child abuse by the belts perspective. Do not copy Please! This is my work thank you!

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  • My Story (MtF)
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    A story about a lone transgirl trying to find herself. TW: Rape, Suicide, Self destructive behavior, domestic abuse (for lack of a better term)

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  • Living Through Sexual Abuse
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    This is my story and experience with sexual abuse. It's so difficult to deal with, especially when people just can't seem to understand why it affects us the way it does. And for everyone who has gone through it, I'm here to let you know that you're not disgusting, you're not crazy. And you're not alone.

  • My Sexual Abuse Story (true story)
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    Its about some of the days I was with my boyfriend Mer. And what he did to me even though I didn't want it.

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  • Verbal abuse
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    Verbal can hurt more than physical

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  • Verbal Sexual Physical Abuse and Suicide I Will Try To Make A Difference
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    Sometimes It takes a Word or even a Touch to Destroy the trust in Humanity and themselfs but what if a Writer decided to write about it Will it change anything? She sure hopes it will

  • The Few Unforgettable Days
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    My sexual abuse story.

  • Abuse
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    When people think of abuse it's rape or being physically hurt. This is about mental and physical abuse. specifically my story.

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  • Abused in Silence
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    This story is based on my true events of my abusive relationship. I am wanting to get my story out there so that people know the early signs that they are dating an abuser. I am tired of society romanticizing domestic violence & emotional abuse.

  • H U R T
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    My life story.

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  • Why?
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    The story of my life as it goes through its ups and downs, but I dont have a normal life. I've been abused, left behind, and forgotten. Please read I am trying to spread the word of abuse and let everyone know that it is real and it is wrong.