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  • Lips to Lips [manxman]
    538 51 7

    Once upon a time, Noah Cross was one of the best vampire hunters the Conclave ever had. Successful and talented, Noah also had a wonderful, supportive hunting partner, Rory Jennings, that'd sacrifice his life for Noah. And then, Noah gave it all up to protect the man he loved. Ten years later, he's laying low in the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Inner Workings Of Coffee Drinkers
    5.3K 308 2

    ❝they don't like big celebrations or grand gestures of affection; steaming coffee and watching the people will be just fine.❞ ~honourable mention in @freethelgbt's one-shot valentine's day contest~

  • This Was a Home Once
    241 45 1

    once upon a time two people fell in love they thought it was happily ever after but it wasn't ***** Short story for the Valentine's Day 2020 contest - First Heartbreak theme. 1400 words. Cover image from Canva and banner image by Sugar Bee via Unsplash Copyright ©️ 2020 by CC Starfield.

  • Finding Heaven
    153 11 2

    this is a short story I wrote for a creative writing assignment! I was proud of it and felt it was worth an audience. #1 in translivesmatter

  • The Valentine's Day Bet [boyxboy Contest Entry]
    11.4K 452 2

    A bet. In which Maver Weitman tries to convince Daniel Gutierrez that Valentine's Day is pointless, and contradicts himself in every way imaginable. A bet. In which Daniel Gutierrez finds out exactly how much he likes Maver Weitman, no matter how much he tries to convince himself otherwise. Especially since Maver migh...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Night We Met
    2.6K 32 1

    **2019 LGBT Literary Awards Winner in General Fiction!** *Available now on Amazon* Two men. Twelve Hours. One Choice. Jethro never planned to sacrifice the future he'd worked so hard for. But life is a funny thing. It's full of the unexpected, like spotting a broken man standing at the edge of a chasm. Sam never plan...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pinocchio
    19.1K 1.7K 5

    PINOCCHIO tells the tale of forgiveness, friendship and the desperate longing for acceptance. This is a coming-of-age story many look over. | This book is dedicated to all of the transgender children who wanted the acceptance of a family member but never received it. | |original story line| *this story contains an exc...

  • If Our Love Is Wrong (#Songfic Contest)
    448 41 2

    🎵 WINNER OF THE @lgbtq SONGFIC CONTEST 🎵 You're a Gemini. He's an Aquarius. You don't know how to say it or how they might take it or if they're going to like it, but you love him in a world that thinks your love is wrong, and so perhaps you're not right at all. If Our Love Is Wrong is an essay-like short story of...

  • Untethered ✓
    78.5K 5.3K 21

    Isaac Kirk's world comes to an abrupt halt when he finds out his Soulmate Mark isn't identical to that of Jamie Ryan's; his best friend and the guy he's been in love with all his life. Isaac's mark is also in COLOUR, which is an even worse fate, because it's rumoured that people with coloured marks don't even get to h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Jock Stole my Shirt Pocket ✔️
    27.7K 1.8K 1

    "No homo." His hot breath fanned my face as he pushed me against my locker. I blushed. Then, he kissed me and I didn't report him for sexual harassment because he's hot. Cover by @Lena-Presents

  • Wicked [bxb] ✓
    5.3K 234 1

    This ain't a fair fight.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cliché ✓
    230K 5.7K 1

    The one where the seemingly bad boy falls for the apparent nerd - except it's a lot more complicated than that. - Copyright © 2013 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.

  • My Name is Ranel [Short Story] ✅
    4.3K 335 7

    Private Ranel Fleming doesn't know what has gotten into him after agreeing to be part of a disguise mission that causes him to leave and forget everything, ranging from his loved ones to his own name. What happens once he meets his old friend and lover is a whole other conflict. [Bonus story to 'Leadership', but if yo...

  • Twisted Memories {boyxboy} [Oneshot] (Currently reediting!)
    10K 191 1

    Memories are never fully forgotten. Even the ones buried deep, deep down in the confines of our minds, waiting for the day when light is shed upon them and the threads in our brains become untangled. Memories, like our society, can become twisted—like shadows of past lives fading into the background. The question is:...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Shots 3.0 [boyxboy]
    459K 10.7K 20

    Fluff and fireworks.

  • Stolen Kisses ✓
    57.6K 1.6K 1

    A bittersweet tale of forbidden love. - Copyright © 2013 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • Lonerism
    148K 5.2K 29

    A series of short stories about lonely boys who sleep around, fall in love, and tear each-other apart - in no particular order. ---------- (Notice: Not all short stories are of a Mature nature, but the book is rated Mature with all characters 18+ to fit guidelines; specifically R-rated content with dark-natured or adu...

  • 100 Memories Of You And Me ✔
    43K 3.2K 108

    This is a story I wanted to write and fill with pure love. I do not want to tell a controversial tale, just a simple story. No lace or fancy trims. A story of two people and some side characters. A story of two men who would have only ever met by chance. Chance united them and chance broke them. 100 Memories made by c...

  • Colour Blind ✓
    66K 4.1K 1

    Reed is quite content living in his black and white world. And then he meets Harry. - Copyright © 2015 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.

  • Leadership [Short Story] ✅
    9.5K 559 6

    Colton Squire is a young soldier with potential. He deals with hardships and tries to fix them to the way they should be, like the way he has been taught. But any leader experiences self-doubt, especially when one of his troop members has a low self-esteem.

  • Fear of Kissing ✓
    9.1K 566 2

    "Haru doesn't want to be afraid anymore." - Written for Wattpad's Forbidden Love Anthology Contest Copyright © 2018 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood and Silver [slash]
    5.7K 364 7

    A grim war rages between vampires and human paladins. As the paladins manage to capture a vampire alive, young and hot-headed Kelron gets the order to gather information from the creature. A game of cat and mouse begins...

    Completed   Mature
  • Equally Tenacious ✓
    91.7K 2.2K 1

    Toughened up Deane Anderson and rich and spoiled Luke Davies have only one thing in common - they're both as stubborn and hard-headed as mules. And for everyone around them, that trait they share can get just a little annoying when it comes to matters of the heart. - Copyright © 2015 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • love letters in braille ✔️
    4.9K 353 2

    Oscar is blind. Jason is not. One hot summer day, when their paths cross by chance, Jason takes a leap of faith and Oscar helps him see the world in a whole new light. FEATURED IN THE LGBTQ SUN-KISSED ANTHOLOGY #1 WINNER OF THE PURPLE APPLE AWARDS JULY 2017: SHORT STORY 1ST PLACE: BEST LGBT CHARACTER 1ST PLACE: BEST...

  • Love & Other Desserts ✓
    4.5K 344 1

    A trans boy finds love with a trans girl over two plates of waffles. - Copyright © 2017 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.

  • Red Velvet & Love Letters ✓
    79.8K 3.1K 2

    Tobias Hudson learns the true meaning of the saying, "Love is blind." - Copyright © 2013 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.

  • In A Perfect World (boyxboy)
    584 35 1

    Jeremy has it all. • • Cover photo not mine, all rights belong to owner.

  • Hand In Hand: A Pride Month Anthology
    6.1K 271 9

    Hand In Hand is an anthology celebrating Pride Month, with stories from: beanchtoast BlueBlackInk maxgraybooks sam_as_i_am SkeneKidz wwl1102 (Cover by BlueBlackInk)

  • {Where the birds Hide} [Slash] (Oneshot)
    6.3K 191 1

    The one clear thing he could recall even thinking throughout the entire mess is that he wished life was like a photograph, something that usually came to mind when his father hit him. That way—he had the power to freeze frame the moments that mattered and photoshop out the people that didn’t. But life wasn’t like that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Death With Dignity [BoyxBoy]
    329 33 5

    With the recent death of his fiancee, Casper Forde decides to go home and try to collect himself before returning to school. Alone and slipping, Casper takes refuge in a small diner when he runs into Jaden Holmes, a gentle and patient boy who practically screams to be the one Casper dumps his secrets onto. E...