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  • The Teacher Inside Me [completed]
    2.4M 82.9K 52

    In this twisted gay thriller, a high school student named Liam can't stop fantasizing about his hot, straight, married English teacher, Mr. Hilton. After an awkward meeting after school, Liam begins to suspect that he may be able to make his fantasies become a reality. But, of course, actions have consequences, and so...

  • Cynic Hearts (mxm)
    225K 12.1K 20

    [This story is mxm; mature and unedited] Flynn is a warlock, born in the 1400's in Greece. His parents died, brother betrayed and cursed him, so he wondered the earth, finding and giving happiness to those who deserve it. It's the least he can do when he has all the time in the world to do nothing with, right? ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Apprentice (Girlxgirl)
    525K 18.4K 70

    Jamie Collins is a 25 year old photographer, who has recently left an unhappy marriage. When an amazing business opportunity arises, Jamie is left with the responsibility of taking on an apprentice, who is also her new bosses daughter.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Stars That Night [boyxboy]
    167K 12K 26

    Setting his lawn on fire wasn't exactly how Garrett Grimaldi planned to start talking to his best friend's neighbor, Silas. But that's exactly what happens when a fun experiment goes horribly wrong, launching Garrett's summer off to a hot start. Growing unease with his boyfriend, looming responsibilities of adulthood...

  • FRICTION (The Rapture Series #1)
    12.6M 476K 57

    Eric could never in his wildest dreams have envisioned that one unfortunate encounter with Shawn's daughter, Meghan, at a party would somehow land him working for the hot-headed man's law firm. Then again, neither could have Shawn, who happens to loathe Eric (Aka, "the savage who tried to steal his precious daughter"...

  • Heart of the Sky
    359K 12.1K 34

    Brando Hallward is stuck on a transatlantic flight with his ex when he meets the suave Daxten Lowe. Maybe his luck is about to change. ***** Arriving desperately late for his flight, Brando Hallward discovers it's delayed but still manages to make...

  • You Can't Shift? (BoyxBoy) (COMPLETED)
    26.5K 1.1K 17

    (Book 1 of the Mystery Shifters Series) Warning, this book is messy as hell! Be advised. BxB Fooling the whole town into thinking he can't shift, Miles tries to hide his shift in order to save himself the shame and pain that It'll bring, what happens when he meets a group of people who are determined to help and prote...

    Completed   Mature
  • Friendly Competition
    538K 24.6K 27

    Harry is going to be the new Hogwarts Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. He needed a change from the way his life had been going. Unfortunately, he finds out Draco Malfoy is also going to be starting as a Hogwarts professor. Their rivalry is, of course, not budging. But since they're teachers now, they're not al...

  • Unexpected Game (Billdip)
    298K 11.2K 19

    [Going under cleaning] Weirdmageddon is happening, but something is different. Has Bill really won the game? Is the world finally under Bill's reign? What if Dipper didn't decide to try and punch Bill when he was being pressured by the jerk of a triangle to do something to stop him. Instead Dipper did something unexpe...

  • The Moonlight Boy | Ferry's Tale # 1
    1.8M 114K 66

    In Goodharts, the small town between the hills, nobody knows how Ferry Donovan looks. His mother has been keeping him out of sight for over nine years. When the boy finally begins school, the people are not only intrigued by his appearance but also by the strange things taking place around him. Yet, weird things are...

  • Weirdmageddon: Dream Demon takeover (Billdip)
    154K 4.6K 43

    Dipper and Mabel are now 19 but when they were 13 dipper was offered to stay in gravity Falls, he took it. He stayed and Mabel left. But now she's coming back because she wanted to spend the last summer they had of being teens together. They set it up so that them and all of their old friends would come back to gravi...

  • Shattered: The Price to Pay
    79.2K 2.7K 37

    Growing up as the son of a villain has its good points...N-O-T! Midoriya Izuku was kidnapped by Tomura when he was young, but remembers nothing before waking up one morning covered in blood. Using this to his advantage, Tomura tells Izuku that he is his father and that he saved him from HEROES, a group of people tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Enslaved By A Demon // Bipper - Billdip // Slight AU
    276K 8.6K 16

    When Bill takes over the town and everyone is hiding in terror, Dipper has to make a deal with Bill to protect his family and get his Gruncle Ford back. Bill agrees and Dipper finds himself in the mercy of an all powerful God of chaos. What could go wrong? Highest Ranking; #1 - billdip 02/26/19 #67 - Gravity Falls 07...

    Completed   Mature
  • ▲ ? Billdip ?▲- One of the Strangest Stories of Gravity Falls yet! ☢ (Book one)
    484K 19.1K 83

    ☾ ★ Highest Ranking Ever ☾ ★ : #41 in general fan-fiction. Welcome to Gravity Falls! Just west of Weird! We hope you enjoy your stay but one boy this summer won't. Unfortunately, one night, Bill Cipher the all-knowing dream demon of the mind entered into the adventurous and genius boy you all know, Dipper's, dream. It...

  • The Stars Above Are Complicated.-Billdip
    32.8K 1K 55

    Everyone has a birthmark from the sky above. With that birthmark the holder can have a simular fate that the mark holds.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Blue Flame | Billdip {A Gravity Falls based story}
    511K 18.2K 48

    [COMPLETED] This was Dipper and Mabel's 3rd summer in Gravity Falls. They where both sixteen years old. It started out as a pretty normal summer until the Pines family started finding evidence of Bill's existence. Is Bill really back? What is he planning? Find out in my story! Hope you enjoy

  • Soul Mates (a billdip fanfiction)
    377K 12.4K 56

    Dipper comes back to Gravity Falls, but things aren't the same. Mabel has some new friends and Dipper's body is only changing for the worst, in his opinion, not to mention the fact he's now discovered that he's bi. He ends up in the middle of a giant game of cat and mouse, set up by his sister, with seven guys fightin...

  • The Dorito and The Meatsack
    28.5K 721 13

    A teen boy name Dipper Pines who loves mysteries and crazy adventures with his very cheerful and enthusiastic twin sister, Mabel Pines. When they were 12 yrs. old they were sent in Gravity falls, Oregon for the rest of the Summer, they had a great summer. But some evil Dorito named Bill Cipher unleashed weirdness in G...

  • The Favorite child
    56.9K 1.4K 17

    A old BillDip story,, I will be making a new one but check this one out while your at it and give me criticism,, or just have a good laugh at my old pathetic writing.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Demon of the Sea - Gravity Falls
    182K 7.6K 16

    Dipper is an aspiring author looking for work on the sea for something to write about. He is going around a port city asking around on different ships one night when he stumbles upon she ship of the Demon of the North Seas, Captain Bill Cipher. He is taken prisoner for a night, not knowing whether he would live or die...

  • He stole my soul (BillDip) [Demon!Dipper X HumanForm!Bill] {Completed}
    115K 4K 35

    This has nothing to do with The Pinetree and The Dream Demon Any art I use I don't own -7 years later- Dipper who now lives in Gravity Falls aranges a trip for Mabel to return to Gravity falls. Now 19 and will be 20 by the summer. Dipper finds HIM still frozen in stone. But after getting hit by some dark magic, Dippe...

  • Kidnapped by Loki
    59K 1.8K 11

    Furious at having failed to take over the world, Loki blames Tony Stark for his failure. What better way to get back at him, than to hurt the one person he loves the most...

  • Prince of Monster Falls (Billdip)
    55.6K 1.5K 11

    Dipper and his family have been hidden from the kingdom for years. Mainly because of the Cipher's, the rulers over the land. Everyone thinks that the Pines family are just a bunch of myths, well... until hunting season starts and Dipper gets kidnapped. What will dipper do his time? (First Billdip, so don't kill me in...

  • Intertwined Tales [A Siren's Tale, Book 2]
    3K 125 1

    Dipper and Bill are now lovers. Follow their antics through the waters and on the land, and fangirl over the two characters. _________________________________________ Here are some reviews from readers: 'Can this book be canon, please.' - Bill Cipher. 'B-Bill! Stop." - Dipper Pines. 'Hell YEAH!' - Mabel Pines. _______...

  • Welcome to the Deep End [An AU BillDip]
    286K 7.1K 43

    Known all over the lands for his infamous piracy, and vast riches, he and his crew venture into the deep ends of the ocean with high hopes, and heavy burdens. "Heave 'er up!" the raspy voice shouted, a single gold tooth flashing among the crew mates pearly whites. The pulley strained at the sudden weight, slowly wheel...

  • Under the Moonlight
    49.9K 1.8K 22

    Gravity Falls, a town full of strange creature and people who live their normal life. But before the sunset, the town's life stop and all the people enclose themselves in their home for be protect from the vampires who lives in the forest. One night a human was walking in the forest but they weren't alone. Someone was...

  • Cipher File
    132K 9.5K 199


  • Bloodied hands and brusied bodies (Billdip)
    149K 4K 44

    Slight Au! Weirdmeggdon is over but that doesn't mean the weirdness of gravity falls is. Dipper hates living in gravity falls and he has the cuts and bruises to explain why but when Dipper finds a boy his age lost in the woods his whole life is turned upside down and certain demon dorito who is now in quite the predic...

  • Way of the cipher
    115K 3.8K 38

    {COMPLETED} {RE-WRITE NOW POSTED} What happens when Dippers family is in danger will he go to the extreme? Find out if you want to "What do you want you evil dorito?" Mabel yelled "He's not a dorito!" Dipper said defending bill. Just a couple shorts from the book XD "Dipper are you okay you.......where yelling...Bills...

  • Unsolved Cipher | Billdip
    47.4K 1.2K 25

    [Billdip (&Willdip) Fanfiction] [Book 1] [Slight Swearing, and A little bit Gory] Dipper needed to know what really Bill Cipher is. So he went to the stone Bill Cipher at the forest and examined him. Wait until you find out what's going to happen next. Gravity Falls is NOT MINE. But the Cover (except for the actual pi...