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  • Most Annoying Wattpad cliches
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    My name is Kylie, my parents died in a car accident and I am ugly. Lol

  • Wattpad Clichès.
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    Just Random Wattpad Clichès.

  • Wattpad Clichés
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    WARNING: This book contains extreme amounts of realism and rant. Read at your own risk (in other words, not for sissies). So let me define a cliché real quick... Cliché: ˈkliːʃeɪ/ noun 1. a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. 2. a stereotype or electrotype. IN SAYING THAT, are yo...

  • Wattpad Clichés | ✓
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    Cliches aren't bad, they are just ridiculously overhyped.

  • Wattpad Clichés
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    A long, long list of the cliches of wattpad...basically what the title says

  • Wattpad Cliches
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    Just because there's soooo many ( this book isn't meant to be taken seriously ) [ CREDITS TO WHOEVER MADE THIS COVER BECAUSE ITS AMAZING AND I DIDN'T MAKE IT ]

  • Wattpad's Stupidest Stereotypes
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    Just a couple of things that I found just kept getting repeated throughout loads of stories. This isn't aimed at anybody in particular, just meant to be funny.

  • Wattpad cliches
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    Ah,wattpad. The place shy writers come to display their work.The only problem? Some of these people can't write. This book is full of a bunch of cliches I see at least ten times a day while going through Wattpad.

  • My Wattpad Rants
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    Wattpad; a safe place for young, inspired writers. The only bad thing; some of them can't write. We hear the same one-liners, read the same plots, see the same mistakes over and over. So, here's a safe haven for all of us who have a deep, burning hatred for it all. Welcome to My Wattpad Rants!

  • Worst Fanfictions On Wattpad
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    I'm doing a series of these to protest cliches of the fanfictions on Wattpad. These fanfictions may include: PERCY JACKSON HARRY POTTER KANE CHRONICLES SUPERWHOLOCK MERLIN THE LIBRARIANS OTP ONESHOTS MORTAL INSTRUMENTS AND LEVERAGE So come on down for crossovers and lots of laughter. Credit to: arcticstar who first ca...

  • Dumb Book Moments
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    These are just some dumb moments in books I've picked up. This 'book' includes dumb moments from fan fictions, school cliché's, super natural people and many more. Warning: Book contains swearing and inappropriateness

  • 100 book cliches {Completed}
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    HIGHEST RATING: #6 IN RANDOM WARNING: THERE ARE SWEARING MATURE THEMES AND TRIGGERING SUBJECTS Welcome to the Cliche Manual. I will explain to y'all the most known cliches and explain how to fix them, therefore, making your book more pleasant to read. Now some cliches are okay. But some are over the top. And that's...

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    because wattpad really needs more diversity. cover by @bitchmafia gifs by @flashingallen highest rank : 553 in humor 520 in random

  • The Worst Story Ever (Wattpad Cliches)
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    **A Wattpad Cliche** Cover by @thatcyrusguy I actually love Wattpad. It is a really genius idea. But, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who searches for hours upon hours (okay, ten minutes) searching for that perfect non-cliche book. This is for all aspiring writers who want to know the don'ts (just the do...

  • 100 Movies Cliches
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    Book #2 in the 100 something series :3 Read Book One first please and thank you WELCOME BACK Y'ALL! This time my cringeness is back...WITH A NEW BOOK THIS IS WERE WE TALK ABOUT THE ALL ANNOYING CLICHES ON MOVIES! "Let's go check this out" Boom Dead. That is only one out of MANY CLICHES I AM GOING TO DO 100 to be exac...

  • every wattpad story
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    pretty much all wattpad books summed up in a book (and some pet peeves)

  • Every Book Ever Written
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    I started these in my Wattpad 101 as a joke chapter that showcases all the cliches among various genres. I started with Fan Fiction, moved on to Fantasy and Sci Fi... and to be honest, I like writing these funny "shorts". I had a lot of ideas and not all of them really fit as Wattpad 101 chapters, so I decided to turn...

  • I Think It's Too Cliche
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    This book is where I point out the things that I think is too cliche in books.

  • Another Plethora of Wattpad Cliches
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    Wattpad, home of the fanfiction. And cliches. A lot of them. Here I will talk about them, and give you tips if you find yourself writing about them.

  • Worst Story on Wattpad
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    this story consists of fake characters and an even faker storyline

  • Every Wattpad Story EVER
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    !!COMPLETED!! Ever wanted to read every wattpad story ever made in a few clicks? No? Well, I wasn't asking you. ... Yes? That's what I thought. Well, here you are! Every book genre, story, and scenario covered in the hallowed digital pages of the is e-book. Read at your own risk, I do not take responsibility for any l...

  • Wattpad Clichés
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    Everyone is a little guilty. But still. Make it stop. Please. ****Disclaimer: This is humor, so don't like? Fuck off. I really don't care. Also, I'm guilty of some of these.****

  • Worst Story on Wattpad ✓
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    Sick of cliché Wattpad books? Then this isn't the book for you. We take every single over-used plot, character and trope on Wattpad - from player-meets-nerd to my-boyfriend-is-a-vampire - and mash it all into one, awful, hilarious parody. NOTE: This is a parody. Characters have not been created to mock a race/nation...

  • Wattpad clichés vs. Reality
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    Its self explanatory

  • Wattpad Clichés
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    In which a teenage girl points out the most common clichés in Wattpad books. HR: #1 in rant

  • What Not To Do In Percy Jackson Fanfiction
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    Welcome to 'What Not To Do In Percy Jackson Fanfiction' where I will brave the odds and ends to show my fellow PJO writers exactly what annoys readers and writers of Wattpad the most. This is not to be meant as offensive to the people whose stories may be similar to what I have written, but if you HAVE written a story...

  • Wattpad Cliches
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    Let's face it. The majority of stories on Wattpad are the same and it's not just the plots but practically everything. The same characters, the same tragic backgrounds, the same openings, the same ways of describing things, the same plots- everything. Here I'll name some things I've seen in most of the stories on here...

  • A Collection of Horribly Atrocious Harry Potter Fanfiction Clichés
    1.6K 43 2

    This is a rant book. If you are going to take offense, please do not read it. You may now proceed.