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  • Loving The Unloved | Comp Entry
    121 19 1

    Forgiving the unforgiving. Healing the unhealed. Loving the unloved.

  • The Guide to Lying
    190K 8K 23

    ~WATTPAD FEATURED STORY IN CHICKLIT~ Karma Pavuluri's college class schedule didn't typically involve getting interrogated by the police. But after posting a seemingly innocuous photo on social media, she gets thrown into the middle of a murder investigation that rocks the CULA campus. Her ability to lie through her t...

  • Ella Was
    38.3K 3.3K 1

    Ella was beautiful. Ella was fast. Ella was gone. Ella was never coming back.

  • The Good Girl's Bad Boys [Book One of TGGBB Series] (Completed, Editing)
    92.5M 3.3M 84

    If you're judging this book by its cover and title, you're already proving the point this story wants to make. Try to move past this satirical obstacle in front of you. This is a story about bullying, and like the hundreds of other books on the topic, it will show you the harsh reality of being discriminated, belittle...

  • The Cliché ✓
    234K 5.9K 1

    The one where the seemingly bad boy falls for the apparent nerd - except it's a lot more complicated than that. - Copyright © 2013 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.

  • Signed, Petunia Evans.
    11.1K 1.1K 22

    "...she'll go and fall in love, and there's an end of peace and fun, and cozy times together." - Louisa May Alcott | The Letters Series| Petunia and Lily Evans were as close as sisters could be. They did everything together, never seen separated. When Lily Evans r...

  • Ten Reasons Not To Die
    5.6M 402K 12

    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."

    4.6M 407K 64

    *ASK AMY IS BEING PUBLISHED MARCH 17, 2021 WITH HACHETTE ROMANS IN FRANCE! PRE-ORDER LINKS IN BIO!* BLACK MIRROR meets PRETTY LITTLE LIARS in this multimedia thriller where an anonymous advice website gets hacked and the dark origins of the site start to come to light. (shortlisted for the 2017 wattys, #1 in mystery/t...

  • The Girl He Left Behind [now on Radish]
    31.5M 674 2

    Stacey Williams had always loved Axel Teller. But he had paid her no mind. She wanted more than the meaningless flings they had. She wanted her love to be returned. She wanted to be loved back. She did everything to get his attention. She had one-night stands with countless boys - throwing away...

  • Sincerely, Emily ✓
    460K 19.7K 35

    Emily Woods may look like your average teenager. She's not. Copyright © 2015 by jayscitylights. All Rights Reserved.

  • On The Platform (A Jily Fanfic)
    83.6K 3.3K 7

    Going to Platform nine and three quarters should be exciting because of your own child, but for seven years everyone knew that there was another reason: James Potter and Lily Evans. Here's the story of their romance told only from their visits to the platform.