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  • The Doe and the Stag
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    It is the night of the second wizarding war, Harry Potter has just defeated Lord Voldemort, and without any warning the ones who had died for to save him walk through the doors of the great hall, but the two people he is happiest about seeing are his parents. Harry's wish has come true, he has a family, but for how lo...

  • Dante's Instagram!!
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    TwT Kawaii~Chan... why did you made meh do this to meh?... ;-;

  • ✧ Zane's Instagram ✧
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    ☁︎ it's not like Aphmau forced me to do this or she'd eat my cupcakes, definitely not. (She did) ☁︎

  • Ask or dare Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning
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    When you ask why only Playtime is the cover, It's because I love her. OC: Name:Electricity Age:Same as Player and Playtime Personality:Aggressive outcast Likes:Being alone, the feeling of harm, Player (brother), Playtime (crush/best friend) Dislikes:Literally everything else Gender:Female Looks:Long black hair, blacke...

  • Harry Potter instagram
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    If the hp generation had instagram [COMPLETED] Characters - Pansy Parkinson Blaise Zabini Cho Chang Seamus finnigan Dean Thomas Harry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione granger Draco Malfoy Neville Longbottom Ginny Weasley lavender brown Theodore Nott Fred Weasley George Weasley I update 1-2 times a week. Some ships...

  • Drarry Pictures
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    The title should tell you whats it's about 😉 ❗WARNING❗ This book it boy x boy if you don't like that then don't read and good to another book that suits your taste !! If you do like it then have fun and hope you enjoy 😊 ❕DISCLAIMER❕ All credits got to the people that have made the arts and posts - And of course J.K...

  • hogwarts instagram ➳ h.p.
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    △ some random ideas when i suddenly miss harry potter △ all the characters belong to J.K.Rowling and her HP series △ all the images belong to their rightful owners (source: pinterest) △ warning: contains swearing and some untrue facts (!) △ updates on weekends cause im free :) 《request are opened at all times》 ♡ feel...

  • Harry Potter memes
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    Just a book with Harry Potter memes I don't own any of these memes

  • Shy Love (Ryder × Will) {Fanfic} {ON HOLD}
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    Will was think of confessing to Ryder about his feeling for him, but he then found out that he has a girlfriend, Will was heartbroken so he never told him, he started voiding Ryder and some of his friends, but then everything changes

  • Harry Potter jokes (memes) ✓
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    I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter, so one day I told myself..What the hell? Why not?! (I don't own any picture, all belongs to their rightful owners. This was only made to entertain.😁)

  • mystreet truth or dare
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    idk I am new to writing so bai nerds

  • After Starlight Wonderland | Aarmau AU Fanfic {Completed}
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    This story takes place when Aphmau, Aaron and everyone else gets back from Starlight. Some friendly and not so friendly faces will return, so get ready for some drama! It will contain some other ships like Zane~Chan/Zana, Travyln. *JUST SO YOU KNOW THIS IS MY FIRST FANFIC, SO PLEASE DON'T BE TOO HARSH. ALSO NONE OF T...