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  • On Top
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    When most people hear of the word Ballet, or Ballerina, they think of a girl in a pretty pink tutu turning around in circles. I'm not saying they are wrong, but it is not all that there is to dancing. When a girl puts on their next costume, and walks on that stage, she is no longer herself. Her face is a mask and her...

  • Dancing The Pain Away
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    Sophie is a regular teen girl with a love for dance, but had fallen into depression when she started high school, as she dances with her crush and best friend in a duet at finals, and they get in a fight, will she be able to continue this life of darkness?

  • Gravity
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    “Never in her life did she imagine that she would fall for a girl, let alone an American girl. She’s known, however, since the first day at the Village, that this American was different.” Gravity is the story of the gymnasts Aliya Mustafina of Russia, and Alexandra Raisman of the USA. Meeting at the Olympics, both gi...

  • The Smallest White
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    Erin, elite gymnast is an orphan. Shaun White's family is looking to adopt a teenager and it just so happens they pick her. Follow Erin through her new life with the White's as she encounters ups and downs while getting ready for the Olympics.

  • Boxer Girl
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    I lived with my father and four brothers my entire life. My mother died when I was two, but my brothers took the best care of me. I loved my brothers, I still do. But living with lots of testosterones had had its affect. I'm not a tomboy, not that I'm against it, but I'm a boxer like all of them. Even if I'm still in...

  • Insparational Quotes For True Athletes
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    Here are some quotes to inspire you to keep on going. Especialy for young athletes. Enjoy ☺

  • Full Twist
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    [ YA Summer Romance / Sports ] Eve Whitwell is a small-town girl at heart. Not long ago, she had a boyfriend whom she adored and realistic ambitions in her upstate New York hometown. Then her father receives a life-changing promotion in Manhattan. And despite a few personal setbacks, Eve and her mother arrive in the H...