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  • Spiral Lights: Into the Unknown
    527 98 37

    "The healthy dead had once walked alive, only to turn a lifetime into a year. Fitting insanity into a needed tide and loom at its great love to fear. So remember the day, remember the night, Flowing, but lifeless, yet bright. Walking beside you, under a flashlight, In open sight -The Dead and Alive." A collection of...

  • Words on a Train
    2.6K 559 25

    *COMPLETED* Storytelling through a bunch of poetries. These poems were scribbled while I was on my way to work or even at the station, waiting. They piled up for about a year. When I started compiling, they turned out to be a story. Let's see where this takes us. Sometimes they tell the story of a dead stranger, some...

  • In the mean time [ A Poetry Collection ] #wattys2019
    18.7K 8.4K 97

    I write about my feelings, my pain, my mistakes, my sufferings, my love and everything that I feel connected to. I write about myself and the people I know. I write about instances that made me stronger and that had inspired me to be a better and more confident person that I'm today. I write on topics that my readers...

    3.3K 770 19

    PREVIOUSLY NAMED :- • 2) WANDERING SOULS • 1) SOULFUL WHISPERS ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ISOLOPHILIC - Lover of isolophilia. ISOLOPHILIA - Love of solitude. SOLITUDE - Peaceful aloneness = silence. SILENCE - Meditation; introspection; reflections. "Simmering soulful silence, in the shimmering silent soul." ~©Aethereal_Psyche ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃...

  • Life Will Bloom in Our Shadows
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    These poems that will accompany you far beyond the end of this book are stories of human connections, bonds that slip through our fingers like silk ribbons or stretch out from us as vast and as eternal as the starlit sky. Third place in the Winter Rose Awards 2019: Summer Edition

  • | MOONDUST |
    5.2K 1.6K 15

    ❝garland crown perched on her head, golden freckles adorned her olive skin, iron heart beat inside her being, stardust soul, she pampered within.❞ [hr → #23 in shortpoems]

    1.8K 344 17

    ❝THE POETS ARE GONE. THEIR BODIES HAVE RETURNED TO THE DIRT, NOTHING BUT BONES.❞ A woman of words is like a garden full of weeds and when the weeds begin to grow its like a pen-knife in your heart and then your heart begins to bleed and then your dead. dead. dead. indeed. grabthemonets | all rights reserved © cover de...

  • The Polished Hands of Poison
    2.3K 141 21

    Short lives have years of experience through their own adventures; such is the perfection they have wrought in themselves. Alexander the Great and Odysseus matter not when the cold feelings like abuse of today's generation is being boiled over and over in us, mundane beings. So hear loud and clear, my voice drums aga...

  • Scars of Armor
    3.6K 949 23

    Poetry and songs for the lost and surviving. Scars aren't an idea they're a reality steeped in truth. They're a constant. And from them the epitome of strength and power emerges. *Third Place in Poetry in The Starship Awards 2019 *2nd Place in the Summer Awards in Poetry 2019 *2nd Place in Poetry in the 4th Ohana Awa...