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  • I Told You Not To Fall in Love. ✔
    104K 4.8K 57

    "A girl and guy can never remain just best friends!" Two childhood best friends, born on the same day. Absolutely unseparable. One tragedy makes them part their ways. One celebration reunites them. With the flame of love in both of their hearts, will they be able to overcome all the obstacles?

  • The Choice
    170K 15.8K 33

    Meet Tarun Mehra, all his life he had enjoyed the appreciation and adoration. Blessed with looks and physic of fashion model , things came easy for him . Life had been a bliss as he never faced a failure or a breakdown .Having a successful career as a financial risk analyst He has an inclination towards good looking t...

  • Betrayed And Broken✔ [completed]
    1.5M 71.1K 68

    Highest Ranking: #1 in chick-lit for more than 60 days :) "The people he loved dearly only betrayed him, His mom and dad left him all alone in his childhood, His grandpa who is supposed to look after him dearly treated him as an enemy and his 5 years of girlfriend agreed to marry his own brother, It's only a wonder he...

  • Just Remarried
    475K 26.5K 36

    #7 in Romance on April 20, 2017 Rishaan Chauhan lost his wife Diya, after she gave birth to their first child Disha. He is broken beyond repair. Not having the strength to love again and damage his heart, he keeps pushing people away. And so, people call him rude, arrogant and intractable but for him, there are these...

  • Marcus Harrison's Paradise.
    4.5M 210K 57

    Charlotte McGill is incredibly good with children but unfortunately she loses her job. She totally adores Kathryn/Susan, Marcus Harrison's year old daughter. She wants to be a full-time nanny of Katie, but the only problem standing between Charlie and Katie is Marcus. Marcus Harrison is an eldest son of Owen Har...