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  • What a Joke *discontinued*
    91.9K 3.8K 17

    Izuku, despite being a smexy cinnamon roll, has always been alone. He is depressed and insecure. So when a student at his middle school tells Izuku to kill himself and Izuku's idol tells him that his dreams are unrealistic. Izuku gives up and jumps to his death, but of course the universe has other plans. The title ar...

  • Medical Pro Hero: Deku
    23.5K 608 28

    Deku, witnessing his mother dying in front of him with her blood all over the living room, he vowed that he will capture the villain if the pro heroes gave up. He met his long lost brother as he was adopted. Will he succeed to capture the murderer, or the heroes caught it first? I mean- WHO THE F KNOWS?! I know its o...

  • GET TOGETHER (Hiatus)
    521 12 9

    Yours Truly, YOUR AUTHOR has forced every Hero, or the known heroes and heroes in training with the villains in a barrier that can hold all of them in a huge mansion. And that barrier negates every single quirk. Even mutation quirks which means they will act as if it's just body parts and not be controlled. like Mina...

  • Newbie
    5.9K 143 10

    Class 1-a Once known as the most boring class in the whole U.A But Not Forever There comes a point where someone comes into your life and changes the plans that were made for your whole life, Yet, in a good way

  • Work | Stripper Deku AU
    33.6K 758 19

    this is a story about deku working as a stripper, apparently Bakuguo found out and decided to make a deal.....But he's not the only one that found out.... --(this series is now gone sorry, you can still read some parts of it but the next other chapters will be oneshots and this series won't continue. Instead, there w...

    174K 4.8K 22

    (Cover by AnimeFreaks123) The day Izuku was born was the day that the league of villains base became a place full of happiness, at least for them. When Izuku was born Inko didn't want him, nor did his father. They both were work obsesed and didin't give Izuku what every parent should give their child... love They got...

  • Deku's Herogram| @DekuMight
    289K 9K 29

    Hey guys! @Uravityxoxo told me to make this account so here I am ☺︎ PLUS ULTRA! -----------------------I obviously do not own My Hero Academia or any of the characters, also none of these pictures are mine so credit goes to all the people who made them!

  • Somewhere In The Future 《BNHA》| Future AU
    4.4K 164 11

    After the death of Inko Midoriya, Izuku left his friends to try and pick himself again. Years later, he came back. Bittersweet reunion turn into love? Or was it realization that they were in love with him before and didn't knew about it? ♡Dekubowl♡ ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Major Character Death! Angst!

  • Redemption From a Father
    6.6K 168 8

    Izuku feels uneasy for whole day and he doesn't know why he feels this and the cause. Everyone's notice that especially Kacchan and even his teachers. Well maybe he gonna got his answer from this one call he received __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________...

  • Hero On The Court - Mha x Haikyuu
    102K 2.8K 40

    This is a dekubowl story. (Keep in mind, I didnt know how to write at this point so dekus character sucks and is a little. girly. I love femboys and support them but honey, this ain't it. Book 2 will be alot better and his character will be more like him, not femboy deku. He isn't disgusting and reliant on boyfriends...

  • Not so innocent now ~ dekubowl + izu x oc
    9.7K 179 4

    After izu caught his boyfriend kirishima ejiro cheating on him with kaminari denki he got angry and to clear his mind he went back to America with his friends. After a few years he went back to japan, will he be the same innocent cinnamon roll or no? Read to find out! Started: August 7th 2020 Finished: ???

  • New Life
    136K 3.2K 25

    Izuku has had enough of everything in UA for now. He decides he needs a break. And how better to get a break then going somewhere far away? He heads off to America to visit some friends for a few months and comes back.... new? Warnings Dekubowl Swearing None of the photos are mine Suggestive Wording Underage drinking ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Innocence of a Hero
    24.2K 783 7

    Midoriya Izuku is quirkless but he has his innocence with him to help save people. However, who will save Izuku from himself?

  • Deku the Instagram model
    8.3K 131 3

    Jiro was scrolling through Instagram and came across a instagram account that fought here eye.then she dicided to hook her phone up to the tv and told everyone to come to the common room to look at the account.Read to find out what happens.

  • Deku's Kisses
    21.1K 996 12

    One shots of the people who Deku has met during his journey to becoming the number one hero, showing affection for the broccoli boi in the form of kisses. - This story will probably be absolutely full of tooth rotting fluff but also probably have some angst. It may also have some spoilers but if you're caught up on t...

  • ~||Espresso Yourselfo Cat Cafe||~
    73K 2.2K 10

    Izuku Midoriya had enough and decided to give up his dream on becoming a hero, this led him to want to be a cafe owner with his mum. But somehow, he still ends up meeting all of Class 1-A and multiple heros, and this ends up with Izuku having several gay panics a day! Help him.. *Warning* -Bullying -Sexual Content...

  • The Café Cutie (ON HOLD)
    17.8K 484 8

    This is only a mini dekubowl with guys only this is just one of my many dekubowl book's dekubowl book 3

  • Little Lost Rabbit
    107K 3K 30

    COMPLETED Although omegas are seen as nothing more than breeders, they are practically worshipped. Especially with how rare they have become. However, there was a rabbit that got the short end of the stick. He manages to escape and is found by a teacher. He is brought in and made a class pet. Read to find out where th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Izuku's Instagram | Dekubowl |
    132K 2.9K 24

    Izuku Posts in Instagram and all his followers and friends fight over him. Who can resist a cinnamon roll? Other animes included ☺️

  • Midoriya Clan: Sick Alert!
    18.3K 477 7

    Izuku is having a high fever and been send to infirmary room.

  • Into The Dekuverse
    8K 148 11

    1-A has been yeeted into my world where they react to the Dekuverse, This IS a Dekubowl,if you ain't into harems 'n' shit then you best be running along cuzzzz...yanno... WITH THAT SAID EVERYONE GET INTO YOUR PLACES! "WHY SHOULD I---" DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT,I REPEAT OWN Boku No Hero Academia ALL RIGHTS GO TO KOHEI HORIK...

  • Sweet Tooth | BNHA FanFic
    8.1K 172 8

    Backstory type thing(NOT A FEM!DEKU STORY IZUKU JUST LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE GIRL FEMBOY TYPE THING KAY?): Izuku is diagnosed with 'angel' quirk, Hisashi thinks it's weak and basically goes insane over it and in a drunken rage attacks Inko, killing her. He pulls Izuku from school at 6 years of age when the teacher starts...

  • The Light Of Shiketsu
    54K 1.3K 15

    Izuku Midoriya most people think the son of a very famous fasion designer inko midoriya and with a very strong quirk most would say he has the perfect life... What if Deku couldn't take Bakago's bullying anymore and desided to go to a different high school then him and that is how Izuku ended up in Shiketsu high inste...

  • A Cute Angel and A Hot Demon
    25.9K 749 25

    Izuku has a quirk. Well, two, actually. It's weird since, as far as he and his mother knew, his mom had simple levitation and his father had fire breathing. The first quirk allows him to have a few of the same features as angels; wings and a halo. The quirk gives him the power to borrow the powers of the Ten Commandme...

  • green eyes, thick thighs
    8K 169 6

    Class 3A is kind of known for not agreeing on things. fighting on what dinner should be, arguing about answers on the homework, even going so far on debating if cereal is a soup ! But there is one thing that everyone in Class 3A agrees on The precious sunshine child Izuku Midoriya, has the best thighs in U.A.

  • Dekuverse
    87.5K 1K 19

    What if all the teachers, class 1A and 1B and a few pro's see the multiverse of our favorite cinnamon roll? (Art in chapters are not mine! Google is very reliable these days)

  • The Big Three
    87.5K 2.1K 20

    Just read it

  • Church Of Izuku || Dekubowl
    4.7K 167 13

    ---⚠️⚠️please read warnings below description⚠️⚠️-- Izuku is the class cinnamon roll. It's no shock everybody has feelings for him, once you see him it's impossible to unsee the true adorable innocence. That being said, not even he would think there was a cult like group of people within his class, specifically select...

  • I could care less
    63.3K 1K 20

    THIS SHIT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE anything tbh😂 dekubowl book 1 Update randomly

  • Attraction
    76.8K 2.9K 14

    It happened so gradually that it was almost unexpected when a random man tried to kidnap Izuku Midoriya from daycare Pick up. Izuku Midoriya got his quirk at the young age of 4 and a half, but it causes far more problems then he or his mother were expecting. Attraction quirk au.