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  • Egyptian Sacrifice (The Nine Circles Book 1)
    95 21 1

    Alex and Mike are childhood best friends and they wake up in a labyrinth. This book is complete. This is my entire for Limbo for High Fantasy's contest Link below to check it out.

  • Anthurium (Completed)
    71 17 1

    Marabella, Damion, and Alexander have been alive for centuries and have seen what the war between vampires and witches had lead to. thousands dead on both sides. Vampires burning witches at the stake and going into towns and killing everyone in sight. As a result, the Witches sent the black death to whip millions of...

  • Halloween Blaze ( Book One of Hallow-Fair)
    50 8 1

    The phantom of a missing best friend returns to her missing half. He goes to a party where she begs him to see her again. He caves in and agrees to meet her at a lake that no one knows about.

  • Error In Programming
    886 154 14

    Alphacom was known for donating to charities and helping others, but they have a dark secret. They are the Order of the Twelve, and they are producing Human Hybrids, half human half machines. Astral is one of the hybrids. Soon her perfect life changes when she gets her command, A command she cannot refuse. Go to the U...