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  • The Writer's Guide to Wattpad
    19.7K 973 17

    The OFFICIAL guide to writing on Wattpad. Available everywhere Aug. 7, 2018, from Writer's Digest Books. Featuring contributions from your favorite Wattpad writers, "The Writer's Guide to Wattpad" will show you how to: * Get started using Wattpad, prepare your writing to be published, and develop a unique cover design...

  • TELUS #EndBullying Short Story Challenge
    25K 559 2

    Wattpad is proud to team up with TELUS for our fifth year to fight against bullying with a Story Contest! Join team #EndBullying and read for details.

  • So You Want to Write a Book? Crucial Advice for the First Time Writer
    94.6K 4.6K 6

    So, I was doing a critique tonight. And it was the person’s first book. And I was writing a bunch of the same things that I’ve written on a million other critiques since I started on Wattpad. And, it occurred to me that I keep giving people the same advice—advice that nobody gave me—and advice that beginner writer’s N...

  • Wattpad Verified Users (Book1 of Wattpad Helper Series)
    27.8K 213 28

    COMPLETED. This is a book of verified accounts on Wattpad that I know of or have been informed of. I created this book so that other users on Wattpad could find the real verified accounts on Wattpad.

  • Profile Guide & Information
    48 3 1

    This is a directory to Ambassador-run profiles on Wattpad.

  • Wattpad Stars Directory
    33.4K 803 27

    Want to know who on Wattpad is a Star? Get to know them all by scouring our lists and visiting their profiles!

  • The Library Catalogue
    2K 228 11

    a catalogue of good reads on wattpad. >>fantasy >>sci-fi >>teenfic >>romance >>horror >>paranormal & more! || cover @firesprks ||

  • How To Write Serialised Fiction
    20.9K 1.2K 15

    Love writing but find it hard to finish projects? Looking for a new approach to telling stories? Embracing serialisation can help you be more productive and get more readers. In this guide I share what I've learned while writing A Day of Faces, my serial which hit #7 in the science fiction chart here on Wattpad, won a...

  • I Want To Be Famous!
    98K 3.7K 13

    A collection of different functions on Wattpad and how to use them to maximize your exposure and read numbers in an effort to help Wattpadders achieve personal goals of fame!

  • Interviews with Writers Big and Small on Wattpad
    3.6K 376 35

    So I thought it be interesting to speak to my fellow Wattpad Friends and to share their love of writing, food and life in general. This is not only for big writers to share their success with everyone but also with up and coming writers to make their voices better known. Everyone writes in a different way and many of...

  • Tips for Being a Better Writer
    7.5K 756 65

    Got a question about writing? You've come to the right place. This is a collection of all my best posts from my tumblr blog ( as well as answers to your burning questions. Wondering about a grammar issue? Can't figure out how to achieve a certain effect? Come ask me. This is a place to discuss all...

  • The Writers XL Podcast
    2.5K 273 54

    Do most "advice" books and podcasts for writers make you cringe? Yup, same. Welcome to Writers XL, a podcast devoted to better, more joyous writing for all! Co-hosts LL Montez and Shelly X Leonn share steal-and-use strategies beneficial to writers of any skill level. Episodes include epic-level guests, personal anec...

  • AMA About Writing
    993 178 10

    Hi! And welcome to my Wattpad blog about writing! 💻📓✍️☕️📚🤓 If you're a writer, this book is for you! If you kind of sort of want to be a writer, but you're not quite ready to put it out there, this book is for you! If you're a reader who wants to know more about the craft, job, and life of writing, this book is fo...

  • The Best in Science Fiction - Reader Reviews
    21K 478 26

    This is a collection of reviews of your favourite Wattpad Science Fiction stories. Some stories may be well known already, but we have also tried to include many that are relatively unknown, in an attempt to highlight your favourite works on Wattpad. If you want to suggest a story to be reviewed (not your own please)...

  • Must Read Stories
    147K 848 100

    Everyone has had that moment when you want to read something, but you don't know what to read! Well in this book I will give the suggestions that I think are worthy of a praise... This is an open suggestion book, so if you see anymore books that you think deserve to be in this book, send them to me and you may just fi...

  • The Best Wattpad Books & Where To Find Them [1]
    193K 1.1K 55

    Here I have the first collection of fifty books from Wattpad that I've read and fell in love with. I recommend them to you but if you don't want to read all of them, I hope at least a few. I haven't put the stories in any particular order! *Authors, if you DON'T want your books to be in here, tell me via direct messag...

  • Best(est) of wattpad
    164K 2K 42

    These books will make you laugh, make you cry, inspire you, do anything you want to be done for you... but that's just my opinion. Anyway this is a collection of my favorite boots on wattpad. Oops I meant books but I do love boots because they are dope and alas I deviate. These are simply my favourite books here on w...

  • books that kept me up all night
    875K 5.5K 189

    A collection of books that I really enjoyed reading and me recommending them to you. If you've read a book that isn't part of this collection leave the title and the author in the comments or message me privately so I can go and check them out. a/n - I prefer reading romance, chicklit, newadult and this kind of stuff...

  • WATTPAD 'must reads'
    116K 963 83

    Want some good book to read? Check this book....not to read of course, to find some of the best books on wattpad to spend your precious free time. Some of the most awesome books i've read so far. They don't belong to any specific genre they're all mixed up. I'm gonna put my personal views on the books which migh...

  • Wattpad Collections: Romance
    138K 1.1K 39

    【 complete 】 A collection of must read books I love and enjoy. Suggest your all-time favorite books here. #12 in Book Reviews 1/05/19 #361 in Random 11/16/16 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ D I S C L A I M E R All stories featured belong to their rightful authors. I am entitled to my own opinion; and stories are reviewed in fair basis...

  • Wattpad's Best Romance Books (Book Four)
    522K 2.8K 197

    Looking for amazing books to read? Well look no further. You have come to the right place. If you think your book or anyone else's book deserves to be on this list, PM me the book and I will be sure to check it out. But for now be sure to Read, Comment, and Vote. ~ KatyDreams Copyright © 2016 by KatyDreams ...

  • Quotes from wattpad stories
    90.5K 4.2K 96

    Do you want somebody to understand you? Do you want to feel better? Do you want to find new things and make new but improved opinions ? Do want to enjoy yourself? Open this book up then, if you do. If you don't, just open it anyway.

  • tsundoku | recommendations
    194K 2.4K 202

    "acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them" p.s. please note that I read most of these books when I was younger and that the recommendations included are not a reflection of my current taste in books. That doesn't mean that I'm withdrawing my recommendations, it just means...

  • The Write Place Journal
    14.1K 1.4K 67

    Memorable characters, intriguing writing style and the perfect audience; these make both the writer and reader happy. At The Write Place, we cater for your needs-both as a writer and as a reader- through a series of well-planned activities setup to keep everyone engaged. Looking for your next breath taking read? Don't...

  • Best Completed Books On Wattpad.
    95.7K 774 179

    Looking for some books to read? Here you will find the best books on wattpad which you will really enjoy reading. "Good books can sometimes lead you to have a better future."

  • The Best of Wattpad (books to read)
    50K 388 48

    A list of some of my favorite books on Wattpad from popular and hot stories to under appreciated wattpad wonders. *this book was started before the existence of Wattpad Premium, so some of the books may no longer be there or may cost money (Includes # of reads, parts, and full summary along with my personal opinion of...

  • Story Ideas
    3.6M 43.4K 330

    ❝I'll see you in the land of books.❞ [x] ideas open for everyone

  • Wattpad 101: Your guide to the world of Wattpad
    273K 11.4K 122

    So you just started an account... Or maybe you've been here a while and you just aren't getting a feel for things. Well Dorian is here to help you out! Here is an ongoing guide and the tricks of the trade. How to get followers, how to critique work, how to be popular, and how to write. Feel free to throw out comments...

  • How To: Wattpad Writing
    35.1K 1.9K 15

    Previously 'How to Make a Decent Story on Wattpad.' Have you ever found writing on Wattpad to be difficult? Have you ever stared at the screen for minutes, hours, DAYS, repeating that chapter in your head, the one that makes you sound like an amateur, hoping to fix it? Or maybe you never even got past the first senten...

  • Writing Wrongs: How To Be A Good Wattpader!
    128K 8.8K 36

    Hello, my fellow Wattpaders! I will be your tour guide this evening! Your food and drinks should arrive soon! In the meantime, I will be able to answer all your questions about Wattpad! Why don`t you get reads? How can you make covers? Did you know if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer? Ow! Don`t do th...