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  • Parasite [BNHA x reader]
    2.4M 124K 79

    Being born quirkless, you learned to keep your head down, mouth shut and out of the way of others. You were powerless... You were weak... You were nothing. At least, until you met him. The one who gave you what you wanted, what you NEEDED. His name... was Venom.

  • SNK: Come Round Soon (Levi x Reader) [EDITING]
    307K 9.7K 23

    Love can really be something. I know, because I had a few stabs because of it... [#95 in Mystery/Thriller category as of 150630!]

  • Underground (Levi x Reader)
    1.3M 48.4K 45

    You grew up with Humanity's Strongest, Levi "Rivaille" Ackerman, but are you truly friends or do you just put up with each other now that the world is in shambles due to the titans? And now that you're both two of the most respected corporals in the scouting legion, will you clash even more? Or will something differen...

  • The Unknown Girl {Levi Ackerman X Reader}
    1.5M 54.6K 48

    What happens when a girl is found with a map tattooed on her back? What happens when the man, said to be incapable of love, is ordered to take care of her? Will Levi's heart be repaired, or will the Titans get to him first?

  • captain | levi x reader
    4M 140K 65

    ❝Even if we're apart, I will always be with you.❞ // Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Attack on Titan Fanfiction reading list // [[ONGOING]] lowercase intended for title (a levi x reader romance)

  • Down World (Book 1 of the Down World Series)
    366K 18.8K 51

    Down World is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. When Marina discovers that her older brother, assumed dead these last three years, is actually trapped in another dimension, she teams up with both her crush and her brother's a...

  • Natural Strength || Levi Ackerman x Reader
    2.4M 93.3K 31

    It's rarely known where the famous duo of Humanity's Strongest Soldiers came from since they didn't arrive together. (Y/N) (L/N) and Levi Ackerman are two sides of the same coin, but others aren't aware of why. Battling and never leaving each other's sides, (Y/N) and Levi are a conundrum for everyone to figure out. Th...

  • I'm A Riddle {Draco x reader}
    2.8M 78.4K 130

    (Y/N) Riddle is a pureblood feared witch, she is the cursed child of Tom Riddle or otherwise known as Lord Voldemort. She went to Azkaban when she was young for 5 years until she was proven innocent, but was she?... (Y/N) can shift into a 7 foot tall creature but is not an Animagus. She was cursed into it by her fathe...

  • Blackmailed || A Reader x Draco Malfoy Story
    1.3M 37.9K 50

    What happens when the Slytherin Prince Draco Malfoy blackmails you into being his girlfriend after an accident in potions class? - I was cut off by Draco's lips crashing into mine. I was surprised and didn't know what to make of it. He pulled away just a little. "I swear," he said his lips brushing lightly agai...

  • moods / phan
    2.3M 126K 39

    in a world where your moods are visible above your head, displayed through pictures and icons, it's impossible to hide your true feelings. however dan howell seems to be lacking this. labelled as an emotionless freak, dan is outcasted because his moods are never visible. that is, until an endlessly happy boy named phi...

  • Family Comes First
    20.1M 747K 83

    Juliet's parents died when she was young and she never got to experience having a family. She lived a miserable and lonely life. One night at work, she meets a strange man that says he's a reporter and he asks her a few questions. Later that night, the reporter offers to drive her home from work. When Juliet refuses...

  • Patient Twelve
    924K 32.7K 42

    Diana wakes up in pain, tied to a bed and unable to escape. She's been trapped by a group of surgeons with a twisted passion and she's their next victim. ***** Diana Slater, a typical University student, wakes up in pain, tied to a bed and unable t...

  • Day After Day
    391K 11.8K 34

    Each day she wakes up in a different body, not knowing who she is, and each night that body dies. She is the Reaper Syndrome, and she's desperate to know why. ***** She doesn't know what's happening. Each day she wakes up in a new body, not knowing...

  • Shush Kitty
    142K 4.4K 45

    What would happen if Hawkmoth finally found Cat Noir's weakness? What would happen if Adrien and his classmates were plunged into multiple nightmares...all that included something happening to Marinette? Would they be stuck in an endless loop of terror and torture...or would they realize the problem and save

  • À cœur défendant - Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction
    4.6K 502 3

    Que les choses soient claires, Ladybug n'est pas amoureuse de Chat Noir. Si elle l'embrasse, c'est uniquement - et uniquement ! - pour le désenvouter. Rien de plus. Absolument RIEN de plus. ... n'est-ce pas ? *** Préquelle de ma fic "À cœur ouvert" ***

  • The Weight of Jade
    49.4K 2.7K 18

    A mysterious box with a bracelet arrives at Nino's home, but is he ready for what comes with it? A sequel to Won't Tell a Soul.

  • Cette nuit
    76K 2.9K 17

    Avant de partir à New York pour travailler pour son père Adrien passe une dernière nuit avec Marinette. Cette nuit va changer sa vie puisque Marinette va tomber enceinte.

  • My Valentine
    40.2K 1.3K 8

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner and Marinette's home room class is planning a dance. Marinette is excited about the dance and wants to ask Adrien to go with her. Once again she can't work up the courage. The dance is top priority for the students and no one sees the evil villain "Arrow" attack until it's too...

  • Secret Santa
    169K 5.8K 7

    Marinette and Adrien are paired for their class Secret Santa exchange, but the simple gifts set in motion something much larger and more complete than either of them alone.

  • Lucky Charm | A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction
    115K 3.2K 12

    In which two are revealed with one look of a bracelet. [A Miraculous Ladybug short story made up of one sentence chapters]

  • Beginnings
    64K 1.5K 8

    After an unfortunate akuma attack, Marinette is left with a broken arm. Thank goodness for her, Adrien has offered to help her during school and Chat Noir has promised to check up on her every night. Quickly, our heroes find themselves in a strange love square where they are being pulled in many different directions...

  • Things Aren't Always As They Seem: A Miraculous Ladybug Fan Fiction
    39.8K 1.5K 8

    Alya is very excited. She's excited because her two favorite ships have just been confirmed: LadyNoir and Adrienette. She got photographic evidence of Ladybug and Cat Noir's relationship and Marinette and Adrien are finally dating! But what happens when she goes into her best friend's room one day and finds Marinette...

  • Rainy Days
    104K 4.1K 10

    A long, rolling storm blankets Paris and a certain water fearing Cat curses it endlessly. However he had no way to know that from the very first drop the storm had started to change things.

  • When Duty and Desire Meet
    38.1K 429 5

    I do not own cover art or Miraculous Ladybug characters. Probably slowest updates ever.

  • Miraculous Duo: Into The Depths of Darkness (Book 2)
    9.8K 364 6

    (THIS IS A SEQUEL. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ MY FIRST BOOK THEN GO BACK AND READ IT. YOU WONT UNDERSTAND WHATS GOING ON IF YOU DON'T!!) Marinette and Adrien could have never become friends if it wasn't for this fateful night. The two battle out their feelings in this second book of the 'Miraculous Duo' series. Go back in t...

  • A Miraculous Duo (Book 1)
    283K 10.6K 32

    Though his partner had told him not to fret over her friend he couldn't help but still have that poor girl on his mind. That grab to her wrist looked hard, really really hard. As soon as he snapped back into focus he saw a shoe in Ladybug's hand and cocked an eyebrow in a confused manner. But, his lady had a game plan...

  • I've Never Been In Love [Marichat AU]
    26.9K 660 7

    Marinette Dupain Chang. She had her life planned out. She would go to fashion school, become a designer, and live the perfect life. Adrien Agreste. He received a miraculous. He was the only miraculous holder in the world, but he chose the dark path. He is now known as Chat Noir, a criminal. When their paths cross, w...

  • Keep it Undercover
    45.8K 1K 13

    Adrien Agreste has just been hired to assist Marinette Dupain-Cheng in her tour of Paris. Seems easy, right? Wrong. Adrien was hired with his dear friends Rena Rouge and Carapace. The three are to guard Marinette and stay by her side. Marinette is currently the target of an assassin who is from the Akuma group. But ta...

  • MY MEAN PRINCESS (complete)
    76.7K 1.7K 12

    [ Editing; ] He rejected her. She became broken. She changed. She became cold. She became distant and mean. What will happened if he were to want her back? Will he succeed if a new opponent were to strive?