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  • Thorne and Cress One-Shots
    18.2K 462 9

    A bunch of Thorne and Cress one-shots. Make sure to read my Kaider and Wolflet one-shot books too! All characters belong to Marissa Meyer.

  • Marisa Meyer Oneshots
    622 30 7

    Calling all fans of Marisa Meyer! Here is your go-to for stories of the Lunar Chronicles, Renegades, and Heartless! Enjoy!

  • Renegades One-Shots
    14.1K 265 19

    Just a collection of short stories written by me in my desperation for more renegades content.

  • Renegades mini stories
    2.6K 47 4

    Essentially, oneshots Lots of Nodrian and unfortunately not much tuckvia, some angst but I'm awful at writing sad endings.

  • Lunar Chronicles Fanfics
    68.2K 899 62

    KAIDER, CRESSWELL, WOLFET, WINCIN, KIKO... all the ships: headcanons, fanfics... ect

  • The Lunar Chronicles: Cresswell's Adventures
    20.3K 605 11

    After Luna's revolution led by the lost princess, Selene, Cress and Thorne go on adventures to hand out the antidote for letumosis. And it's everything Cress could wish for. • • • Cover art from taratjah on Tumblr ♡