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  • uno | bakugou
    556K 32.5K 17

    前に ── uno fucking reverse ࿐໋₊ ᝰ angsty katsuki and sleepy y/n sneak out to the common area of their dorms to play uno every night. ✦✦✦✦✦ | complete. © kohei horikoshi, bnha. © softbiscuit, plot / writing. ༘ ➳ [ HIGHEST RANKINGS ] ˖⋆࿐໋₊ ─── #1 in anime 2.3.20 ─── #1 in bakugoukatsuki 2.3.20 ─── #1 in xreader 2.4.20...

  • Earth
    199K 4.9K 33

    You and Katsuki Bakugou have known each other since you were little kids. People always commented on how alike you both were, and how cute of a couple you would be. Of course you both would ignore them, and go about your day, but things start to change when you two get into U.A. together.

  • Janus-Faced {My Hero Academia; Reader x Various}
    244K 10.3K 53

    (Name) (Last Name) has quite a quirky life. Though, she doesn't have a dysfunctional family or a terrible school life. Seems completely normal, right? But add her quirk and her interesting personality in the mix, and it goes crazy! Follow this American born girl on her journey to follow her one dream, to...