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  • Forged in Fire (Forgotten Series, #2)
    52K 4.5K 46

    EDITED ~~~~ Book two of Forgotten series. ~~~~ Shey Lazera felt she was not destined to have a mate. She had been rejected so many times she almost enjoyed the fire, the burning that covered her body. Each wave of fire separating her and her wolf, each wave chipping away at her wolf's spirit until she was barely noti...

  • Shards of Sanity (Book 6, Forgotten Series)
    203K 22K 45

    Book 6 of the Forgotten Series ~ Letting go is hard. ~ Michael Davis knew that well. He spent nearly a decade locked within his wolf after the death of his mate and his daughter. The pain so sharp and searing it drove him away from his pack and his home. Locked in the dark recesses of his mind he finally started to co...

  • Moon Bound (Forgotten Series, #5)
    393K 37.4K 54

    ~~~~~ Book Five of the Forgotten Series. ~~~~~ It is a dark path. ~~~~~ It had been the warning Lynn's mother had given her when she told her she wanted to be a white witch. The words had come softly but with a sharp edge and Lynn just assumed her mother was upset that she would not be following in the family footste...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Haunted Memories (Forgotten Series, #4)
    600K 55.3K 62

    Life is full of ups and downs. Sorrel Lamar knows this very well. Five years ago she was happy at home with her parents, the beloved niece of a childless Alpha who had been grooming her to take his position since she first shifted. She was surrounded by incredible friends and loving family. Her twin sister, Magdalen...

  • A Cold Wind Blows (Forgotten series, #3)
    2M 118K 57

    Book three of the Forgotten series ~ Weakness is not allowed in the Mountain packs. Living in the mountains, away from civilization and away from the eyes of mundanes. The Mountain packs are harsh and brutal. Shifter against shifter. Pack against pack. Wolves against wolves. All fighting for the same thing. Sur...

  • Red Ribbons (Forgotten Series #1)
    566K 33.5K 30

    EDITED VERSION ~~~~~~~ Book One of the Forgotten Series. ~~~~~ An Omega must do as an Omega is told. The lesson had been burned into her brain since she was ten years old. A nineteen year old girl who does not know her name, her birthday or her parents. All she knows is what has been beaten into her. The Omega's Man...