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  • My Sunflower 🌻
    1.4K 67 3

    🌻 Goggles and his Team were coming out of their previous battle as they meet , Rider ! Goggles was always happy to see him around every single corner it was like a eye to eye love touch but it seemed the blue guy never had the chance to confess... maybe...🌻 W A R N I N G ! This Book will have a few lemon chapters so...

  • warm winters || (goggles x rider) ||
    2.7K 113 5

    ((sorry for any grammatical errors or inconsistencies in advance! im really just practicing to get better at writing.)) just some gay squids doin stuff ((in this story both rider and goggles are 19 goggles is just shorter because i die for tall/short relationships hhh)) //characters belong to sankichi hinoyeda

  • Inner Agent 3 - Sanitized! Goggles X Rider
    2.1K 84 3

    Evul google boi go brrr 😃

  • Hard to Breath {Rider x Goggles} {Made By Woomyyy}
    5.2K 149 7

    Cover by @rosiecat128 He looks at me "R-Rider I should have told you sooner..." He grabs my arm and pulls me closer to himself.. suddenly he kisses me "It's okay just don't keep things like this from me..." HI MY NEW STORY BISH!

  • Inky Squid Love
    4.3K 89 3

    Rider loves Goggles, and Goggles loves Rider. Yaoi Squid Love.

  • Goggles x Rider
    342 9 1

    When Goggles realized he started to have feelings for his best friend Rider . But Rider doesn't feel the same way until Goggles ask him something.

  • {Goggles x rider} love is sickening 💔
    39.5K 627 14

    (The covers of the art is not mine) In a city of inkopolis Lived an enthusiastic and goofy blue inkling That named goggles. Goggles is always nice to everyone especially to a green inkling named rider. Read this (u don't have to) to know the drama and the romance between this two opposite inklings Note: this sto...

  • Training With a Twist (RIDER X GOGGLES LEMON)
    17.3K 350 6

    When Team Blue was defeated by Team Purple, Rider offers to train Blue Team to properly face Skull. Rider find that Goggles needs to learn a thing or two about dicipline, and takes matters into his own hands~ ~heavily based on book 2 of the manga, so possible spoliers ahead~

    Completed   Mature
  • (DISCONTINUED)💙Goggles x Rider💚
    13.8K 281 12

    EDIT AS OF 2020: I'm discontinuing this story, I was really into writing it back when I was 16, but now, I feel more comfortable leaving it be. I may make another one bc I don't really feel comfortable with how this was written, so i guess in the near future, look forward to a possible new and improved story! I've had...

  • I'm Doing This For You~ Goggles x Rider
    35K 818 32

    It's that one boy with the green tentacles- Rider I've always wanted to impress him, but I always end up messing up! I hope that I'm able to finally impress him one day. Credit goes to LapusWolf, for her amazing ideas for the story, credit also goes to her for the cover and the story title go follow her and read her g...

  • tear in my heart
    19.9K 688 18

    goggles; an optimistic idiot who truly believes anything can be accomplished with the power of friendship. rider; a hot-headed loner but also a kinky bastard feeling strong urges to do some funky shit with goggles. prince; goggles' new boyfriend? when goggles and prince start dating suddenly, rider's pride slipped.

  • You will always be mine (Rider x Goggles)
    12.5K 266 16

    When Goggles is being stupid, he seems to be releasing his feelings for Rider into the open. Little does he know, Rider might feel the same...

  • Rider x Goggles lemon oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN)
    30.4K 483 18

    Requests open. Rider and Goggles are not at all innocent so we put it down on wattpad. Don't mind us. GOGGLES X RIDER FOR LIFE!!!!!! 💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙

  • Ink And Bleach {Gorai fanfics}
    18.2K 748 29

    Friends turns into enemies, Life starts to break apart, Laughing through tears, Mistaken love by jealousy, That's how Goggles's real life begins. {a bit OOC ALARM,Plus HEADCANON} {Swear•Gore•Strong elements} {Lmao I have so many chapters in this mf but I'm so done with this so called book}

  • RiderxGoggles oneshots
    22.3K 433 8

    just some gay drabbles (This fic will be on a LONG hiatus!! Hopefully the fandom can pull me back in,, but for now I'm taking a break hhH <33)

  • Goggles x Rider Oneshots [ ON HOLD ]
    35K 562 28

    💙 yo favorite squids,, mostly doing the cuddles n hugs here 💚 Requests are open! DM me or Comment in a story and i may write it!! There isnt enough oneshots to quench my thirst so uh- Yup pffft Requests are open! DM me or Comment in a story and i may write it!! if my writing sucks I am sorry- hah still feel like im...

  • don't leave me. II gorai
    324 17 1

    this isn't angst lol sorry if the title made it seem like that. honestly? don't wanna spoil the fic here. read it yourself if you're that interested. i'm not a professional writer and writing is something i still need to work on but i hope my writing's okay to read and doesn't make cringe and want to throw your phone...

  • ♡ goggles x rider ♡
    25.1K 519 14

    A high rank, yellow-green inkling named Rider offers to help train his friend Goggles in order to win against the last member of the S4. Trial, error, and success in turf wars brought the two closer. Despite his short-tempered personality, it didn't take long until he began to develop feelings for the other. Will love...

  • Goggles x Rider
    170K 3K 50

    Don't judge me I was bored ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'm NO professional writer... please excuse my mistakes. This is rated M but who listens to ratings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cover is not by me

  • Lonely Nights
    1.3K 30 3

    Idk but it's something h-

  • rainy days - goggles x rider
    10.1K 316 7

    "his smile was bright enough to lighten up the recent gloomy days. rider loved to be near that smile, but he would never dare confess it." ╲⠀╲⠀╲ ╲ ⠀⠀╲⠀╲⠀☁️ ⠀ ╲ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀☁️⠀ ╲⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ☁️ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀☁️ it had been raining in inkopolis for days on end, which wasn't something that happened everyda...

  • A Dead Heart (GogglesXRider) Splatoon Fanfic
    25.6K 592 12

    Hey, do you know that one clumsy, cheerful and dorky inkling that does idiotic things with his team, even during battles and yet, they some how win? Yeah, Goggles and his Teammates Glasses-kun, Headphone-chan and Bobble-chan seem to beat one team after another. From people asking for a battle to S+ jerks (lolol), ther...