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  • Naked thoughts.
    1.9K 224 30

    This book is a series of touching poetry In short, powerful verses of all kind starting from heartbreak to mental problems. It's a mix of many emotions. it explores courage, self-love, healing and the struggles of making peace with your heart and mind. ...

  • Run Away With Me
    723 35 51

    "Fishy kisses are better than kisses," I say, the words coming out of nowhere, "and like that, two people together are better than marriage." "What are you talking about?" "Nothing really," I sigh, hunching over myself more to trap the warmth, "it's just..." "Just?" "...I'm tired of this world, being judged for somet...

  • Shit Happens !
    930 189 29

    Syrene Forbes observed her mother's failed marriage from childhood and lost faith in people. Unfortunately all her relationships were shitty so far. Ray Bateman is from a modern royal family. His father has been dominated his whole world. And that met him believe that he is not meant for love. Ray pushed himself thr...