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  • Married To My Doctor?
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    (BTS Jin Fanfiction) Lee Junghee, who came from a wealthy family experiences health issues since birth. In order for her to reduce the possibilities of the disease to be much worse, they did their best to find the most impressive doctor in town, gladly they succeeded. Of course she was delighted. But what if she's fo...

  • HeartBroken but not for long
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    what else could she do besides watch her self fall apart... nothing or no one was there to save her....atleast not until she met him..... but he was no difference.......... --------------- "are you going to tell her" "no.......*sighs*...not until im ready"

  • Nightmare Love || COMPLETED ✔︎
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    is it even possible to survive after all that they went through? she was just a normal girl......not until they met eyes with each other she tried to escape but she knew that he is no good if she betrays him and she knows that she won't reach a normal life as long as she is stuck in within his grip. 🖤-------------🖤

    Completed   Mature