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  • Legends Never Die BTSAwards 2020
    4.5K 1K 20

    **LND Season 2** Welcome to the annual LND BTS Awards We hope you play along with us in this game just like last year players did. You are here to be recognized, criticized, evaluated and either become a legend or stand in line for more chances to come. Go through the rules and let us know if you want any kind of help.

    2.1K 337 18

    [ ✓ ] OPEN [ ] CLOSED [ ] JUGDING Where we judge physics chemistry and biology of your stories Help u to make u famous in this long race named WATTPAD To achieve the reads u deserve Votes u need To turn your account page up side down Open this books and be rewarded Hope u reach where u deserve Most of the...

  • Bangtan Fire Awards 2019
    7.3K 1.1K 59

    [CLOSED] Will your story burn brightly like a bonfire? Will it light up the sky like a firework? Join the Bangtan Fire Awards and show us what you've got!

  • [Open!] The Purple Hearts Awards
    1.3K 100 7

    Purple Hearts Awards 2019 ~Open~ (Open for both judges and participants) ~Only for ARMYs~ ~Only BTS fanfiction is selected here~ For any kind of information, email us at Hoasted by @JNTahiti @iJNTahiti . Started from 23/09/2019

  • BTS Dream Glow Awards 2019 [HIATUS!]
    2.6K 205 13

    Cover made by FluffNStuff_BTS Have an underrated book that you want more views on? Want the fan fiction community to see what kind of talents you have? Do you think you have what it takes to win the BTS Dream Glow Awards? Fill a form out and see! **WE NEED JUDGES & PARTICIPANTS!!** Open [ ] Judging [ ] Closed...

    2.8K 362 17

    Have a story that revolves around Kpop? Then what ya waiting for? •| THE K GLEAM AWARDS 2019 -provides a bigger platform for your books to get recognition -have a bunch of categories for partcipants as well as judges -offers some exciting prizes OPEN ( • ) JUDGING - CLOSED - © 2019 by @Lights_World Hosted & covered by...

  • ✧Shining Stars Awards 2019✧ [OVER]
    3.1K 344 13

    Welcome to The Shining Stars Awards! ✧ If you think your book is underrated, needs wayyy more love, or you simply just like awards then this is the place for you! Good luck! :) Status: Over Hosts: @cuddlykook @bangtankookiedough @MadeBy_Society @tenderchim @ACup_OfTae_

  • ~2019 BTS Dream Glow Awards!~ [JUDGING]
    4.8K 268 22

    [JUDGING] Welcome to the 2019 Dream Glow Awards! Everyone is welcome to join, and views aren't an aspect, you've still got a chance of winning. We believe every author's work deserves recognition, so come join us and have fun! ☞ Hosted by: @Vanquished_Dreams & @httyd12345