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  • CONTRACT ➳ kth (completed)
    397K 11.5K 23

    "sorry princess, you're ours now. whether you like it or not." status: completed january 7, 2020. warning: contains swearing, violence, and mature scenes rankings: #5 taehyungxreader #2 btsmafia © bitchtaekookie 2020

  • Mafia Inlove||Kim Taehyung ff
    199K 5K 16

    A girl named Park Y/n is force to get married to one of the richest mafia in Korea, Kim Taehyung. What if there is something behind their story why they got married? (Sorry if some of my grammar in this story is wrong. English is not my first language. Or if there are any typos.. Also, this story is inspired on one of...

  • Mafia boss // Kim Taehyung [Editing]
    520K 13.9K 27

    @_SleepyMirio thanks for the cover. Mafia, a word that everyone is familier with. A word that is enough to make you have goosebumps on your body. But what if you are the person who saved a famous and most dreadful mafia of the underworld without knowing his identity. Y/N always wanted a simple life. Getting a good job...

    194K 6.9K 46

    "when love leads to obsessiveness" What will happen when y/n marries her obsessive lover's half brother....!! Started : 14/January /2018 Completed : 06/March/2018 WARNING!! My first story, so it's full of cliche!! Comments and votes would be appreciated. {Highest Ranking #466 in fanfic, #195 - kpop, #1-taehyungff, #...

  • Bad Boy| Kim Taehyung x reader
    165K 4.6K 20

    Y/n, you are a bad girl, you have been kicked out of three different schools. You only have your older brother left as your parents got into a car accident when you were little. When you move to a new school in Daegu , South Korea. You have never been one to be sociable or even blush at a nice comment but then you me...

  • Bad Boy In Luv || Completed
    15.5M 556K 45

    In which a girl hides a big secret behind those nerd glasses. Credits for the cover goes to @Jiminfication :D Highest rank: #2 in fanfiction (10/30/17) Start: 08/??/15 End: 12/21/15

  • my first love. | taehyung.
    85.5K 3.7K 33

    the wound gets deeper It's like a broken piece of glass that can't be turned back Every day, it's only my heart that hurts deeper And you received my punishment instead of me. - @hanbinplanet 28.03.18 - 06.04.18 [ COMPLETE ]

  • Mr. Arrogant [book 3] || Kim Taehyung [COMPLETED]
    796K 27.7K 45

    ~A continuation of Mr. Arrogant 1 & 2~ Nine months have passed and it's finally time for Hyejin to give birth to their beautiful daughter. Taehyung has been working hard to save money for all the necessities to take care of his wife and daughter. But when Hyejin goes into labor, no one is there for her. Taehyung and...

  • My Bad Boy | Kim Taehyung ✔️
    161K 3.6K 47

    ❝Bad choice baby girl, I'm going to need to punish you now❞ A story of the king of High school, Kim Taehyung who chose an innocent girl as his next doll, but little does he know that she is more than just a toy... (A Kim Taehyung Fanfiction) Highest ranking : #1 in Bias (Out of 250 stories)

  • Mr Arrogant || kth. » book 2
    11.6M 517K 43

    "haven't we met?" his eyes whispered and i had sudden flashbacks of us. it's been long, kim taehyung. ; pretend marriage au, tsundere!taehyung lmao but softer » sequel to mr arrogant book 1

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr Arrogant || kth. » book 1
    22.1M 905K 43

    she dreads to get to school because of one name. ; high school au, tsundere!taehyung lmao » under edit » #4 in fanfiction on 171222

  • That Jerk (Kim Taehyung) [COMPLETED]
    163K 4.3K 11

    "Wh-what are you doing?" I back away from him when he gets nearer. "I don't know, Hana." He looks at me with those unreadable eyes while his hands on my waist. I gasp for air when I felt I couldn't breath anymore. "I just... like doing the things you hate."

  • possessive bad boy ༄ 𝗘𝗗𝗜𝗧𝗜𝗡𝗚
    123K 2.7K 15

    ↪you don't like dating a bad boy right? Because probably your life will be miserable but meeting a possessive one is not bad after all. ↪✰↪ ❝Even though I have an attitude like this, nothing can stop me from loving a girl like you. ❞ ~•~ Disclaimer: This book contains grammatical errors, wrong spellings, typos, and ev...

  • Boy In Luv 상남자 [Kim Taehyung / V] BTS
    3M 107K 32

    What if one day you just happened to get the worst job of your life? not just working for a jerk, but working for the jerk who once broke your heart? how does Lei tolerate the intolerable Kim Taehyung? read more to find out ;) thank you @MariaFA for the amazing bookcover!