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  • MariChat: Chat Out Of The Bag
    37.3K 1.7K 25

    Chat Noir's identity has been revealed in the worst possible way imaginable - In front of a nation-wide broadcast crew while facing an Akuma. His life is shaken dramatically, nothing can be the same again, and there is only one source of stability for both Adrien Agreste and Chat Noir now. Meanwhile, Marinette has to...

  • Miraculous Ladybug Imagines
    1.2M 62.4K 133

    A book of Miraculous Ladybug imagines and one-shots that suit every fangirls' needs. Enjoy! :)

  • Lurking「 miraculous ㅡ Yandere!Adrien/Chat Noir 」
    168K 4K 23

    Adrien began taking interest towards Marinette. He can't help but adore and worship his Princess. But he started to change as soon as he tried lurking in the darkness. Yandere!Adrien/Chat Noir × Marinette/Ladybug cover by: daisybrowser 「 moechinim 」 ㅡ 2019

  • Capricious Dreams (Soulmate AU)
    148K 4.9K 27

    Marinette and Adrien share dreams. But they can't say each other's name or see each other's faces. None-the-less, the two grow up together, not knowing each other's identity but still slowly falling for each other. That is, until they meet in real life. - 3rd in #Miraculous Started: 23.6.17 Finished: 18.11.17 - Word...

  • Misunderstandings (Miraculous Ladybug)
    100K 4.5K 5

    Marinette and Adrien are alone in her room and Alya hears strange sounds coming from inside. What are they up to? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Art used in the cover is drawn by BelieveInFrost on deviantart

  • Better With You ✔️
    74.9K 1.4K 25

    ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴍᴀᴋᴇs ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴇsᴘᴇʀᴀᴛᴇ. Marinette held on to that hope. One that she found impossible. She knew Adrien; he wouldn't dare to hurt her. Explanation? The usual, because she's a friend. Just a friend, nothing more. But what happens.. when a one week trip.. ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ʟɪᴠᴇs ғᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ.

  • The Player and the Princess
    537K 13.1K 41

    C O M P L E T E D ✕♛✕♕✕ "What about the promise we made when we were kids, Mari," He smiled. I felt shocked he remembered my nickname. That smile.. A sudden wave of realisation washed over me, taking my wrist back. "That promise died on the day you told me you never wanted to see me again, Adrien" I spat his name out...

  • Childhood friends
    301K 8.6K 67

    Marinette and Adrien have been childhood friends since they were seven. They are now the closest they have ever been as they share a small two floor apartment near the school. The two teenagers are very comfortable with each other and are Best friends almost to the point they consider each other as siblings. But that...

  • Why I Shouldn't Have Done It | ✔️
    154K 6.8K 20

    After Marinette finally gathers her courage and tells her closest friends her biggest secret, things don't go the way she had thought they would. • • • Started: Dec 26, 2016 Finished: July 16, 2017 • • • Amazing cover designed by: @XxCat_NoirxX

  • swapped ≈ reverse crush (miraculous)
    474K 24.8K 31

    What if Marinette never forgave Adrien for the chewing gum accident? ------- #199 in fanfiction (15.9.2016) Cover is mine, don't steal it. Original idea, please if someone sees a similliar idea, please tell me

  • Jump
    1.3M 42.5K 16

    "Mari, don't you dare--" Ayla warned. That was about when she jumped off the roof. A Marichat fanfiction, possible other shippings. PG13 Rating.

  • Viscous Cycle
    73.9K 2.5K 23

    From the time kids are young, they say monsters can't hide in the closet or under the bed. What they never tell children, is how to act when you find Francois Dupoint High's notorious motorcycle boy camping out underneath the covers. •••••••••••••• ...

    Completed   Mature