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  • Also... Your Hair is on Fire (not clean version) Merome and Pewdiecry fanfiction
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    It is a Merome and Pewdiecry fanficton and is really awesome. hghrules also has a version. THIS IS A CRACK FIC.

  • Games (Skylox/Ssunkipz/Merome)
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    ☼ Come play through the Challenges with us on the Games server! ☼ *Skylox, Ssunkipz, and Merome* "Sky!" Ty shouts worriedly, dropping to his knees next to me and hugging me close to him. He glances at the GameMaster. "What'd you do to him?" he growls. "Rule number three: No rebelling a...

  • Don't Judge the Love (Youtuber One-Shots)
    146K 4.1K 66

    Just a bunch of youtuber one-shots, including merome, skylox, skymu, sparkant, most of the pewdiepie ships... Dude. I ship everything. Give me requests! (Some of the pairings included so far: MunchingUniverse, Merome, Skylox, CraftBattleMariee, Immortalfox, Phan, Pewdiecry, Skymu, Setosolace, BajanSorcerer, PewdiexMr...

  • Kidnapped By A Bacca (Merome)
    6.6K 252 5

    My mother always told when I hear baccas to run and hide. Never go out until you know for sure it's safe. She told me that everyday. I just wished that I listened to her... We were always taught that humans were evil. Our job was to kill every last one of them. Have no mercy. They can't be trusted. I'm about to prove...

  • Stash of Minecraft One Shots
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    Minecraft youtuber one shots. Prompts are open for now, and hopefully I can write more one shots cause i miss it a lot.

  • Tc shipfics
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    (this was written quite a time ago. im sorry if your eyes burn out of your skull) ((THERE ARE NO PARAGRAPH BREAKS AND IM TO LAZY TO REWRITE THEM)) This is where I'm gunna put all my ship one shots! contains: merome skylox ssunmu skymu bodilox (bodillox666) setosolace skydil40 truelox

  • True Love - A BajanCanadian/JeromeASF Fanfic
    7.8K 157 22

    When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time is too long, and no other love can break them apart. Will this be true with Amber and Mitch or Jerome and Morgan? They can only hope... ~God dang you guys I said this story is NOT merome. I repeat, NOT MEROME. Got it? Good.~

  • Now and Together Forever, Merome, Skylox, SparkAnt and more youtuber pairings
    100K 1.6K 35

    A whole bunch of youtuber one shots, you request , i make, i am also going to start taking youtuberxreader, thought i would give it a shot :) Well please read, vote and comment so i know what you guys want!

  • Indubitably! *Merome* [Completed]
    20.4K 627 40

    When Mitch accidentally says he wants to be 'more than friends' with Jerome at a meet and greet, Jerome and Mitch's lives are thrown into array. Jerome has a girlfriend and Mitch is ashamed with himself for being gay. What will happen with these relationships? [[The cover says FandomMagnifica, as that was the name of...

  • Counting stars -Merome-
    38.9K 1.3K 21

    Merome! Jerome has been hanging out with Mitch for years, until he begins to have feelings for him. Mitch begins to hang out with Jerome less and less, until Jerome finds out a haunting secret about Mitch that Mitch wasn't saying...

  • Merome One-Shots
    63.5K 2K 20

    Just a place for my Merome shenanigans. BE FREE, MY CHILDREN!! Most of these are short, though some are proper stories... Believe me, this is my Merome junkyard. :3 It's still pretty awesome.

  • Nobody Gives a Damn - Merome
    238K 6.1K 38

    I was always that kid you'd see at the back of the classroom, hidden away from all of the threats that lurked behind their desks. Nobody gave a damn about me; they didn't bother questioning the bruises that painted my body, the occassional busted lip or black eye. Not until......he came along.

  • The New Kid (Merome FF)
    59.2K 2.3K 16

    Mitch Hughes has been bullied almost all his life for one secret. Jerome Aceti moves into town, and now goes to Mitch's school. Will Jerome find out his secret? Will he care and bully him like everyone else? (Disclaimer: I wrote this story in the beginning of 2014, so my writing skill were most likely at the bare m...

  • Broken Laws. A Merome Story
    49.1K 1.3K 21

    Based on my one shot 'Another Merome One Shot' in my other book thingy XP Jerome and Mitch are of two different villages, two which are sworn enemies. A Bacca and a Human, Can a friendship be made? Can even more be made? Or will it all end horribly

  • Merome: Hate is a Strong Word
    41.1K 1.4K 20

    (((DISCONTINUED))) Mitchell Hughes is new in town. He has always had to move around an change schools, so he avoids making contact with anyone else. He is afraid to make friends because he knows he will have to leave them again. Will things change when he meets Jerome Aceti?

  • My affection towards you [Merome fanfic] ♥
    6.1K 184 14

    Minecrafters, Jerome Aceti and Mitch Hughes, have been best friends since the 4th grade. Things have always been simple and normal between the two. But at the moment, IS IT all so normal? Jerome is taken, so wouldn't Mitch feel happy for his best friend? That's the thing- Mitch has 'SECRET FEELINGS' towards the bacca...

  • The Breathing Treasure (Merome)
    40.2K 977 39

    A boy ran away from his captors, not knowing why they caught him in the first place. He didn't know his name, his parents, but he does know that he doesn't belong in the Squids' headquarters. Jerome lived in the woods mainly because the squids and their human underlings loved to visit their forest, and one day, he see...

    Completed   Mature
  • Merome: an IRL story
    2.8K 90 4

    Jerome and Jasmine are having relationship problems, so Mitch steps in. Love and fluffy stuff to come!

  • Forever and Always [A Merome Fan Fic]
    41.9K 1.7K 22

    Mitch's family is rich and big. With one brother and two sisters, he had the perfect life. Besides moving around from Canada to America then state to state. He was charming so he made friends very easily. Until he moved to New Jersey, where no one was really welcoming there. Jerome only had one sister and his house wa...

  • We Can't Make It **Merome**
    1.7K 47 1

    Jerome is placed in the middle of the hunger games with no one. But what if there is someone? Guest Appearance from Sky! All that Merome<3

  • Merome : Heal You
    39.7K 1K 18

    When Mitch is bullied beyond compare, he decides he's had enough and locks himself up. For good. However when a worried bacca shows up, is he able to coax the male out of hiding? And will he be able to fight off any further attacks on Mitch? Cover by MC---creeper.

  • Bent (Merome)
    219K 6.8K 36

    Jerome is straight. Mitch knows it's hopeless, yet he still tries... But is there a way to make Jerome fall in love with him?

  • Its not wrong-Merome Skylox Kermitkipz Ssuto
    38.8K 465 18

    Mitch is sent to a "school" (prison) and must change his ways that arnt even wrong will his friends and love keep him strong

  • Frozen Merome
    62.4K 1.7K 18

    Meet Mitch, Mitch lives in the Village of Arendelle With Jerome and his friends Mitch Has the Same Magical ability as Queen Elsa. Mitch Is bullied by people in the Village because of his powers, Jerome helps but its not enough soon Jerome realizes he loves Mitch and Mitch realizes he loves Jerome, Elsa soon steps in a...

  • The Hunger Deans {Merome/AsfCanadian}
    423 10 3

    It's that time of the year again, the reaping. Where in every district sent one human and one bacca to fight to the death. Winning means fame and fortune. Losing means death. 17(I know Mitch is 19 but go with it) year old Mitchell Hughes takes his brother's place in these games. He has never been so close to death. Wi...

  • Fighting The Odds [A Merome Fan Fiction]
    14.6K 549 11

    24 tributes, 12 districs, 1 victor. Jerome is a bacca from district 7, and he will only ever be that. Unless he wins the hunger games. Mitch is a human from district 1, he has been in 4 games and won them all. When he kills, he is heartless. When he comes across Jerome in the games, he dose not kill him. He walks up...

  • When Will He Love Me (A Merome FF)
    39.6K 1.6K 39

    Warning: First few chapters are quite unrealistically sad and poorly written and the rest is just fluff

  • Lost - merome fanfic -
    4.9K 174 3

    *COVER BY XSELAHX* Mitchell Hughes, a teenage boy goes missing. With nothing but hope, Jerome Aceti leaves everything behind and tries to find him.

  • Visions -Merome-
    3.7K 118 14

    How long can Mitch go without Jerome? Can he escape Ty? Can Mitch learn to control his new "abilities"? Before he forgets he even has them? How long will it take for Mitch to just walk off with someone else? Can Jerome defeat Ty?