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  • Daycare Kids in Fairy Tail Origins
    21.8K 992 20

    Cousins Michael and Ritchie were mysteriously teleported into the world of Fairy Tail Origins from the daycare. They're found by the Fairy Tail Origins Versions of Austin, Bri, Brandon, and of course themselves and now they're trying to figure out how to get them home! But there is an evil lurking in the shadows. Will...

  • Sanders Sides Oneshots
    989 22 7

    Hey there. Here is my personal little collection of Sanderssides Oneshots. I write soft and fluffy stuff.(no smut.) Requests are open <3

  • sander sides and more oneshots uwu
    898 36 9

    Idk ether tbh uwu You can request anything Slow updates sowwy Any ships(besides Roman and Remus unless it's brotherly love)

  • Sander Sides OneShots
    97.4K 3.2K 37

    Two Pair Ships: 1) AnxietyxCreativity (Prinxiety) 2) AnxietyxDeceit (Anxceit) 3) AnxietyxLogic (Analogical) 4) AnxietyxMorality (Moxiety) 5) AnxietyxThomas (Thomxiety) 6) CreativityxDeceit (Roceit) 7) CreativityxLogic (Logince) 8) CreativityxMorality (Royality) 9) CreativityxThomas (Thoman) 10) DeceitxLogic (Loceit) 1...