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  • 【 What a pleasant surprise 】
    14K 565 27

    Normally his journeys to different dimensions weren't so crazy. He'd always traveled with his friends. But when Bryan slips into the portal, he finds himself in a different world. Switched with his opposite self, Bryan has to figure out a way to find his way back home. But some trouble comes along the way, and some fr...

  • You Can't Escape the Past
    40.7K 365 13

    [On hold] Story cover cred: MrsConsequences Description: Bryan doesn't remember his childhood, all he knew is that he was adopted and he had no memory of anything before he was adopted... but he can't escape his past... Started: July 13, 2019 Ended: Not yet Updates: Slow

  • Thefamousfilms FNaF6 oneshots
    16K 271 10

    No smut!! <3

  • TheFamousFilms- The Hidden Truth
    43.8K 1K 36

    Bryan was just running his pizzeria on what he thought to be a normal day until he heard in on a conversation that he was not supposed to hear. That is when everything changed. Loosely based of TheFamousFilms FNaF 6 by agrace932 (The whole doctor concept, and Bryan being William's son)

  • TheFamousFilms X Molten Freddy
    27.2K 632 27

    This is a fan made story of a YouTuber that does a Minecraft role play for FNAF 6. This does not follow his story line, the only thing similar would be the characters. Go visit TheFamousFilms / Jon Jon and all their voice actors on YouTube!

  • You Cant Hide From The Truth- |~|Discontinued|~|
    31.6K 762 23

    Bryan's just your typical pizzeria owner or so you'd think... one week after he had failed to show up to the pizzeria his friends had grown concerned where he was. One day bryan returned but he wasn't like his normal self . This like a au type thing i was inspired by some other Thefamousfilms type stories here...

  • Final Hours
    23.9K 549 16

    Everything was fine.. then he came... he came and ruined everything... My workers sanity.. My friendship with my close friend... My animatronics.. This is my final hour.. and I need to set things straight.. Art by me! :3

    105K 3K 205

    Hi i know ive been on a while but never made a story welp now i am. Summary: Bryan was goinng into the pizzeria when he heard something that broke him. Ever since that day he has never been the same

  • Reborn
    12.4K 278 17

    This is a thefamousfilms fan comic After bryan's sacrifice for his friends, he expects to be dead, but suddenly darkness egulfs him, he is met up with a young girl's soul,she tells him that he has been given a second chance, but he must keep himself hidden... Who is he now? (what is he now)

  • The Truth. (TheFamousFilms FNAF story) (Completed)
    95.2K 1.9K 37

    It's been a year since I last saw Springtrap... But after a few months, I start having headaches and a few strange dreams... What is happening?