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  • Georgenotfound's Brother AU / Reader X Technoblade
    625K 25.5K 172

    This story shows you as George's Brother, A mystery nobody knew about until one fatal accident reveals you to George's stream as you stumble through the house and pass out infront of thousands of views. However, what alot of people didn't recognize was how good of a pvp player (Y/N) is as he dominates the community, t...

  • creepypasta x child reader
    342K 6.9K 52

    creepypasta X child reader

  • Scared and Blind
    40.5K 1.7K 7

    Tommy whimpers as he held his empty milk bucket. Why hasn't his blindness gone away yet? Cover made by the glorious silph-set-on-fire on tumblr.

  • Make-Believe (Ticci Toby x Reader)
    80.3K 2.5K 13

    Story was published July 27th, 2014! Thanks for all the reads you guys! -Nitress +++++++ S O O N All your life- both you and your best friend thought of him as fake- but one day when your trapped at your school at night- he proves to be more real then you'd have ever thought.

  • A New Story... (CreepyPasta x child reader)
    39.1K 1K 23

    Awake and confused after two years of sleeping....What will happen when her inner demon keeps making trouble for the rest of the creepypastas? Don't own cover art and don't read unless you read first Book! First Book: A New Family

  • Ticci toby X male reader
    43.4K 776 26

    A story about a man who fall in love with the creepy pasta proxi " am just crazy about him" ...."I love you be main" "What happened here...." Read to know more, it will be slow story ( a strong language gore blood etc...) (Male x male) don't like don't read it I will be changing things in future

  • CreepyPasta Cafe || Homicidal Liu × Male Reader
    13.3K 427 8

    This story contains Yaoi (Boy x Boy) CreepyPasta Cafe: (A/N) MattsuRei This story is about a boy and that is you.. met another boy.. The End.Want to know more about You and That Boy?Well start reading the story.Love you Readers! | 2018 | Okay, this is me 2018. That is the old me 2017. I realized now that my old info i...

  • Creepypasta X Male Reader one-shots
    78.9K 1.4K 11

    Just a bunch of one-shots for males only. NO Lemon!

  • Three Problems (Book2 of Two Sided)
    18.5K 571 12

    This is a creepypasta x male child for those who clicked on this even though it clearly states book 2 but it's whatever. Anyways... So (y/n) is alive once again with the help of his new friend and protector, even though it was thanks to Sane, but he doesn't know that... Now the two are in hiding until (y/n) is fully h...

  • Two Sided (CreepyPasta x MaleChild)
    386K 9.6K 83

    (Y/n)- your name has a "second personality" who he refers to as Sane. He escaped the asylum he was locked away in at age five. He finally escaped after three years of torture You run into the woods and are cornered...just has you thought you were finished...some unexcepted savoirs come in. I do not own the picture for...

  • A Proxies Prey (proxies x female reader)
    31.2K 741 27

    {Completed}~{Now Editing} Stalkers are hard to find! You don't know if their in your house outside your window or in your living room?! But whats worse than a stalker, is three yandere/killing stalkers. Y/N only lived alone and her parents died in an....unexpected accident. She goes to high school, and its already th...

  • I'm The Dark Persona (Sander Sides Fanfiction)
    32K 993 20

    Obviously I don't own the characters of this story! They belong to Thomas Sanders. Also I don't own this amazing book cover! Credit to it's amazing artist! This is my second book I hope you will enjoy it!

  • Natalie's Diary
    1.8M 93.8K 43

    When Jane Madarang's neighbor Natalie kills herself and leaves behind cryptic instructions, it's up to Jane and her classmates to unearth deadly secrets. ***** Natalie Driscoll is dead. She threw herself out a window and left her neighbor Jane to u...