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  • Kimonos to Hoodies (an Akura Ou x Reader X Tomoe
    82.9K 1.7K 24

    (Y/N) (L/N) was an average 21 year old otaku. She went to Generic ( University Name) and had a job at hot topic. Little did she know, in the world of kamisama kiss, The demon King Akura Ou and his brother Tomoe, messed around with black magic and somehow got transported to her world. Will the brothers and (Y/N) find l...

  • I'm Trapped in Kamisama Kiss!
    215K 8.3K 31

    Book #1: I'm Trapped in Kamisama Kiss! (Completed) Book #2: I'm Livin' With Kamisama Kiss?! (Completed) Book #3: A New Tale Begins [Kamisama Kiss Fanfict] (Ongoing) Emily North is a 16 year old fangirl who got caught in a lightning storm and blacked out. Then when she wakes up, she realizes that she is trapped in none...

  • Misunderstood - Mizuki x Reader [Kamisama Kiss/Kamisama Hajimemashita]
    208K 8.7K 22

    First x reader, just testing my skills to see if this is a better style of writing for myself. Enjoy~!

  • The Touch of Sakura (Tomoe x Reader)
    367K 11.2K 33

    (Y/N), the daughter of the well-known Lady of Flowers is left all alone after a group of powerful yokai have decided to kill her mother. Overnight, she becomes the new goddess of The (Y/L/N) shrine and has to complete all the duties of a goddess all by herself, being nearly 6 years old. Being a independant girl, she p...

  • The Queen (Sting x Reader)
    378K 9.6K 47

    You are 19 and have been looking for your dragon Liditana for years on end. You and you Exceed Winter decided to stop at a town to stay for the night when you see some bandits. You defeat them and find out that it was a job for a guild called Sabertooth, and not soon after that your two childhood friends that you met...

  • The Fangirl In Kamisama Kiss?
    90.8K 3.1K 43

    Brooklyn Johnson is your average, typical 16 year old. She's a fangirl who spends most her days scrolling on Tumblr, rocking out on her guitar, reading loads of manga and watching a lot of anime. But the thing is, Brooklyn also has to deal with her aunt Lindsey and her snobby cousins, Charlotte and Jessica. But when...

  • Loved By All
    111K 3.2K 40

    ~•~COMPLETED~•~ ~•~Kamisama Hajimemashita/Kiss Fanfiction~•~ ~•~Mizuki x Reader~•~ ~•~Tomoe x Reader~•~ ~•~Kurama x Reader~•~ ~•~Sneak Peek~•~ Where am I?" You asked yourself as you sat up from the futon, the room you were in was pitch black. "You are in the Mikage Shrine." A voice told you. "Has the girl finally awok...

  • I think... I'm in love with my mistress
    195K 7.8K 44

    Tomoe x Reader I don't own Kamisama Kiss or any of the characters

  • Beautiful Fox(Tomoe & reader)
    225K 6.1K 24

  • Forget The Past, Not Me. {Tomoe x Reader}
    291K 2.9K 16

    "I know who you are..I just can't tell you." -- Y/N is the 2nd most feared Yokai! but the 2nd most feared yokai...has become a familiar?! --- A/N This book is in the process of being rewritten!

  • The Fox Can Love (Tomoe x Reader)
    140K 4.5K 23

    You, (Y/n), are a (your animal of choice) yokai living near a village. But the peace ends when a band of evil yokai raid the town. Somehow, you manage to escape. Then a certain fox yokai named Tomoe finds you......and everything changes. Note: This story takes place in the PAST of Kamisama Kiss, in feudal Japan. This...

  • Kamisama kiss Tomoe x reader
    1M 33.2K 40

    You've been having nightmares the past few weeks about a terrifying fox spirit. You could hardly believe it when your friend found an anime with the exact same fox spirit. While watching the anime you fall asleep and wake up somewhere you never expected to be.... IN Kamisama kiss!!! What shall happen to you?

  • ~Tomoe X Reader: Book One~
    324K 10.2K 41

    {Completed} (Name) is a teenage girl lost and injured in the Netherworld when she is found and turned into a land God by Mikage. (In this story, Nanami does not exist) ~I obviously do not own any of the Kamisama Kiss characters, only their actions and personalities within this story~

  • Save Me Tomoe! (Tomoe X Reader)
    169K 4.2K 19

    (Y/N) has had a hard life, her mom died when she was 5, it has been 11 years since her mom died, and during those 11 years (y/n)'s dad threatened her and punched and hit her whenever he felt like it, one day she was walking near a shrine to help her out and there she spotted a handsome man, with fox ears and a tail...

  • Love never too late (Tomoe x Reader) ON HOLD
    112K 2.5K 44

    This time I'm doing my most loved anime kamisama hajimemashita you and your friend is stuck in this world!

  • The hidden Dragon: Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the dawn) fan fiction [ON HOLD]
    409K 14.9K 46

    Kira, Hak's adoptive sister and Princess Yona's best friend/bodyguard. She's known as the Phantom Samurai, all due to the fact that she possesses extraordinary skills and unmatched speed. One day, the murder of the king by the hands of the man she loves, Soo-Won, forces the naive princess to flee for her life with he...

  • The Hydra Sin (SDS)
    517K 15.1K 42

    It's a well-known fact that The Seven Deadly Sins were once the most fearsome warriors in the kingdom of Liones. No one would have dared step in their way, but nothing good can ever last. A decade ago, the Sins vanished, and a decade ago, the guilt for the most heinous crime a sin could commit was pinned on the unknow...

  • ||Sadistic Bastard||Usui Takumi × Reader
    124K 2.6K 21

    Usui Takumi, a hot boy attending Seika High. He is a sadistic bastard in [Name]'s eyes. [Name] thinks that Usui just loves breaking girl's hearts and making them cry, but will Usui change how [Name] looks at him or will [Name]'s hate grow? Hello peeps! If there's a lot of errors or typos I'm sorry but please read my s...

  • The Devil's Grin - A One Piece Fanfic (Snail-like Updates)
    125K 5K 99

    Everything has changed. I was once considered great and powerful. But I was betrayed by those I thought I could trust. And because of them I have lost everything dear to me. They even took my name, declaring me a demon and a devil. Well if they want a devil I'll give them a devil. Who am I? I'm The Devil and I will ha...

  • The Never Ending Cycle
    20.2K 536 36

    The doors burst open gaining everyone's attention as a figure walked through them. Footsteps were heard bouncing off the wall, tension thick in the air. Finally the figure stood at the top of the stairs, a smile etched into her face. "Well if it isn't the Devil's child herself," Crocodile said, "it's a pleasure to s...

  • I'm in One Piece!?!? (One Piece fanfiction)
    53.4K 2.1K 13

    'Okay, ocean- Check!, island-Check!, Three brats trying to steal basically nothing on me- Check!! Wait.... WHAT!?'

  • Love, Music, And Cancer | OHSHC
    138K 5K 40

    ❝Welcome to the Host Club!❞they all said together once more. I strained a tight fake smile at them all, grabbing the double doors and slamming them shut before I could witness anymore of the 'Host Club'. ❝That's definitely not the room.❞

  • Tamaki X Reader: Be my Senpai!
    72.1K 2.2K 20

    Your parents and baby sister died and a fire and had you and your older brother had to move to Japan to live with your grandparents. You go to Ouran high school and when you're about to flee school, you run into haruhi. You and haruhi become good friends, so she introduces you to her friends, the host club. Then who...

  • The New Girl (OHSHC x reader)
    425K 13.4K 53

    Starting a new school isn't always easy. You are a new student at Ouran academy and are just trynna survive. You aren't a girly girl and make up and fashion aren't your strong points. Being kinda nerdy is just your thing. You have been working in one of the many cafes that your parents own when you meet a member of th...

  • The Catch-Up (Natsu x Reader)
    1.1M 36.1K 71

    (Y/N) (L/N) has always had a crush on Natsu Dragneel, the Fire Dragon Slayer. Even though she's only 10 years old and Natsu is 18. But when he and the other strongest wizards in Fairy Tail disappear for 7 years, stuck on Tenrou Island, what will happen to those feelings? During those 7 years, (Y/N) becomes the stronge...

    Completed   Mature
  • (Complete!) My little angel.Banxreader
    31.6K 602 17

    After you betrayed the angels and goddess you were banished on earth. People on earth kept you in prison for years and you told them 'whomever outside the world could set her free will do whatever she asks and be their humble servant for as long as she lives.' then that's when ban hears the rumor and breaks out of pri...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just a thief (Ban x Reader)
    342K 10K 18

    Since the age of 5 (Y/n) (L/n) has been a thief, it started with one or two things then changed into hundreds, thousands and even millions. She is known as 'Pockets' and is a wanted criminal. After fighting and defeating Hendrix the Seven deadly sins go on a quest to find to find her so that she can aid them in tracki...

  • Forever Condemned ( A Ban x Reader Story)
    83.4K 2.4K 40

    (Y/N) can barely remember how long it's been. Weeks? Years? She hasn't seen the sun or slept out in the open for decades. She's seen peoples faces - but never shown her own. Listening in on conversations knowing they will never be directed at her. It's a miracle she hasn't gone insane yet. "Protect the balance" "...