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  • Detective Grey crackfic oneshots
    448 93 22

    These are random detective Grey crackfic oneshots for fun, I might take some stories seriously and some might be not so serious. Most ships here are ones that my boyfriend thought of.

  • Through sickness and health
    105K 4.5K 8

    "oh god John I can't do this!" Sherlock exclaimed. He slammed his hands hard against the leather seat and pulled himself up. He spread his arms out, showing his full wingspan. "John fix me." Sherlock gets sick and John looks after him. Things get pretty cute. - co-written with my gal Jo :)

  • Fix Me.
    42.5K 2K 8

    When Sherlock is left alone, without a case, and without John, he falls back to old habits, habits John is yet to find out about. Sherlock falls into a put of self loathing and John is the only one who can pull him out.

  • Of Course I Missed You
    50.9K 2.7K 50

    Things have calmed down a bit since Sherlock was exiled and then brought back. However, the tension remains high. A sudden visitor does not help matters.

  • To End It All
    2.3K 114 7

    To end the past. To end everything. Post TLJ fic based off of what I think should happen to the baddies in the next movie. Major TLJ spoilers, so don't read it if you haven't seen it yet!

  • Consider love - A Johnlock
    132K 9.2K 36

    Dr. John Watson thirty-four years old got shot in his shoulder during an army training after struggling with a depression. He decided to study Dutch for a new army training that he was planning to do. That's where he met Sherlock Holmes, his new part time teacher. And so it begins. ~ Johnlock ~ Johnlock AU ►Started w...

  • The Devil's Angel // Sheriarty AU
    6.5K 417 10

    Jim Moriarty. The Consulting Criminal. He's the deadliest man in the world, a psychopath, who gets bored. After going a step too far, Jim begins to feel remorse, and that remorse catches the attention of a rather obnoxious celestial being. Sherlock Holmes Jim Moriarty's Angel ************** A sheriarty fanfiction In...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sheriarty One Shots
    31.3K 1.2K 16

    Just a collection of Sheriarty one shots I write every now and again.

  • You Never Were Alone ~ A Wholock - Fanfiction
    5.4K 323 14

    After he saved the earth from Gallifrey's return, the Doctor regenerates alone in his Tardis. He crashed near a familie's house in Great Britain, decided to look around... and met the young Sherlock Holmes who wanted to know who the Doctor was and where this strange blue box came from.

  • A Study in Blue Boxes - Wholock
    2.3K 150 7

    Sherlock gets a case on some mysterious disappearings. He goes to inspect it with Dr. Watson, and bumps into the Doctor and his companion. Started: May 28th 2017 Ended: September 3rd 2017

  • The Meeting - A WhoLock Fic
    72.3K 4.1K 24

    When an unruly stranger and his wife turn up from out of the blue, John and Sherlock are thrown into one of the most alien of adventures yet! Will they be able to crack the case? And just who is this 'Doctor'?

  • Unplanned
    31.2K 1.5K 17

    Jim Moriarty is sure that Sherlock Holmes is in love with him. Moriarty has a plan to use these feelings as an advantage for his plans. But then things start to go horribly wrong.

  • No going back. (Sheriarty)
    13.3K 803 11

    "We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours."

  • Nemesis
    10.7K 518 22

    Jim Moriarty has a secret. He craves the attention of the worlds only consulting detective, but he knows Sherlock would never spend time with him voluntarily. Sherlock Holmes has a secret too, he has realized human error is inevitable and now he is facing new emotions. Love, fear, confusion. But who could cause all th...

    Completed   Mature
  • E.V.O.L [Sheriarty]
    3.3K 153 1

    Sherlock gets wasted while Moriarty stands by and flirts.

  • Nicotine (Sheriarty)
    217K 12.4K 44

    Jim Moriarty. The spider. The psychopath. The only man who understands Sherlock Holmes. Jim knows how to play the game but Sherlock seems to be losing. Sheriarty Fanfic So many typos

  • Are we Human ? .mystrade.
    13.1K 606 8

    Mycroft was never the sort of person to help anyone but when he saw the man standing in the rain, suitcases at his feet and tears running down his face, he felt an unusual pull at his heart that urged him to help the man. But just this once mind. DISCLAIMER: Mycroft Holmes and Gregory Lestrade are works of fiction pro...

  • madman - a johnlock fanfic
    2.3K 83 6

    "There is always some madness in love..."

  • W.S.S.H.
    45.9K 3K 23

    John happens to stumble upon a book, a book with very peculiar powers, that introduces him to a mysterious boy on the other side of the pages, Sherlock Holmes. A PotterLock cross over Johnlock Fluff Some MorMor

  • Between: A Johnlock Fanfic
    5.1K 167 25

    John Watson is an agent under cover, he is with Moriarty the biggest gangster in London in order to have information and secrets. Moriarty is obsessed with John Watson and when a handsome detective comes into the game everything changes. The game is on! Under Edition

    Completed   Mature
  • It's An Experiment
    93.2K 3.2K 11

    What happens when Sherlock starts to act a little bit different towards John? Can a sociopath actually show emotions?

  • The Kissing Analysis
    364K 15.7K 23

    "I need notes," Sherlock explained. "No." - As of January 30th, 2019, this fic has been revised, edited, and cleaned up to its absolute best for your reading pleasure! Happy shipping, folks! - Noms

  • Blending In (Johnlock)
    55.7K 2.5K 5

    Sherlock and John go on an undercover mission which forces them in to a situation where they can't deny their feelings any longer.

  • Loving The Sociopath (Johnlock)
    122K 5.3K 26

    A book of Johnlock One-Shots. None of these stories follow on from each other, that's why they're called one-shots. Enjoy!

  • Johnlock: Sentiment
    53.9K 2.4K 11

    A Johnlock fanfic in which John and Sherlock are unsure of each other and their own feelings. Will something happen to make them change their minds?

  • Waiter in a suit - A Johnlock
    230K 14.3K 39

    John Watson thirty-two years old wasted his entire life with failing dates with women. Until someone simply told him that he was gay. A Johnlock fanfiction ~ Johnlock ~ Johnlock AU ~ Started writing 6 decembre and finished the story 17 April.

  • Sherlock's secret
    202K 9.3K 31

    John has found out about Sherlock's self harm and is left baffled as to how to tell Sherlock about his own secret. *TRIGGER WARNING*

  • 60 Ways to Say Goodbye - A Johnlock Fanfiction
    429K 17.9K 27

    John is devastated by his best friend and secret love, Sherlock's death. He copes by visiting his grave every day for sixty days. Will this be closure enough, or will John need more to know that Sherlock has heard his words?

  • Compromises - A Johnlock Fanfiction
    74.4K 2.9K 12

    A Johnlock fanfiction based on BBC Sherlock in which Sherlock and John solve a case and discover they have feelings for each other. (COMPLETE)

  • A Study in Boredom: A Johnlock Fanfiction
    1.2M 43.1K 38

    Sherlock is bored as usual. He needs JAWN ACTION for...erm...SCIENCE! Yes. Anyway, I suck at descriptions so just read. Contains Johnlock and rated I don't know because I'm making it up as I go along. Maybe it will get porny ;)