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  • Married ||,
    195K 9.9K 38

    kim taehyung is a son of a king who died when taehyung was seventeen years old. taehyung promised to do his father's last words which is to marry his bestfriend's son which is park jimin. will they be able to last their relationship as a married couple? PUBLISHED: 08//07//18 FINISHED: 09//13//18 • cover made by jello_...

  • //No Choice// Illumi X Reader
    601K 17.7K 26

    You (y/n) (l/n), are a murderer. You kill, kidnap and even torture people if come to it.Your whole family does it and is not good terms with the Zoldlyk family but that changes after an certain agreement......

  • Can't I Touch Your Heart?
    793K 30.2K 90

    "I like you, Arorhea." "You don't know me," "I want to though," After 10 years when Ember Helberg returns to India to meet his past friend and love, Arorhea Laghari, he discovers that she has completely forgotten him. He is happy though. Now that she won't remember the tragedy he dumped her into, he could start again...