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  • A Mistake in the Remnant (RWBY x Doom 2016 crossover)
    51.8K 544 13

    They are rage, brutal, without mercy, but you, you will be worse, Rip and Tear, untill it is done. (Spoiler) This version of doom slayer X RWBY is kind of dark, there is no romantic stuff going on, well maybe there is but there not alot. Doom Slayer will become what he will on hell. I will also not gonna do what other...

  • Semblance of Brutality
    63.2K 682 11

    After he'd slain the Spider Mastermind, Doomguy was betrayed by Dr. Samuel Hayden. The Crucible was taken from him, and the doctor had believed he'd sent Doomguy back to Hell. Instead, Doomguy has been sent to the world of Remnant. Now, stripped of his power, Doomguy must accustom himself to life on Remnant, while als...

  • Remnant, Meet The Doomslayer
    18.2K 221 4

    After the events on Mars in the UAC facility, a malfunction with the tether system sends the Slayer far away to a strange new world. It's not all bad, though. He meets new friends, and a new enemy to rip and tear until he's done.

  • Slayer of Remnant
    8.7K 75 16

    Two weeks have passed since the events of "Semblance of Brutality" unfolded. The Doom Slayer has stayed in Remnant of his own volition, and has strengthened his loyalty to Team RWBY and their struggle against the forces of evil. He has continued to stay with Ruby's uncle Qrow, and has continued to train and hone his s...

  • rwby x doom reader
    23.7K 209 6

    based on doom 2016

  • Doom Slayer Male Reader x High School DxD
    224K 2.7K 31

    After being betrayed by Dr Samuel Hayden (y/n) finds them self in a universe without Argent without Demons but this new world has Devils

  • Doom Slayer V The Multiverse
    321 7 2

    The title is enough.

  • The One Demon Fear (Doomslayer x Seven Mortal Sins)
    12.7K 151 3

    Doomslayer has finished. He killed the final remainders of the demons of Hell. Now, he lets the last Greg's of humanity rebuild, and he opens a portal a new world, one in need of saving as well. He arrives in a high school church where meets a young girl called Maria. But his arrivals does not go unnoticed. What shena...

  • Praetorian (DOOM x RWBY)
    21.8K 233 4

    "They are brutal and without mercy. You will be worse. RIP and TEAR until it is DONE!"

  • Rip and Tear!(Abused Doomslayer reader x Rwby/MHA/DMC/Fairy Tail/Highschool DXD)
    71.5K 523 13

    Read to find out A/n: Also multiple anime and video games taking place in the same world also Seven Deadly Sins And Date A Live is also involved

  • His Testament! (RWBY X THE DOOM SLAYER)
    39.3K 297 5

    Dose this really need a description?

  • The Slayer, The Soldier, The Wanderer And The Shadow (DOOM Crossover Evolved)
    1.3K 2 6

    Basically, here we will see what happens if you make a crossover between: DOOM, Familiar of Zero, Fallout 4, Halo, Shadow Fight 2, RWBY, Konosuba, and a few elements from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Like certain Special Arrow and everything that comes with it). In certain moment I will add even more, but lemme finish th...

  • Those Aren't Demons (Doomslayer x MGE)
    3.3K 29 2

    The Doom Marine. The one whose name scares the shit out of the denizens of Hell. But after Samual Hayden takes the Crucible, he is sent back to Hell. Or so he thinks. He wakes up, in a meadow, completely unscathed. Where the hell was he?

  • Grimm Slayer (Rwby X Doom)
    1.8K 3 5

    The original ass kicking demon slaying first Person bad ass Doom guy (thats you). Two hot headed rage fueled ass kicking badasses meet up and its a match made in hell Y/n: your name L/n: last name E/c: eye color H/c: hair color

  • Two Worlds Collide (Doom X Marvel Rising Story)
    59.1K 535 29

    What happens to the Slayer when he realizes that everything is different for him? What happens when the world he's transported to isn't his own world? Will everything still be the same, or will it be Hell for him?

  • The Return of the Hellwalker: A DOOM Tale
    81.3K 1.5K 20

    After preventing the world he knew and loved from being taken over by demonic forces, the Doom Slayer grew tiresome of the endless struggle between humanity and the divine forces of Heaven and Hell, and did not take the chance at invading Hell once more. Instead, he stayed on what remained of Earth, building a new li...

  • The Hellwalker Roams: A DOOM X Overwatch Story
    391K 5.4K 28

    A lone man, one long forgotten by all, returns to his home planet, only to see nothing but death and abandonment. Realizing the world needed him once more, he roams the Earth, finding others with the same intention as his along the way.

  • Ripping And Tearing Trough Remnant DOOM Slayer Reader x RWBY
    60.3K 478 10

    In Hell There Are A Lot Of Demons...But In Remant...There Is One Demon That Everyone Fears...Salad Uh I Mean Salem The Bitch Is OP As Fuck And She Thinks Shes Some Kind Of Demon Goddess...Lets See How She Feels When She Sees 'Him'.... THEMOTHERFUCKINGDOOMGUY!

  • A New Hatred {DoomGuy X Akame ga Kill}
    19.9K 220 3

    *Art is not mine* After defeating the Spider 'Mastermind' the Crucible was taken off DoomGuy by Samuel Hayden and he was transported to another world, a world of a Fuck-Face prime minister, teigus and Danger Beasts. After hearing Samuel's monologue and hearing of the greed of humanity, DoomGuy grew a new hatred for th...

  • The Slayers Saga (RWBY BlakexDoomSlayer)
    25.7K 237 8

    After ripping and tearing your way through every single demon on mars, you were so close to closing the portal on mars. Until that bastard Samuel Hayden tethered you away to some unknown place. (This story will mostly be in Doom Slayer's perspective. It also takes place after the events of Doom 2016.)

  • Remnants's DOOM ( RWBY x DOOMSLAYER fanfic )
    18.6K 93 8

    At a very far away cave hundreds of kilometers away from Vale some miners were mining Dust until they found something similar to a sarcophagus. They immediatly gave them to Atlas because it give them ''an uncomfortable feeling'' and also it stopped them from continuing mining .Atlas bought it because they wanted to...