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  • Take A Hint
    10.1K 670 8

    | Cover by @Dat_Crankler_Doe | Ever since he's met Stephen Strange, Tony has been trying his best to get friendly with him. Well, more than friendly. Too bad that the Sorcerer Supreme seems to be completely clueless when it comes to Tony's subtle (or not so subtle) attempts to show him. Thank god that Wong catches on...

  • Peachy
    124K 7K 84

    Once The Ancient One notices Stephen has quickly advanced to her level of magic, she decides it's time for Stephen to go to a school for gifted children. Stephen accepts his new fate and enlists. He is immediately accepted. He can't wait to see what new opportunities lie ahead, and see what new friends he has yet to...

  • Before It All (IronStrange Fanfic)
    20.8K 1.2K 40

    Before the Infinity War, before the civil war, before Ultron, before the Avenger's formed...In this Universe, Before It all happened Tony met Stephen Strange. In this Universe, they have each other before any of the pain happens. The cover for this story was made by @Girl_Love_books_

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝙣𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪
    1.4K 144 12

    au where tony and stephen are together before doctor strange because there's hardly anything written about that

  • My Parents are Gay
    159K 6.5K 85

    Just a cute lil story about Ironstrange trying to raise lil Spidey in the safest, non-dangerous way. A happy lil family. Fluff and slight nsfw. So be careful.

  • Something Stupid
    84K 5.5K 85

    SEQUEL FOR PEACHY 🌸🍑 "Who?" Tony couldn't believe his ears. Quickly, he raced upstairs to the front door, opening it. A tall slim figure stood at his doorway, with his back turned to him, then it turned to him. Tony's heart raced once he saw who it was. "Hello, Anthony." A familiar long lost smile greeted him.

  • Your Name 《ironstrange》
    913 108 8

    "Hi Tony Stark, I like you." -S.S Stephen Strange, a wallflower, meets Tony Stark, heartthrob of the school. He had a teeny crush on Tony, well...maybe not teeny. He decided to make a love letter to show his love for Tony, It wouldn't hurt right? Afterall, Tony doesn't know him... ...but what if he did?

  • IronStrange Beauty And the Beast AU
    3.6K 398 19

    This is an Ironstrange Alternate Universe of beauty and the beast. Experience the Journey Of Tony Stark, (Iron Man) a Bright, beautiful, and independent Young man who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle (Doctor Stephen Strange) Despite His fears, he befriends the castle enchanted staff, and learns how to look b...

    Completed   Mature
  • a dysfunctional and chaotic family
    2.5K 140 11

    sure his family is a bit chaotic, but tony wouldn't have it any other way join the ironstrange family on their chaotic adventures

  • Magical Needs
    35.7K 1.3K 19

    *Implied Stony but mostly IronStrange because I breathe it.* -Its been 2 years since Tony and Steve had a huge fallout and broken up with each others. Tony reinvents himself and continues on. After meeting sorcerer Dr. Stephen Strange, he believes it's time to head back into the game but going after an enigma to crac...

  • Hero [Ironstrange]
    65.6K 4.3K 36

    Everyone is born with a square on their wrist, called a soul mark. The first time you hear your soulmate say your name, the square is filled with their favorite color. 16 year old Stephen Strange is not very interested in finding his soulmate. But that changes after his soul mark is filled with someone's favorite col...

  • My Star My Stark (ironstrange soulmate au)
    6.8K 317 7

    in a world were everyone has a soulmate Tony stark: cool nerd no one notices dad kicked him out cuz he's bi age 17 goes to private school Stephen strange: popular ladies man perants disowned him after a car crash very gay age 17 goes to private school Not Steve Rogers friendly cuz no one likes steve

  • Aftermath [Ironstrange]
    35.4K 2K 17

    After the Avengers defeat Thanos, they decide to go on a vacation to celebrate and, most importantly, clear their minds. Though Tony Stark can't stop worrying about what will come next, what will be the next scarring event to him and his friends. When will everything be taken away from him? Tony also can't seem to kee...