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  • Letters Of The Alphabet (BangInho) [High School AU]
    28.8K 2.3K 27

    (1/3 in the Alphabet series) In which Minho is suffering from depression and barely ever truly smiles, so in order to make him smile, his boyfriend Bang Chan sends him letters, each with a letter of the alphabet (High key writing this for Yah Chan becuz she is our BangInho queen and deserves all the love in the world)...

  • banginho ― cinema [✓]
    48.5K 4.7K 11

    ❝ man, i can't believe dumbledore died. ❞ ꜱᴏᴜʟᴍᴀᴛᴇ ᴀᴜ ONGOING┃✅ XX / XX / XX © bubbletaey 2018

  • Amazon Dildos and Oblivious Owners
    2.9K 106 1

    Minho was way past his first heat. But that didn't mean the lingering interest of being filled to the brim with a nice, thick cock didn't pop into his head. Too scared to talk to his owner, Chan, Minho visits One of the worst places to buy a dildo from. ------------- happy bday minho <3333

  • Sweet Talker♡ - Minchan/Chanho
    45K 3.2K 20

    His smile used to annoy me, its the smile he would have when he knows he's done something wrong and I hated it. But lately his smile had gotten even more annoying, because it's all I ever think about. Another cliche high school au~

  • Better Better [Banginho/Minchan]
    31.9K 2.2K 16

    Chan has been in an unhealthy relationship for years. Minho wants to show him what real love looks like. Warning: emotional manipulation, Implied Sexual Content (Gosh, the description is almost as bad as the fic itself lol. Also, please don't mind the horrible story cover...I'm really bad at this)

  • bite me || banginho
    39.2K 2.4K 10

    " bite me ." " what ¿" " i said , bite me." bang chan is a vampire and lee minho despretly wants to be bit ✦ - vampire au !

  • The Other Side (MinChan Fanfic) || COMPLETED ||
    83.4K 4.5K 13

    So Minho was just having a nice walk towards his apartment. He didn't expect the whole situation to turn out into something like he's currently in. - Started: 042919 Completed: 053119 U N E D I T E D

  • | Through The Glass | MINCHAN/BANGINHO
    21K 1.4K 14

    ------------------------ "...Because I'm just through the glass" ------------------------ *Touches on some pretty heavy topics. Please read at your own risk*