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  • Addicted to Coffee - Analogical
    25.1K 45 1

    Virgil was a caffeine addict. (Thanks to his stressful life and shitty work hours.) Oh well, there were much worse things to be addicted to, right? It wasn't that bad. He decided that it DEFINITELY wasn't that bad, because it caused him to find a cute little coffee shop down the road from his new house, with a much cu...

  • The Prince's Kiss - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    148K 8.8K 26

    The young Prince Roman doesn't know much about the world outside the palace, but one day he meets a boy his age with gift for art and witty comments who climbs up to his balcony one night. When the boy's past comes back to interfere with their future, they have to stay true to one another and fight to keep their lives...

  • A̸̢͠cr̷͘os͜҉s ̢T͟͝͡h̀́͝e͞ ̶͠͡S̸͠ķy̷͘: Book One
    9.4K 706 23

    <Make sure to read the whole discription> What happens when you are torn from the world you know and thrown across time, space, and reality? What happens when you're completely alone? Or are you? They say true love is the only way to break a curse but what happens when love is what caused it? Follow Vir...

  • Anxiety
    44.4K 1.8K 34

    #1~ Creativity (2/22) The Light Sides have been noticing something going on. Thomas has been feeling off, overly shy and more than a bit anxious. It's just not normal for him. Where is this sudden fear come from? Suddenly the dark sides attack kidnapping Thomas as he was in the mindspace. As nightmares start attackin...

  • Scoundrel - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    143K 8.6K 30

    Prince Roman is a prestigious young royal, who's as wealthy as he is fair. However, he has access to something Captain Virgil Black has been after his entire life, putting a target on his head that ends up getting him captured by pirates. This book is completed.

  • Starbugs [Analogical] (Highschool AU)
    7.3K 329 8

    Virgil is still new to this place. He moved to Gainesville, Florida during the last term of his Sophomore year and still doesn't have any friends. Summer break is nearing and this art kid just wants to not feel so alone anymore. This Nyctophile has a park in the middle of his cul-de-sac and he goes there to draw a lot...

  • astrophile // analogical au
    33.8K 2.1K 31

    in which an astrophile falls for a philomath. // astrophile n. a person strongly attached to knowledge of the stars // philomath n. a lover of learning // c o m p l e t e d // started: april 28, 2019 first update: may 1, 2019 finished: august 9, 2019 last update: august 10, 2019 book one: astrophile // analogical au...

  • The Children's Home (Sander Sides Fanfic)
    6.9K 395 15

    Virgil is lead to the "happy house". His mother was insistent he go, and father wanted nothing to do with him. He didn't kill Mittens, it was the shadows. As he is brought inside, he is greeted by four others like himself, other children deemed insane. **** This is a Trigger Warning for those who are sensitive to more...

  • The Only Exception | Analogical
    2.4K 118 17

    ~High school AU in which they all look different for everyone's sake!~ Logan Sanders has never believed in romance. In fact, he always rejected the idea of falling in love. Then Virgil came along, and he began to question everything he knew - or thought he knew. Relatively slow burn Analogical with fluff, angst, swea...

  • Super Secret~ A Villain's Story
    13.8K 1.2K 33

    #6~ Loceit (2/22) #3~ Princy (2/25) What is a Super Villain's worst weakness? Most might say a stronger Hero. Some might say their own lack of strength. Other's might simply say a difference in powers. Fire powers are weak to water and the like. But what if I told you it was nothing like that? What if I told you thei...

  • Sander sides- Superheroes
    57.8K 2K 26

    A school of superheroes If you are looking to become a superhero after a bit of time in high school, you change to a superheroes school, but now it was Roman's, Logan's, Patton's and even Virgil's who didn't believe he could be one. The four get three pro heroes teacher, Emilie, Remy and Deceit, who have mysteries o...

  • Analogical (Sanders Sides Monsters AU)
    76.4K 3.2K 25

    I re-read this recently and I'm just UGHH! I'm going to rewrite this whole thing, so if you want the better version, feel free to read that later on when I publish it. Description: Virgil goes to the cemetery on Halloween to grieve, but soon finds himself surrounded by 4 monsters who all apparently want to be his frie...

    Completed   Mature