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  • 짐 잘라 빔 (Zimzalabim)
    453 28 7

    Zimzalabim [+|_«•»_|+]\<>/[+|_«•»_|+]\<>/[+|_«•»_|+] Seoul was the ideal city. Gorgeous cities, green rural areas, modern buildings, polite citizens, everything. At least, that was what they want you to think. Beneath the city's glossy, picture perfect mask, something dark festers in the very heart of the living commu...

  • Chaand Ki Colour
    150 4 2

    {Hotel Del Luna x K-Pop x OCs AU} Title meaning: Moon Of Colour [🌑🌓|-•+|+•-|🌗🌑] Hidden in plain sight on the streets of Seoul stands a hotel like no other and caters to a very particular clientele. The dead. The establishment is ancient in a unique way, having been around for more than a millennia, and stands as...

  • beneath santorini || jinsoo
    1K 132 9

    [ jinsoo au ] an infamous psychologist finds himself stuck overseas due to his company's overstaffing. as much as seokjin wants to enjoy his stay in santorini, his life went differently during his shift in a mental asylum just below the town of oia where greece hides the craziest of the craziest of their citizens, to...