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  • [✔] ADF «» Jenlisa
    633K 20.7K 30

    ㅡ "How about," she said. "A nice big cup of 'Let's stay in touch' my ass?" Everyone needs at least a one crazy friend, and it looks like Jennie found hers. [Cr. will rightfully go to the owner]

  • And I Love Her [JenLisa]
    288K 11.1K 53

    Jennie looked at her new life with positivity. It was impossible not to do so, after all, anything would be better than her previous life in her older city. » this is an adaptation/translation.

    Completed   Mature
  • beethoven | jenlisa
    51.6K 3.4K 15

    in which jennie gets mad at the girl who plays piano at 2 am.

  • Fix You
    78.8K 4.3K 59

    Cold, empty, closed off, bitter and mad were just a few words Lisa associated with J, someone who she came to know as a person broken by her past...but what if she could change how she viewed the world? One email at a time? AU where Lisa received a random email from someone who's hurting and Lisa being the sunshine th...

  • everyday // k.jn &
    408K 13.4K 70

    Lisa texts Jennie everyday.

  • Ghost Allergy [Jenlisa FF | Completed]
    36.5K 2K 7

    Jennie discovered she couldn't stop sneezing every time there is a ghost around her which she found weird. She couldn't see them but she could feel and hear them. She could feel and hear Lisa. Originally posted on asianfanfics. ♥

  • I'm almost me again (She's almost you)
    30.4K 1.3K 22

    After being left heartbroken, Lisa finds herself in Scotland with nothing but a broken watch, a photograph of the woman who broke her heart, and the sudden urge to go for a walk. A very long walk. With stubborn determination, she sets out on a cross-country journey, with the intention of fixing her broken heart and wi...

  • i'm your home (you will come home)
    3.1K 213 1

    Lisa's got a spoonful of noodles halfway to her mouth when she puts down her chopsticks to check the new message Jennie sent. It's a simple 'just got home :)' but Lisa stares at it until her phone's screen goes dark, an unexplainable warmth spreading around her cheeks and settling somewhere in the pit of her stomach...

  • Her Christmas Dream (Jenlisa Christmas Special)
    5.1K 277 10

    [COMPLETED] Jennie Kim, a hard working store manager for Chanel in New York, is under pressure to get the opening spot of the same position in Paris. But she had to prove that she's eligible by hosting Chanel's first Christmas Fashion Show parade in Madison Square Garden. But to make matters more complicated, she nee...

  • Her First Christmas (Chaesoo Christmas Special)
    21.6K 826 18

    [COMPLETED] Kim Jisoo, a hard-working ad executive and a wonderful single mother to her daughter--Ella, gets teamed up with one of the company's most uptight coworker, Park Chae-young, to create a Christmas commercial of a new music system. To make matters even more complicated for Jisoo, she's Rose's Secret Santa for...

  • love, rosie | ✓
    12.4K 1K 18

    ( CHAESOO ) it did not even start with a love letter, but it might as well have.

  • Medicine | Jenlisa
    139K 6.6K 21

    [COMPLETE] "I'm Jennie, your girlfriend." Lalisa Manoban thought nothing was weirder than herself until a certain brunette barged into her life and claimed to be her girlfriend. But the thing was, Lisa never met her before. Medicine | A Jenlisa Original AU

  • Reasons ★ JENLISA
    46K 2.1K 12

    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Lisa paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff." STORY IS NOT MINE CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER. RiceLover

  • Secret Love Songs for Lisa | JENLISA
    3.6K 220 6

    Jennie's iCloud gets hacked and a folder called " secret love songs about Lisa" is leaked with songs that are well, about Lisa. This a short story. Have fun reading! ♥

  • Room 97 [Jenlisa FF | Completed]
    490K 18.7K 24

    Jennie was a nurse and got relocated at an asylum and she met Lisa who was described as a very dangerous patient. Originally posted on asianfanfics. ♥

    Completed   Mature
  • S I G N S
    98.4K 4K 31

    When she was 12 years old, Jennie Kim was in a car accident that killed both of her parents. Since that day she hasn't spoken a word. Working as a librarian in National City, Jennie meets Lalisa Manoban, and as much as she wants to talk to her, she still can't make her voice work. JENLISA FANFICTION ADAPTATION All ri...

    135K 5.9K 18

    "Everyone has to die one day. No one can outdo death and no one can cheat death. There are only few who are capable of it. They are lucky and blessed with miracle for they can be with the person they love, even if it is for a short period of time." Jennie smiled as she read the quotation. It made her feel sad because...

  • [ ✔ ] We're Not Friends ▪ Jenlisa
    1.3M 30.8K 31

    A bitchy brat straight when it comes to everything- Jennie meets the playgirl badass top of her game Lisa on unexpected day in unimaginable way. The two were like fire and ice, so what could go wrong? Disclaimer: I know that there's already many version of this fic out there, but this story's plotline was simply just...

  • You Got Me (JenLisa)
    1.1M 33.8K 56

    "And the third reason?" Lisa asked as she rested her hands on Jennie's hips. Jennie laughed, her shoulders were shaking. The sound of it echoed across Lisa's place, making the two cats on the top of the stairs stirred and craned their necks to get a better view of a laughing Jennie. It was a beautiful sight. "Do you...