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  • From thick to thin
    2.1K 458 26

    What does it take to survive being a girl child in the 21'st century, in an african home. We find out from the eyes of three girls as they take on life. Will they grow apart or grow together.

  • Me ✓
    35K 3.8K 40

    "I used to think my life was perfect, until I realized that perfection is impossible." _____________________________________________ Kolupo is a Nigerian girl who's not new to Senior Secondary School. Living the perfect, drama free, naive life was a norms for her. Until family and boy problems arise and all Kolupo can...

  • After "It" Happened
    1.4K 413 22

    After an incident that causes Denise to lose both her parents, her life takes a 360. She can't remember few details from her life before her parents' death or the events surrounding their deaths, but she doesn't want to. When her past comes to her in form of her ex-bestfriend, all the emotions she thought she lost co...

  • The Girl Who Lived
    12.7K 1.7K 23

    Bullied for the colour of her skin ever since she could remember, Olayinka Jamila Kincade, a 17 year old Nigerian American, doesn't know what it means to be accepted. Called trash and is treated as an outcast all because of the school's resident badboy and top bully, Kian Fields. Senior Year starts with Kian suddenly...

  • The Curves Of Our Hearts
    769 154 18

    DEFINITELY NOT A CLICHE STORY. Pearl Hastings is the new girl for the first time in her life.She meets... Okay, I can't do this anymore. I suck at description and I don't want to scare away the readers I have with that☝, so..... Just read this story, it's the only thing I can advise cause I feel no summary what...

  • Tell Me The Truth
    2.5K 666 34

    Cameron King, one of the most popular boys of Lightville high is just fresh out of a break up with Kim, a nerd. Unlike most books where the nerd ends up with the popular guy, it didn't quite work out for Kim and Cameron as they were too different. Sapphire Martins, a fairly popular girl who has always been able to t...

  • The Spanish bad ass
    4.1K 792 46

    "Watch it clutz." "What the fuck's your problem." "Damn right what the fuck." "Wait aren't you gonna like flirt or fawn over me or something." "If you say one more word make no mistake I will cut you and keep the part that doesn't speak." Aria Sierra Javier is a Spanish girl on the run. On a quest to hide from her v...

  • Hostel Life
    5.5K 1.1K 23

    "I'm shipping you both to boarding school." Those seven words changed Debbie's life forever. ***** Amnesia is defined as loss of past memories due to a traumatic experience. Debbie is sent to a hostel she's previously gone to but with no recollection of her past memories. What happens when Debbie, a girl suffering fro...

  • Before Sixteen
    75.4K 13.4K 56

    (EDITING) Introverted fifteen-year-old Rachael struggles to fit in but in order to do so, she has to do what everyone else is doing - loose her virginity. She soon finds out she isn't the only one in the long run to popularity, but everyone else seems to be doing what seemed like the most difficult thing ever. Things...

  • The Girl With Many Names
    1.9K 639 35

    Reina Fox, Summer Stone, Jane Hopper, Susan Phillips and Daniella Robinson. No, these aren't a group of friends, all these names belong to one girl. Reina has had to change her name and move with her family three times now, thanks to her nose poking journalist of a dad who decided to meddle in mafia business. She mo...

  • Different shades of you (slow updates)
    1.8K 676 17

    First place teen fiction emerald writers awards First place weekly cover award the excellency awards. Im not really a blurb person So forgive me for not writing one Trust me when i say give this book a chance ,its worth it.

  • Those Little Things
    72.8K 17.9K 69

    Giwa Falade is feared in Castron High because of her sassy, bold nature. She's one girl not to be messed with. She is one character that will get you on your toes, spite you, and intrigue you all at the same time. Giwa is a ruthless, self-absorbed teenage girl, who is obsessed with the fear she instills in people. She...

  • Tales Of Fikayo
    2.4K 626 20

    After the death of her mother, Fikayo Adejare starts to experience the hard side of life. From her childhood best friend, Ayomide leaving to her father marrying another wife with two daughters who maltreats her. After some years, Ayomide is back alongside his cousin, Olamide who seems to have a secret that is killing...

  • Impeccable Love
    6K 1K 16

    What's the first thing that comes to mind when the word love is mentioned? Some think it is the sensational feeling gotten when around the other person, or a deep affection towards another while others think it's the three letter words SEX. But love is much more than all of that- much more than a feeling or an affecti...

  • Broken ✔ |COMPLETED|
    8.1K 1.4K 47

    COMPLETED Elliana Williams has lived in Chicago all her life, but as punishment for always getting into fights, she is sent to Nigeria, Her mother's country, to get tamed. She is expected to cope with all the drama and wahala in secondary school. Having fun and creating memories with her cousin who is almost like her...

  • S.S.S. 3 AGAIN
    45.7K 7.7K 38

    🌼UNEDITED🌼 Repeating a class has always been something people take with shame and discomfort. After failing an important science subject; Chemistry in both her WAEC and NECO exams, Teniola Oluwademilade also had to go through an extra year in secondary school. Rather than shame and discomfort, she found it as anothe...

  • Forlorn Ecstasy
    252 107 5

    Seventeen-year-old Uju is constantly faced with being the perfect daughter to her parents and perfect sister to her three brothers, including having a peaceful year at school. However, her seemingly ordinary life is changed when she encounters Azeez; the handsome, intelligent, multi-talented art genius who changes h...

  • Facade (a teen story)
    41.5K 8.2K 77

    Laila Sofela is an easy going, carefree and intelligent sixteen year old orphan that lives with her aunty. Her dreams came true when she was given scholarship to one of the most expensive private school in the country. She hope to enjoy the adventure in the new world different from the one she knows. But boy she was...

  • Light to my life (on hold)
    2.2K 445 18

    Meet Edna a beautiful and intelligent girl. She wins a scholarship into the best school in Lagos Nigeria. She is out to be a successful woman in future. Daniel is a cute, tall and brilliant student. A school celebrity having almost all the girls running after him. Daniel is totally smitten by Edna on their first enc...

    457 73 15

    "Her demons are her past, her future is black, her face is full of battle scars. She is Aisha, she fears no man." AISHA tells the story of a young teenage girl from the Northern part of Nigeria, who has long come of age for marriage. Her mother's pleas and perseverance has kept her for a long time while she attends...

    7.3K 2.7K 64

    Kikiopefoluwa is a smart, outgoing and brilliant girl who had five friends; the ever stupid Bimpe, ever foolish Doyin, ever sappy Khalid, ever jerky Kunmi and the ever witless Abifoluwa. No one dare tread their path, they are powerful, brilliant and well-respected with the nickname JANU Icons, they are being looked up...

  • SEE ME ✔
    1.9K 465 19

    _________________________________________ Teen fiction winner at #book worm monthly award (June) - - - - - 25/6/2020 3rd place in the NOBLE AWARD 2020 - - - - - 14/7/2020 _________________________________________ We all know how it ends, the story of the sexy cheerleader and the captain of the football team. But this...

  • Bleeding for Royalty
    52.6K 6.7K 41

    Follow this rollercoaster of love, hate, sadness, happiness and lots more. She called. He answered. She fell. He pushed. She cried. He lost. She lost. He found. ~~~~~ 2018-2019 All rights reserved. Completed

  • Her High School Story (Ongoing)
    3.6K 1.2K 31

    Even though I'm boyish, and I've promised myself not to fall in love because I've got a past, I preferred celibacy. Love hurts... And now that I'm in a new place, one where I made friends, rivals and lovers. Friends that will always be there Rivals that will always create problems. Lover that will never stop loving...

    2.6K 643 29

    •Designer clothes and shoes ☑️ •Mansion of a house ☑️ •Loaded Bank account ☑️ •Best school ☑️ •Holiday vacations ☑️ Rachael had lived a life of luxury all her life but she begins to feel a void in her life when she gets neglected by her business inclined mother. Rachael desperately starts to seek for something else th...

  • My Imperfectly Perfect World [ON HOLD]
    1.7K 400 8

    "Okay, next question. If you could change anything about your world, what will it be?" He asked. "You know what?" I started as I turned to face him. He was seating across the room on a lilac colored sofa, and I was kneading the dough for the pizza. "I wouldn't change anything. This is my Imperfectly Perfect World." ...

  • Xander's Precious
    973 274 22

    Brittany has never fallen in love, but when she did, it was with her worst enemy. Will Xander be able to win her over or will she be left heartbroken?

  • Adiya Amir
    6.1K 1.2K 28

    "We can't continue to run away from our past because it continues to follow us wherever we go" 🎊🎊🎊🎊 I yanked myself away from him and moved back," you think you know everything but you never understand a damn thing" I screamed. "You don't know me. You don't know what I'd gone through. But you make...