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  • Lost & Found (Slow-Updates)
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    Celine Washington is a strong independent black woman who doesn't take shit from anybody. She makes her own money working at a prestigious law firm, hard-working, self-assured, and in full control of her life. She trained herself to be that way with all that life has thrown at her. Chris Anthony is the Wide Receiver o...

  • BLOOM OUT Part 1 the heros creation
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    please like and follow my social media pages and hope you enjoy the story and leave a like comment share and subsrcibe

    Completed   Mature
  • Tenebrae (Lucifer's daughter)
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    Before there was Lux. Before there was Chloe. Long before the LAPD. There was Tenebrae. Lucifer did not come for a vacation in the city of angels. No. He came for something far greater. He came to LA to find his daughter

  • It's About Time
    2.1K 70 7

    Scarlet Milano has one mission and one mission only. To kill Vandal Savage. But an encounter with bad boy Leonard Snart sends her world into a whirl, filled with emotions she thought she would never have to face. Will Scarlet ignore her heart and listen to her head? Or will she find a way to work with both her thought...

  • A bunch of sad/angst Deckerstar one-shots(still in progress)
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    A group of sad Deckerstar oneshots so when you feel sad you can feel even sadder Note: I won't be continuing this for a while, because I'm currently working another fanfiction. I will add more when I'm ready to.

  • The Beginning of The End(Lucifer Fanfiction)
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    (This is mostly Deckerstar, so they won't be much Maze and Eve stuff. ) Lucifer eventually returns to earth to be with Chloe, Dromos follows him there, attempts to ruin his life to get him to come back to Hell. Will the demon's plan work? Will anyone else learn the truth about Lucifer? *This is a Fanfiction about a...

  • Lucifer; A New Beginning (fanfiction)
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    I wrote this a while ago and it's my first Fanfiction it's kind of crappy. *Lucifer and Chloe's partnership changes after Chloe sees Lucifer's true form. Lucifer's sister Azrael arrives at earth, Cain is back; -Read for more!* || Recommended reading age: 12+ || *Top rating: #1 in Cain*

  • Cameron Boyce Imagines
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    Imagines about the freckled boy Cameron Mica Boyce . DISCONTINUED- Rest In Peace Cameron 💕

  • Lucifer ~ Deckerstar Fluff
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    God is the team captain for Deckerstar just to let you know.

  • After Infinity War
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    All the survivors of Infinity War are figuring out what has happened and are coming up with their new plan to fight Thanos and bring back those they lost. Completed, with a sequel on the works.

  • Weaponizer AU Aftermath
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    What if Chloe had always believed Lucifer that he was the Devil, and what if he went to her instead of his mom. P.S I'm so terribly sorry if this is cheesy and crappy, i have no doubts about it. Also sorry its probably very ooc

  • The Hellish Truth
    6.6K 200 5

    Lucifer Morningstar's fake-ex-wife returns to L.A. seeking his help, causing Lucifer's truth to slowly be revealed to his partner: Chloe Decker.

  • The truth shall set you free
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    For all of you who has seen Lucifer and for all of you that will see it, here comes a version of what might happen when Chloe has seen Lucifer's devil face.

  • Surrender
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    "My life is yours, Detective." The devil blurted out of nowhere that made Chloe question his sanity (or insanity).

  • Deckerstar: come back I still need you
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    Deckerstar fan fic sorry it's short but I didn't have much time to night but I will update

  • Mazikeen smbq+
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    I know humans are slow, but the title is my name. Obviously it's about yours truly.

  • Lucifer: Deckerstar/Chlucifer One-Shots
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    **Based off the show 'Lucifer' that appears on FOX and more recently picking up by Netflix. All rights reserved to them. I didn't make up the characters.** Stories involving Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker. Some chapters may be cute, fluffy, and make you want to curl up into a ball of happiness. Some may be funny...

  • Collection of Deckerstar Fluff & Smut That Will Make You Flop Around Like a Fish
    90.6K 2.9K 99

    Title should explain, but just in case: This book contains one-shots of everything Deckerstar (Lucifer Morningstar x Chloe Decker) from fluff to smut and everything in between. May involve headcanon, au's, songs, etc. Feel free to give me ideas! I do not own any characters! All rights to Vertigo, Warner Bros., and Net...

  • the gallop for Miranda's Hart.
    8.8K 191 15

    Miranda makes the choice between Gary and Mike.Follow Miranda and whoever she chooses for her husband.based on the tv series Miranda.I own nothing.

  • Love In The Dark (A Deckerstar FanFiction)
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    Chloe and Lucifer are caught in a case that places Chloe's life on the line and makes Lucifer question leaving everyone and going back to being the Prince Of Darkness. Rated T for Language and Violence leading to mild Gore. "I don't think you can save me..." - Adele (Love In The Dark) Lucifer x Chloe from the Fox...

  • The Getaway
    50.3K 1.6K 19

    When Lucifer's mum threatens Chloe's life Lucifer has to jump into action and get her out of there, to a whole new place; even though it was sudden. Chloe just went with it, she trusted Lucifer after all, even though sometimes she was sure he was crazy. Trixie, Mazikeen, Chloe and Lucifer head off to Greece to flee h...

  • Heal My Wounds.
    65.8K 2K 26

    Lucifer and Chloe go undercover as husband and wife for a case, needing to track down a high class man who they suspect to be the 'Sinnerman' after a man they'd previously arrested was let out on bail and murdered in such a dark, twisted way beneath a pier. [LUCIFER] HIGHEST RANKING - #1 in deckerstar

  • Lucifer Morningstar x Reader
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    Lucifer Morningstar x Reader imagines and oneshots!

  • A little problem [Lucifer x Chloe]. -slow updates-
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    Chloe is Pregnant with Lucifer, lucifer just Wants to see Chloe, chloe can't even look him Set after 3x24 This is a fan fiction I own no rights #1 in Chloedecker ❤️ 3-12-19 #1 in Deckerstar ❤️ 4-20-19