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  • Lemon Drops & Candy Shops
    489K 29.9K 36

    ❝In which the cynical, sour-faced heartbreaker meets the cheerful candy shop cashier.❞ | What happens when she sees past his bitter exterior, and he sees through her sugarcoated surface? | A screenplay-style dialogue story with a tangy twist. Completed. Teen Fic | Romance | Short Story

  • 1.1 | constellations of you and me ✓
    223K 13.8K 36

    For Eloise Park, the lines of glittering love and golden jupiter always seem to blurred. Maybe Jonah Kim can help find what's missing before it's too late.

    Completed   Mature
  • Under the Same Sky ✓
    9.2K 787 12

    Sometimes we're all too drenched in our own problems to realize others are drowning, too.

  • DEAD STARS | ✓
    4.9K 580 24

    i didn't learn her name. i don't think i want to. © 2019 by kylie / outerworlds

  • Half Empty
    4.8K 279 7

    You're going to have to save yourself. [formerly titled 'avery.'] © 2020 caterina george // all rights reserved

  • Remember Me Not
    37.3K 3.5K 40

    "I can't remember what happened that night. I'm not talking slippery details or fuzzy-edged visions; I mean a complete and utter blackout. Like I wasn't even there. Except... I know I was." Since the death of her boyfriend six months ago, Morgan Cain's life is spiralling out of control. She didn't mean to stay away fr...

  • Out of the Woods | ✓
    9.7K 877 38

    ❝I WANT TO BE YOUR OFFSCREEN KISSES TOO.❞ ━ In which Jensen Rhodes wasn't supposed to be famous and Miles Fox wasn't supposed to be anything but. © Jordin Verona, 2019 | first draft, undergoing editing complete | 110,000-115,000 words trailer by brookieismyname PREVIOUSLY TITLED: SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT third place i...

  • A Guide on How to Love Jules Everett
    52.3K 4K 34

    ❝I have here a guide on how to love Jules Everett. If you're desperate, I don't mind sharing it with you for a small fee.❞ ♔ ♔ ♔ Jules Everett had always been rather picky with love. There were too many rules set when searching for her 'ideal other half'. Hence, it wasn't a surprise when the school's troublemaker conf...

  • The Whys of Us
    146K 12K 61

    Rhysand, Everything is in here. I'm sorry I stole them. Your hoodie, your cologne, your earrings, your college shirt and all your other shirts, your watch. The key to this house. I'm not giving you back your lighter. Here's a lollipop instead. If I forgot anything, let me know. - Andy

    Completed   Mature
  • Nobody
    385K 21.8K 53

    • WATTPAD FEATURED STORY (18.04.2018 - Hot Off The Press) • THE FICTION AWARDS 2018 BEST CHICKLIT STORY • WATTPAD HQ'S PICK OF THE MONTH (March 2021) Gail Westbrook meets a nobody and her life changes forever. 2018 - 2020 © beautlies

    Completed   Mature
  • Fitoor | ✓
    224K 21.4K 43

    One snowy night, one dead body, one alive, two hearts; and three fates to change forever.