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  • The Alpha's queen | jjk.kth
    466K 36K 57

    "You had the chance to say 'no' to this offer, because you didn't, I'm now stuck with you. I didn't ask for this bullshit", he growls. "Well I didn't either", I whisper. A story about an Omega werewolf and an Alpha werewolf who both lost their mates and are forced to marry and mate each others. 𝔞 𝔱𝔞𝔢𝔨𝔬𝔬𝔨 𝔣𝔞�...

  • Photobomb [Taekook au]
    2.3M 92.2K 96

    [A social media AU] Up and rising Korean model Kim Taehyung didn't realize the circumstances of an innocent picture he posted on his twitter, only when he started getting more and more comments about a certain famous idol that happened to photobomb his picture unintentionally, known by the name Jeon jungkook.

  • HIM | VKOOK ✓
    3.5M 201K 114

    ❝i want him and only him❞ where model kim taehyung realizes he needs jeon jeongguk more than he thought after viewing his current relationship on instagram. an instagram vkook fanfic. REACHED 50k | 061118 REACHED 1M | 011318 HIGHEST RANK #35

  • 1995 | VKOOK ✓
    407K 30.4K 45

    Oblivious to the toxicity in Park Jimin's friendship, Kim Taehyung gives him his all. © Bangtanlover95

    Completed   Mature
  • Angel; Taekook
    3.1K 216 3

    in which kim taehyung takes in a homeless boy named jeongguk. verysoft

  • mute ; vkook
    461K 25.7K 14

    mute adjective 1. refraining from speech or temporarily speechless.

  • Once a Fanboy || Vkook
    2.3M 95.6K 42

    ❝ Once a fanboy, always a fanboy. ❞ They said. ❝ No. ❞ I said. ❝ Just once a fanboy... ❞ | 2016 |

  • Ambulance 》 Taekook/Vkook ✔
    1.7M 70.9K 169

    Taekook CRACK! au where Taehyung is a paramedic, new to his job. He's not used to it quite yet, hitting Jeon Jungkook with an ambulance just proves it. Little did he know, the person he just hit was no other than "koo-koo", his close mutual on twitter who he has never seen before. C O M P L E T E D ✔ • Side yoonmin ~...

  • Roommate; Taekook
    1.8K 120 2

    his mind was wonderfully tainted, a beauty surrounded by dark clouds and wicked figures. a smile grew across his face as a trail of blood trickled down his cheek. he loved it. © Innxcently notyouraveragetaekookstory.

  • Chivalry Is Dead | Taekook
    439K 22.7K 33

    CHIVALRY IS DEAD | TAEKOOK [2020 VERSION] [Under Heavy Editing & Rewriting] Somewhere between 'fuck you' and 'I'd fuck you.' Somewhere between 'go fuck yourself' and 'no, wait, let me do it.' GOLDENCLOSETFICS © 2018 Genre(s): enemies-to-lovers au, romcom, drama, angst, mature themes.

  • Daddy's boy - Taekook *discontinued*
    221K 8.5K 18

    Jungkook is taehyung's kidnapper... "No one will hurt you" - j.jk "I know " - *discontinued* Top - kook Bottom - tae

    Completed   Mature
  • KISS PRANK. ᵛᵏᵒᵒᵏ
    32.7K 2.1K 4

    ❝kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute. wanna work out?❞ ᵛᵏᵒᵒᵏ in which jungkook, owner of a national well-known kissing prank channel, stumbles upon the cold, dominant-reeking psychiatrist kim taehyung. ©kooksbuttocks 2017 | on-going

  • Baby Boy | A TaeKook FF | Social Media AU (Complete)
    127K 3.9K 36

    Baby Boy | A BTS FF (TaeKook/VKook) | A Multimedia Story / Social Media AU • • • "Don't be fooled by my baby face. I promise I'm not as innocent as I look..." -Jungkook. • • • • • Jungkook spends most of his time charming and chasing after pretty girls. Being a full-time playboy keeps him busy, but above all, it has...

    200K 8.8K 19

    god, jeongguk hates highschool. a taekook fic. © / eli, barbiegoo (2018)

  • ❛ Instagram ❜ - TAEKOOK ✔
    5M 178K 164

    ❝Who else noticed Jungkook of BTS liked this post?❞ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ Whereby Jungkook notices Taehyung on Instagram and picks interest immediately.

    Completed   Mature
  • Orphan | Vkook
    2M 99.4K 14

    " I just want a family.. I don't want to be alone anymore " - Taehyung

  • Vkook | ROOMMATE TWO
    150K 6.1K 4

    Roommate Two "All you say are lies, lies, and lies."

  • meanie; kv
    304K 13.3K 46

    ❝you still haven't showed me any constellations, you meanie!❞ take a peak into the married life of the nerd, jeon taehyung and the meanie, jeon jeongguk. top!gguk bttm!tae •[sequel to ❝nerd❞]• •(lowercase intended)• started: 25/05/2019 ended: dd/mm/yyyy

  • friends; kv
    49.1K 2.3K 15

    ❝we're friends.❞ ❝but friends don't look at each other the way you both do.❞ where everyone except taehyung and jeongguk can see the mutual love between them. started: 23/05/2019 ended: dd/mm/yyyy

    577K 38.1K 36

    When Kim Taehyung's 'intimate' video accidentally gets sent to the jerk Jeon Jeongguk, he must do what the other says to get the video deleted. © Bangtanlover95

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding Love In Paradise || Vkook
    1.3M 47.1K 25

    BTS go to Hawaii for a fanmeet and 1 month vacation. Will Taehyung and Jungkook be able to confess their true feelings for eachother?