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  • My Little Nerd 📕🕷🕸📕
    12.1K 105 6

    Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste X Nerd, Shy, Depress (a little) Reader You was a happy good sprites child when you was 6 year old, you was very smart and had a wonderful life with your all you best friends, and Mom and Dad, until.... A terrible car crash had happen killing both of your parents... And at that time and place e...

  • The Black Cat And Snow Leopard
    7.9K 182 10

    (Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste X Reader) This is a love story for you and Chat Noir, but be prepared because there may well be unfortunate words and maybe more things. But there we'll be warning signs ⚠⚠⚠⚠ So I hope you enjoy it

  • Is She Good, Bad, Or Both?
    24.2K 453 13

    Chat Noir/Adrien X Bad Reader (or.... Maybe not?) There well be unfortunate words, maybe lemon or fluff/smut, but there be warning signs for you ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Please enjoy this story

  • Chat Noir x Reader One-Shots
    1M 22.1K 115

    (This book is completed) Hello, miraculous fandom! I'm Artemis and I'll be writing Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste x Reader One-Shots! I really hope you enjoy these and if you want to suggest any I would be over the moon to create something for you. All you gotta do is ask! Thanks for choosing this book and have fun. ♥ (P.s...

  • C O R R U P T | Vampire Chat Noir x Reader (Two books in one)
    13.7K 422 65

    ♡ Completed| You are known as The Shadow Hunter, and he was known as Chat Noir. Chat and you are both the great-and-famously-known duo for protecting the streets of Paris. Chat Noir and you both keep your identities a secret: You're a hero by day, but one of the many vampire hunters by night- a secret nobody knows...

  • His Obsession | Yandere! Chat Noir x Reader✅
    108K 2.4K 80

    | HOT LIST IN 'NEKO' AND 'NEKOXREADER'| Completed| ♡ A homeless Chat Noir was constantly thought of as an mentally ill man who dressed up as a cat. People would stay out of his way, not even allowing their children go near him. He went through a lot, as someone who calls his large piece of flattened cardboard by the c...

  • Love From Paris (ON HIATUS)
    7.5K 403 17

    (Y/N) is a helpless teen who believes in happy endings. She lives in France and awaits patiently her knight in shining armour. Being a high school student though sometimes shatters her dreams and hopes with all the stress, so she has a pen-pal who lives in Paris, which is miles away from her and with his help, she fin...

  • The Cat Of My Eye || Adrien Agreste X Reader
    8.1K 78 14

    MARVELOUS LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR!! I'm into this thing ·Fairy I'm not :D ·Efrain Rewriting,

  • [Miraculous Ladybug x Akumatized!Reader]: Sadness
    266K 9.1K 35

    A story about a girl, Y/N L/N. After becoming akumatized by Hawkmoth, but having no actual goal, she becomes the greatest Akuma that Hawkmoth has ever had, as well as the most danger to Paris. **The picture isn't mine, miraculous isn't mine... The only thing that's mine is the plot lol

  • Shattered (A Chat Blanc Fic)
    7.2K 123 13

    When Chat Noir's feelings are rejected by Ladybug, he doesn't take it well and he gets akumatized. Now all he feels is hate. Will Ladybug be able to save him and win his heart over or will she lose her miraculous and her best friend forever?

  • Certain Akuma {Cat Noir X Reader}
    436K 15.1K 103

    Y/N is akumatized into Stressora when schoolwork and her sibling gets to her. When she's defeated it's night so Cat Noir takes her home so she'll be safe, since Ladybug is about to detransform. On the way home Y/N tells Cat Noir how much she admires him. Flattered, he continues to visit and may develop feelings. But w...

  • The Red Rose and Black Cat: A Chat Noir x Reader fanfic
    671 22 5

    Y/N is having the best time ever. She and her family just moved to Paris and things are already exciting. While there she discovers the miraculous (see what I did there) superheroes that protect the city. A certain black cat just happens to discover this beauty (Yes, you are beautiful [Yes in actual life. Not just i...

  • Found You [Chat Noir x Reader] [Rewriting - Hiatus]
    6.8K 169 15

    You live in Paris alone. No clue to who your family is. But you hate Chat Noir and still find yourself falling for him. Will you Love him or Will you kill him?

  • The White Miraculous User (Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir X Reader)
    34.1K 1K 5

    In Paris, there are two junior high high school Miraculous users. Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng. But what if there was a white Miraculous user that came along? A user that lives alone. A user that's a girl. Well apparently it's you, (Y/N) (L/N). And her Kwami is Shiro. When she under goes transformation s...

  • My Duty To Find The Kitty (Adrien X Reader)
    49.5K 1.5K 30

    "Fine I'm 14" "I'm 13 turning 14 in September" You had Chat Noir meet under rainy circumstances, him being a 'cat' he doesn't like the rain, you just moved into Paris to live with your mother after your father had died in a car crash. You find that you're going to the same school as Chat, so you've found it your soul...

  • 'Sinful Chat' Book 2
    104K 3.3K 13

    The sequel of Naughty Chat. After the hardships of getting together and keeping friends, (Y/n) and Adrien think it's finally over with the exception of saving victims of the Akuma. But it's only beginning, not only for the couple but for our favorite tomato child, Nathanael, as well.

  • Sadistic Dominant (Chat Noir/Adrien x Reader...WARNING-Smut!)
    528K 8.7K 20

    Chat Noir is Paris' superhero. Everyone knows this for a fact. But do they know the history of Chat Noir? Chat Noir is said to be a flirty and the dominant one. But do you know the real him? It is said that every Chat Noir in the past had a "Sadistic Dominant" as the cat kwami likes to call it. Every past Chat Noir ha...

  • You're One Of A Kind [Chat Noir X Reader]
    2.1K 84 22

    Humans. Demons. Good. Evil. Light. Dark. Ever since the shadows of Hawkmoth have come to Paris everyone has done bad things. Specifically in the Agreste family. There are secrets in every corner that the new generation of Agrestes are determined to find out. y/n and Adrien bring into the world four children; Venice an...

  • The French Kitty Cat (Random Adrian Agreste/Chat Noir x Reader Inserts)
    58.8K 1.5K 13

    Simply random ideas I have had floating around in my mind. None of them are connected plot wise unless I specify! Prendre plaisir~! I also accept requests! Message me! I'll give you credit for the idea in the chapter! *cough* Yes, I also do lemons *cough* You guys will have to tell me if you want one of those! XD M...

  • Agreste Brothers x reader fan fiction (hiatus)
    35.6K 706 19

    Adriens p.o.v Felix was finally coming home, father had decided it would be better if felix left his private school to join my school with me, he was only a year older than me and would be in the same year/grade as me. A new school year was starting, I'm so excited to see my friends and introduce Felix to them, I'm no...

  • Mon Cœur, Mon Âme, Mon Amour (Adrian Agreste/Chat Noir x Reader Fanfiction)
    15.2K 585 27

    When you moved to Paris from America, you were akumatized and saved by the famous heroes Ladybug and Chat Noir. Ever since that day, the black cat visited you almost every night. The two of you clicked, becoming very close. You developed feelings towards the flirtatious feline, little did you know that the feelings we...

  • Mine and ONLY Mine (Yandere Adrien Agreste/ Chat Noir x Reader)
    9.3K 196 3

    I love (Y/n), plain and simple. Though it's not so 'plain and simple' to other people. They can't seem to get it through their heads that I want her all to myself. If they won't learn then they'll have to be taken care of... I'll be the one to ensure that it's done right. If you want something done right, do it yourse...

  • I Found My Prince Charming (Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir x reader)
    139K 3.9K 22

    (Y/n)'s mom works for Gabriel Agreste as a fashion designer, which led to their children becoming best friends. Now they are in the 10th grade and (Y/n) starts to feel uneasy around him... Her heart beats faster... Her face becomes hot... She feels uncomfortable around him yet wants to stay... She soon realizes that s...

  • Are We More Than Just Friend's? (Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste X Reader)
    116K 2.7K 25

    Hi, this is my first story. (Y/N) and Adrien has always been friends. (Y/N) has a kwami name , Snowflake or Snow for short, Snow love Hershey's Cookies'n'Creme.Snow is a white wolf.When (Y/N) was in 4th grade she move to (Y/H/T), Adrien was sad because she was his first love.

  • It's alright, I'm here|| Chat Noir x Reader
    95.4K 2.2K 58

    Y/N moved to Paris from New York. She just didn't know a certain tomcat would steal her heart. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Miraculous Ladybug and its characters. I only own the storyline and the characters I created.

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweet Hearts
    62.4K 1.7K 13

    A Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste X Reader fan fic y/n is a quirky, fiesty, and goofy 6 yr old girl, that lives in Paris and goes to an elemantary school there, she has a little group of friends at school Adrien, Marinette, Ayla, and Nathaniel. They usually just play during recess and do whatever little kids do. y/n's paren...

  • The Real Me (Chat Noir x Reader)
    417K 10K 23

    You grew up in Paris France and have been born with an astonishing talent for singing. This talent lead to you being a singing sensation in France. You have also grown up, knowing that you are the hero of France. Your name is Snowstorm. But this all changes when some new heroes appear, and you have to work with them. ...

  • ❤️(-!-Falling-!-)❤️Chat noir x reader
    113K 3.3K 24

    You have been livening in Paris for a long time and you know about chat noir and ladybug, and yes you are a little obsessed with them, but you never thought you'd fight beside them as "rusé"

  • Dead Secrets {Chat Noir x Reader} Book 2
    3.2K 91 9

    You finally have almost everything back to normal, when something happens or, someone. Kyle. Your supposably dead brother. He has his share of secrets. Some of them may be out to get you too. But what about Hawkmoth? He is still waiting for the right time. The right time to get you or even Kyle. What about someone ne...