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  • Camp Alpha (BoyxBoy)
    1.8M 83.7K 32

    {Completed} Every year the future Alpha's get together in cities all over the world. This isn't a party, this is training. For five weeks the future Alpha's train in combat from the best and gain knowledge from experts. Nate King didn't expect anything to be different about this camp. That was until he crossed paths...

  • Moving Forward
    715K 31.8K 48

    Just coming home from his time in Afghanistan, Marine Max Waters is surprised to find his partner with another man. Now, forced to uproot himself, Max finds himself in a little town where there seems to be an abundance of wolves in the woods. Not to mention the gorgeous Kyle River - who's name seems more than a little...

  • Then there was you [BXB]
    4.8M 247K 61

    When Jacob is transferred to a new school he bumps into Grey- a cold, distant boy who everyone is attracted too (including Jacob). However, as Jacob tries to catch Grey's attention he finds himself in the middle of threatening situations as he battles against the school's bully to win Grey's heart.

    Completed   Mature
  • Good as Grey (Man x Man) ✔️
    3.7M 144K 40

    WARNING: Mature content such as harsh language and sexual encounters. ---------------- "Name" he says, not even bothering to make eye contact with me. "Finn" I mumble nervously. "What?" "Finn" I say a bit louder. "Well first of all Finnegan, I don't like to repeat myself. Is that clear?" "Crystal"

    Completed   Mature
  • Coffee & Nerves (boyxboy)
    1.5M 62.7K 33

    NEW VERSION IS PUBLISHED "He squints his eyes at me with an intense glare that makes me squirm. I don't know if it's the intense pain in my shoulder or his stare, but something sends a shiver down my spine. I have now extended to my full height and look up to realize this guy is towering over me, not looking too happy...

  • I Hate You (girlxgirl)
    2.3M 68.7K 44

    This is a girlxgirl story. June Parker absolutely hated Adrienne Andrews. She's hated her ever since Adrienne pushed her down the stairs in the second grade, ratted her out for cheating on a history test in the fourth, and especially when she stole the deserving title of volleyball captain from her. Adrienne Andrews...

    Completed   Mature
  • Curves | ONC 2020 Shortlist
    85.5K 7.4K 33

    When your girlfriend gives you a gym membership for your birthday, your relationship is probably doomed. Too bad Jenny didn't realize this before proposing. Rejection stings, but it's the catalyst Jenny needs to move her stagnant life forward. For Juliana, well-padded women frequenting the gym she works at are potenti...

  • You Distract Me
    734K 24K 57

    "I need you to stop staring, it's turning me on." ☘ Olivia Ryans hasn't got the ability to resist the tall and gorgeous CEO of the successful Reyvox Records Company, thus causing her to question her definite sexuality. Those devastating hazel eyes seem to find her wherever she...

  • Chemistry
    3.6M 105K 48

    The school knows Ezra as the mysterious badass who always speaks her mind, but the truth is that she is barely holding on. She is forced to work long hours to support herself and her depressed mother and just wants to be reassured and loved by someone. Avery is the smart quiet girl in the back of the class who is way...

  • Supervillain Girlfriend
    144K 6.7K 41

    It's not every day that you get kidnapped on the first date. But then again, not every girl is Charlie Delacqua. The daughter of a millionaire who made his fortune off of Superhero technology, it was really only a matter of time until someone put a price on her head. She soon finds herself at the mercy of...

  • Eventually
    791K 32.7K 20

    Arthur and Freddie have what we'll call an unusual relationship. Half-naked sleepovers, borrowing each-other's boxers, and the occasional unexpected wank session. But don't worry, no homo exists for a reason, and it's one of their favourites. Best friends, no benefits, and a whole lot of strings attached. But their...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lockwood Academy Rivals
    1M 37K 27

    [BoyxBoy Romance] Freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Those are the years that Evan and Christian have known each other. Those are the years that they have hated each other. Or maybe not. ~ ~ ~ Evan Reed expects his senior year to be like a...

  • My Southern Belle (Lesbian Stories)
    3.7M 113K 85

    Chloe Ellison 25 and is a second grade teacher from Texas. When she's not teaching her students 4×4, she riding her horses. The only problem is that her family is always on her back about finding a "nice guy". Valentine Dexter is a 26 year old soldier in the army from New York. Her family is also always on her back ab...

  • My Tiger [BxB]
    1.3M 55.6K 40

    Being new to the school and constantly jumping in to situations that don't concern him is really going to get him killed. Especially if the so called Tiger is involved. Highest Ranking: #1 in Category: Fluff 06/01/2019 #1 in Category: Self Discovery 14/01/2019 Book Cover Credit: @PeachyCrream

    Completed   Mature
  • The CEO's Kryptonite (boyxboy) ✓
    5.3M 209K 57

    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" •• Christian Ivonov, CEO of Ivonov enterprises, had always been the best at fucking things up. Whether it be relationships, or company connections, nothing was too far out of his reach to ruin. Alexander Hamilton had always been the best at fixing things. Computers...

  • Forbidden Love (Book One)
    591K 14.5K 39

    "Are you mine?" I asked. "I don't know." She replied. Without thinking I pushed her back against the bed and spread her legs apart as I fit myself between her. I captured her surprised mouth in mine as I kissed her with every breath I possessed. I wanted her to belong to me. My hands slowly massaged their way up her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Right? ✔
    739K 46.3K 38

    [BXB] in which a boy leaves his love letters in the wrong person's locker. ↬ Kairo Alden has been pining for fellow classmate Alexandria Miller for as long as he can remember. Finally, with some persuasion from his friends, he decides to step out of his comfort zone and leave love letters in her locker. Only problem...

  • Playing for the Other Team [Old Version]
    3M 109K 41

    **THIS IS AN OLD VERSION OF THE STORY** **PLEASE READ THE "BEFORE YOU READ" FOR MORE INFORMATION** Nathan Bone is the prime example of a popular guy. Team captain of the basketball team, handsome, rich and capable of getting any girl he'd ever want. The only problem is that he doesn't really want just any girl. In fa...

  • Falling For Him [bxb] ✔️
    751K 33.8K 26

    Axel Hunter hated Will Anderson. The two don't exactly see eye to eye, though that's to be expected of the two most popular boys in their high school, both extremely competitive and sarcastic. So, when the baseball team vandalizes the basketball team's state trophies, they successfully catch the attention of the prin...

  • CARVALLE: School Of Psychopaths [BxB] 18+
    5.2M 229K 73

    "Let's play a game. If you win, we'll answer all of your questions." "If I lose?" "You become our toy." "Are you crazy?" "Isn't that the reason we're here?" CARVALLE DETENTION INSTITUTE: a high security school funded by the wealthiest Mafia to ever exist, meant to house only the world's most dangerous delinquents. M...

  • Taking the Leap
    154K 7.8K 37

    Achilles is used to a life with rules and structure. Being attracted to men doesn't fit into what he considers structured. But he's used to burying things deep down, and this is just another item on the list. Xander crosses into his life, and he's completely outside the rules and the opposite of structure. Something...

  • CARVALLE: School of Supernaturals [BxB] 18+
    1.7M 109K 61

    "D-did you just collar me?" "Because you're being a bítch, yeah..." He was then pinned to the wall. "Now, you're my bítch." "What if I don't want to be, fúcker?!" "Funny you think you can do whatever you want in my territory." He felt a hot, intoxicating breath in his ears, triggering warmth inside of him. "Now, on yo...

  • Boy in the Mist (Vampire BoyxBoy)
    351K 15.3K 31

    It was a gloomy town, sure, but Isaac didn't think much of it. He laughed off the myths, dismissed the graveyard, and pushed away his thoughts of anything supernatural. He was pretty damn stupid to do that, though. (BoyxBoy, Vampires)

  • Mate Massacres
    2.3M 149K 82

    (BOOK 1 - Mate Series) A merciless Alpha, notorious for hunting the mates of his enemies, uses loneliness to his advantage until his mate arrives, starting England's biggest wolf hunt. Krey Graymer is heartless and feared by many. As the new Alpha of the most powerful pack in the country, Krey rules the only way he kn...

  • Blind Date Gone Wrong (WayHaught Fanfic)
    69.3K 2.3K 35

    [HIGHEST RANK #1 - wayhaught - August 2020 #13 - #rainbow - May 2020 #1 - #waverly - June 2020 #1 - #nicolehaught - June 2020] "You've got to be kidding me." Those were the insulting little words thrown by the petite short girl with wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. If Nicole would just set aside the degrading tone she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deathly Desire *english*
    38.4K 1.6K 39

    {completed} Can you love someone, if he is everything you've learned to hate? Two boys, two secrets, and a deathly love, that's trying to survive Miles Lancaster seems to be a normal teenager, but he has a secret. His family hunts vampires. But suddenly all the travelling and staying in motels has come to an end, when...

  • Little words
    11K 585 16

    Ivy Matthews never thought she would ever fall in love. Love was something she would read about in books and watch on the TV, it all seemed a bit fictional. One day a chance meeting with someone close to home changes everything Ivy ever knew about herself.

  • I Fell In Love With My Best Friend (Wilder Series #1)
    616K 14.9K 46

    Aspen Bailey is what everyone would refer to as a nerd. She wears black rimmed glasses and a high ponytail, She never shows more skin than necessary, and she constantly has her face in a book. Her classmates either envy her or despise her because she's best friends with the most popular girl in school. Charlotte Wilde...

    Completed   Mature
  • Best BxB stories!
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    For completed gay books.No spoilers. Please vote,comment and follow.