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  • Six Books Reviews
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    I have participated in so many awards as a judge. Also, my books have been submitted to many awards. So I think, I understand what's expected grammatically, plot-wise and the general outlook of how to arrange each chapter, plot-twists, drama to pick the interests of your readers and keep them glued to their chairs. Bu...

  • the castle awards | the 2019 season
    1K 144 11

    [•] open [] judging [] closed let's do this again shall we? {but maybe better this time} currently needing both judges and participants for ALL catogorys

  • KrizAnne's Fiction Awards
    4.3K 337 15

    {Open} {Judging🔹} {Closed} KrizAnne's Fiction Awards 2019. K.F.A is a new and exciting innovation for writers and their unique works. Fine reward for Talent and Passion. Enter now.

  • K.G. Summer Season Awards 2019
    10.6K 1.6K 13

    ♥OPEN for judges and participants♥ -Fantasy, teenfic, poetry, fanfiction, vampire/werewolf and romance are full!!! P.S. if your book is suitable for any other genre, then submit there. A huge Summer Award for all the undiscovered authors. Here the brightest stars are produced *wink, wink* Enter and become a Super Summ...

  • The Creativity Awards 2019 {JUDGING}
    12.3K 1K 43

    OPEN {X} JUDGING {√} CLOSED {X} Welcome back to The Creativity Awards part two! Our first awards went amazingly, thanks to everyone who joined us! Now we're back better than last time with more prizes like Special awards and Peer Pick. More categories such as Fan Fiction and Adventure and more opportunities! These Awa...

  • inkedgem Awards!! [Open]
    15.2K 1.1K 14

    Inkedgem is an awards book set up to help those undiscovered writers here in wattpad! we are writers like you, all we want to do is to help you succeed! join us now and let's help you shine!

  • The 2019 Magic Awards (On Hold)
    4K 235 3

    Awards 2019 WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW ENTRIES! Cover by Graphic Admin @BlacksmithGraphics

  • The Small Writers Awards 2019 |Closed|
    1.2K 138 5

    These are the awards for the best wattpad writers, who are yet to make their big break in the wattpad community. Nominate yourself or your favourite small writers. Good Luck

  • The Midnight Coffee Awards 2019 [CLOSED]
    10K 836 39

    Open () Judging (✔️) Closed (✔️) Re-open For Entries ()