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  • Aria and Aubrey { A TLS} : Book Two
    31.1K 870 39

    Two years ago, everything came crashing down before Aria. She lost her one true love to infidelity, her best friend to her crazy ass ex, and the right to feel protected against the one person she loved until the ends of the earth. After recovering from the pain and the heartache a year afterwards, Aria found herself i...

  • Acceptance.
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  • ~Chasing The Good Life~ (ON HOLD)
    3.7K 62 6

    Leilani Winters is an eighteen year old stripper who has dreams of living the fast life in Hollywood as a choreographer for it's biggest celebrities. After having a rough childhood and being taken under the wing of her boss/father figure Hank Philips, dancing is all Leilani knows how to do. After an unexpected tragedy...

  • Loving A Criminal
    7.4K 201 16

  • Aria and Aubrey {A True Love Story}
    51.9K 1.2K 37

    It is said that true love can conquer any and all things...but is it true? Follow the twisted love journey between Aria King and her true love Aubrey Drake Graham as they encounter obstacles at every turn in their lives. Their love is a strong as can be...right? Table of Contents: -Chapter One:Unforgettable -Chapter T...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Ranting Book
    7.5K 376 40

    Ranting about stuff that people can relate to. That's what makes everything worth dealing with. Right?

  • Escaping Reality
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  • Sammi's Girl- {ON HOLD}
    5.6K 145 19

    Sammi's Girl follows the journal entries of Sammi Williams as she continues to bounce back and forth between telling her crush, "Her",( read to have the name revealed ;) ) how she feels about her while still trying to keep the fact that she's gay in the shadows. This is a story about love, betrayal, and the fight to s...

  • #ProjectHolocaust2023
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    Holocaust Has Been Re-Vamped. 2023.