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  • Fight Code
    1M 38.1K 53

    Being the daughter to one of the most experienced fighters known is a hard task, never mind being the younger sister to five very protective brothers. Riae has wanted to work in the fight industry since she was a little girl, but girls don't fight...don't train and can't be with the big dogs. When her father finally g...

    Completed   Mature
  • 0.1 | The Bad Boy and The Cheerleader |✔|
    5M 159K 60

    Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction - 29/04/18 ~~ Annabella Stone lived in a normal house, in a normal town with a normal family. She was quite a shy girl yet she loved to cheerlead. She studied hard and spent time with her friends. She was normal. Or so that's what everyone thought. What they didn't know was that the...

  • The Animals Have Come to Play (Completed) (unedited)
    58.2K 2.9K 36

    At the age of 7, Ariadne had her family's necklace stolen from her. Without that, her wolf and powers became hard to manage. Now at the age of 18, she still has troubles controlling them. Moving to a small town in Minnesota, Ariadne meets the one thing she never expected to see. Another Pureblood family. Cynric Nanik...

  • Playing With The Alpha
    1.1M 36.6K 83

    Taking in everything he said. Did I really want to start something I knew wouldn't last? I still wanted to get back at Randi. If he could claim someone who wasn't his mate why couldn't Zayne? I didn't care anymore, I wanted revenge. I wanted the alpha to feel the same intense torment as I do "You do know how marking w...

  • Bound To My King
    30.4K 1K 8

    He chose me, between a crowd of thousands of people knowing I wouldn't be able to say no. Now I'm bound to him and he's my king.

    986K 34.6K 79

    Prowess (ˈpraʊɪs) 1. Outstanding or superior skill or ability. 2. Bravery or fearlessness, esp in battle. The Prowess - Title chosen and given to the first female Alphress, in the history of werewolves. In man's world being taken seriously is a struggle. In an Alpha dominated world, being taking seriously as a femal...

  • Inhumane
    18.5K 1.2K 19

    What once was a harmless fascination for a species of wild animals became a hatred that ran deep through her blood. That beloved field journal and thoughtful pencils exchanged for guns and snares. Her father made sure she knew everything to know about wolves, before she got to kill them. Paige Baylor was raised to hun...

  • Binary Love (18+)
    101K 4.4K 35

    Nova Williams lives and works on the space station in Delta Quadrant Four. She spends most of her time keeping to herself and working on developing new designs for her sexbot company. When one of Nova's androids get returned by a regular customer, she makes it a priority to figure out what's making her Mark 3 Model ac...

  • Princess? No, thank you.
    212K 8.5K 12

    Highest Rank: 61 in Werewolf Rae Walker-daughter of an Alpha. Instead of going shopping, she likes to train with the warriors. Instead of wearing a dress, she likes to wear a hoodie and Jeans. Instead of walking in heels, she was in love with her sneakers. Rae was everything but not a princess. Austin Reed-soon to b...

  • My Alpha, My Savior
    4.9K 126 26

    "Quit it before I turn you on" He said. "Baby~" I cooed. "Wha-what are you doing!" I yelped backing up. "I told you to stop, but you didn't. Now it's my turn to turn YOU on." He insisted. "N-no thanks!" I added tripping on the bed, falling on my back. He crawled on top of me and kissed my collar bone and....I moaned...

  • Mr Alpha and the Hybrid
    33K 805 18

    Seraphina. She is just a normal girl. Or so she thought. What happens when her emotions gets the best or her. Some secrets will be revealed that she didn't even know of. What happens whe jer parents send her off. She starts over. Trying to keep her past behind but will the past stay hidden. ...

  • Rouge of the Lands, Alpha of her Heart
    69.6K 1.6K 33

    Becca knew no other life than the life of Chains and Pain. Aidan never knew true love until Her. Becca is the kindest soul you could meet. But that all changed when her pack was attacked and taken over. She lost her father and her freedom. All hopes of finding her mate is pretty much lost and so she cages her heart A...

  • Mated To The Alpha King
    609K 18.7K 42

    "Every King Needs His Queen." • • • • • Jade Collins is a werewolf, the daughter of an Alpha. She's strong unlike any normal werewolf and it's because she is a Yin Yang Wolf. The cocky and unmated Alpha King, Ryder Mathews, comes to Jade's pack, the Lunar Shadow Pack, which is the strongest pack there is. When Jade fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stolen Moon (A Werewolf Novel)
    334K 20.2K 46

    Antiope Everstone wants to be the first female Beta in the Northern American region. To get that, she needs her father's blessing. To get that, she needs to have a mate. A quiet, nice boy that cooks and stays out of her way while she makes her dream come true. The last thing she needs in her life is Magnus. Magnus is...

  • Isabella
    184K 5.2K 28

    "How much do I pay to get a lap dance like that?" He asked standing behind the stunning girl wearing only a lace thong and bra with matching heels that put her to his tall 6'2. The beautiful girl didn't say anything to him just motioned for him to fallow her. He intensely watched her back side as she walked. She walke...

  • Melody's Splendour
    30.8K 853 16

    Age restriction: 21 years and above. Melody falls for a much older mafia Don from Spain while he is in her country, South Africa. They come from very different backgrounds and their passion for each other burns strong. #50 age gap #12 intimacy

  • Wanting Silver
    70K 2.2K 16

    "Yes sir" she moaned breathlessly. "Good girl" he whispered, glancing at his brother, "You're OURS" Silver Deveaux was running. Running from her horrid past. Deciding to settle down in New York, she wants a new life for herself, and to lay-low for a while. What she didn't expect was a hot boss. Scratch that. Twin hot...

  • Princess (BWWM, DDLG story)
    47.6K 820 28

    She was full of light and was so pure. While him on the other hand, he was a bit dark and twisted in his own way. What happens when these to share the same interests but from different point of views? Will they be together forever or was it all wrong from the beginning?

  • Hidden obsession
    133K 5.1K 41

    20 year old Monae Atlantic is a stripper who doesn't take shit from no one. She's going to school during the day and dance at night. She got a mouth in her and doesn't care, she's just having fun. 28 year old Grant Slivers was cold hearted and mean. He started a business at the age of 25 and became top 5 billionaire...

  • Mine At First Sight
    88K 9.6K 30

    °2020 RCA Winner° [EXTRACT]: "You are a forbidden taste of truth in this illusion that I am trapped in..." -------------------------------------------------- * ᴀ ꜰᴀɴᴛᴀꜱʏ-ʀᴏᴍᴀɴᴄᴇ ᴡᴇʀᴇᴡᴏʟꜰ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ * -------------------------------------------------- [BLURB]: The Malvar Empire has a fixed social structure. At 18...

  • The Alpha Saw Me Naked | On Hold
    579K 27.1K 33

    Highest rating: #45 in werewolf - -CURRENTLY ON HOLD. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.- "You are mine, Ari." He said, growling in my neck. "Mine to touch, worship, love, admire and spoil." His arms went around my waist and he pinned my against the wall, burying his face in my neck. He bit my neck playfully and I gasped, clenching...

  • Oriehn
    28.7K 7.4K 48

    He kneaded his lips together. "You are not a warden," He croaked. At hearing his voice, raspy from underuse, I stilled but nevertheless nodded. He visibly gulped, as if the air was choking him, "But you are not human either." ********** Alice Proctor's world is dictated by two vital aspects- survival and revenge. A li...

  • The Woodcarver
    38.8K 1.7K 10

    Name - Sloane Maxwell. Detective Maxwell to most Sex - Female Age - 24 Hair colour - Blonde Eye colour - Blue Height - 5"7 Occupation - Police officer Motive - Wants to protect To find the truth. ~.~.~.~ Name - Unknown/The Woodcarver Sex - Male Age - n/a Hair colour - n/a Eye colour - n/a Height - Said to be around 6"...

  • Book 2 of Kingdom Cum /A Fairy Queen tale
    2.6K 61 5

    Born into a Royal family the only girl in the set of quadruplets is destined to become the Fairy Queen. She and her brothers are the latest hope in trying to break a curse cast upon the land over 1800 years ago. This story will tell you her version of growing up with that kind of pressure on her, knowing she could he...

  • Taken In The Woods ✔
    519K 17.7K 24

    Riley Griffiths finds herself stranded after her car breaks down in the remote town of Bear Creek. The locals warn her about not taking walks alone in the woods. After a nasty scare down by the lake, she decides to take their advice and steer clear. Checking in to a motel to make base till the morning, Riley settles...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beast
    22.5K 1.1K 8

    The transition of man-to-beast is a natural process for a shifter. But succumbing to the nature of a beast only happens through a lifetime of trauma. That's when you know, you've embraced the darkness that has blackened your soul. It's where you become one with the demons that have tormented your thoughts since childh...

  • The Package Deal (Book 9)
    7.4K 483 3

    Sheena Griffiths, a kind-hearted fox shifter from California, has ruled out on finding her mate and on finding love altogether. Men have only ever taken advantage of her wealth and generosity and she's vowed that enough is enough. Desperate to have children, but not wanting to risk having her heart broken again, she t...

  • His Human Mate
    412K 11.8K 51

    When Alexa stumbles into the woods well being chased, she discovers a whole new world. One where she has a mate and he's a werewolf. She claims to be kidnapped by him, and isn't sure what's happening or why these people are keeping her hostage. But as the weeks pass, she grows a sudden bond with this man that has take...

  • The Klutz and the King
    27.2K 1.1K 6

    "Um. Hi. Is this animal control? My name's Honey, but I promise it isn't my stripper name. Yeah, I have an emergency. I may have accidentally taken a wolf-man beast into my home, and now he's trying to make babies with me." I paused thoughtfully, contemplating my word choice. "Is this normal?" The phone line went dea...

  • Fate Forged - Gifting #2
    23.3K 1.7K 38

    Jacqueline (Jack) Dunois is exceedingly tall for a woman, struggling to find a man not intimidated by her career as a law enforcement instructor, or taller than her, especially in the small town she calls home. In fact, she would give up a kidney to meet a nice, tall man who would make her ovaries clap as well and did...

    Completed   Mature