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  • Brother Of Mines(Re-Written)
    121K 2K 16

    Meet Lacy Gilbert. A young 17 year old American teenager just trying to get through the rest of the school year like any other normal teen is. She's nothing more than your average teenage girl. She goes to school, goes shopping, attends parties and even has crushes. But it isn't exactly normal to have a crush on your...

  • My Stepbrother and I ✔️
    797K 13.6K 17

    Warning: Mature Readers only!! 16 and older!! "What did I tell you Scar?" He whispered in my ear. I was standing against wall with his left hand beside my head and his right hand on my waist. "Not to bite my lips." I said in a whispered. "What are you doing now?" He said outlining my neck with sweet small pecks. "B-b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Intentions
    1.8M 31.4K 55

    Incestuous; involving or suggestive of incest. Cleo gets fucked by a step brother. She questions her actions. It is far-fetched from the idea, right? or is it? Buckle up for a wild ride, we are getting down and dirty.

    Completed   Mature