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  • Spin
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    Spin follows Noah and Lilah, a young couple on the run, committing crimes across the south in a post-second-civil-war America. Living on the fringes of a broken society, Lilah empathizes with a hitchhiker they run into at a truck stop, and after convincing Noah, they decide to take him along on their way back to their...

  • The dark waters| ✓
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    I won't survive. I'm sure of it. Strong wind ruffles through my clothes and hardly allows my eyes to remain open. I'm surprised that I'm still standing on the rock and haven't been tossed into the whirlwind. Huge waves crash down upon the rocks making deafening sounds. I open my eyes wide enough to see the next wave...

  • What a Shame, Sham! ✓ (UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING)
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    *3RD PLACE WINNER IN THE CREATIVE AWARDS 2019* [Previously Titled: Life of a 'Bad' Boy] [Not a cliché story, trust me] [Started: April 18, 2018; Completed: July 21, 2019] • ° • ° • "No, I won't shut it. Look at you, Sham! You're a mess! You think that you can't live without a girlfriend. You think it's such a need to...