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  • SuperCorp OneShots!
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    "Sometimes I have to tell myself that it's just not worth the jail time." -Lena "How do I like my eggs? Uhm, in a cake- Duh." -Kara Two of your favorite characters in hilariously compromising, dramatic and angsty situations! <3 °In Progress°

  • Multi fandom one shots
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    Read the title ^^

  • Supercorp Oneshots
    14.4K 462 5

    Danvers & Luthor

  • Supercorp One Shots (Kara x Lena)
    71.1K 2.1K 13

    A compilation of short stories requested on popular demands. Cause everyone needs more Supercorp in their life. Other characters may make appearances too.

  • SuperCorp One-Shots
    11.1K 148 2

    Ship between Kara Danvers/Supergirl and Lena Luthor, smut is involved and there might (will) be some g!p Kara... Why? Because Kara's an alien and you know...

  • Supergirl Randomness
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    It's in the title. Just a bunch of gay things to make life less depressing.😁

  • SuperCorp Oneshots
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    A place to keep the little drabbles I write about Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor. All these stories can be found on AO3 by Dichory, or on my SuperCorp tumblr @iwritesupercorp Cover art by Lesly-oh on tumblr Disclaimer: All characters and most storylines belong to CW Supergirl, I do not own any of them.

  • Supergirl x fem reader imagines/one shots
    5.3K 115 3

    A bunch of Fem x fem imagines/one shots.This is my first time trying to write on Wattpad.Sorry if it's crappy.I will write mostly for Alex Danvers in Supergirl and Super Arrowvers flash.I just love her very much.Pictures don't belong to me unless I say so.Please don't copy or steal my ideas I wrote.

  • SuperCorp Oneshots
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    Just a couple of ideas/prompts

  • Supergirl Preferences and Imagines
    183K 4.3K 52

    Mainly female characters and Winn because Winn is adorable and should be protected at all costs. Mon-El will not be written for because he's a douchebag and I hate him. Also, I'm taking requests and will be doing one shots as well so ask away.

  • Supergirl Imagines, One Shots, and Preferences
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    Practically the title, if you want something specific to be done request it. I don't bite hard and I love requests and suggestions. Please read this because I worked pretty hard on it.

  • Girl x Girl X Fem Reader Oneshots and short stories!
    390K 4.2K 91

    Ever wanted to feel like your in a story with your favourite girl but you're also a girl? Well now you can with this book!