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  • Our Secret | Taejin✔️
    189K 12.8K 49

    At nights I'm his. During the day we are strangers. This story has dark themes. Don't read if you are sensitive to such things. HR: #1 unexpectedtwist #1 Jintae #52 abuse #4 Taejin #248 Secrets Started: 06/15/2019 Ended: 08/04/2019 Unedited. *Mature Audiences*

    Completed   Mature
  • Vow to the King // kth▪ksj
    58.3K 3.4K 28

    Monarchy died with the previous king. As the father's last word, the heir; the prince must carry on his control over the country. The prince, the heartless young prince never used his power for the good. ▪not for the sensitive ones. Completed. No edits.

  • Heartless [ TaeJin ]
    14.2K 925 13

    "This means nothing, you mean nothing, absolutely nothing." The covetous, insatiable alpha, callously stresses; jostling the sinfully curvaceous, tear stained omega against the wall as the profound penetration continues relentlessly. The strangled moans escaping from that lusciously parted mouth do nothing to stifle t...

  • || 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐓𝐎𝐑 || - kth.ksj
    88K 8.1K 52

    "I can't leave you even if I want to!......" ------- Started: 02.20.19 Finished: Cover: @-ggukjim ©A_JinTaellectual

  • The Alpha's Charm | Taejin✔️
    418K 24K 56

    Kim Seokjin an independent omega meets a dominant and demanding Alpha, Kim Taehyung. HR: #1Taejin #2 Jin #2 BTS #1 Toptaehyung #1 alphaxomega Started: 5.29.2019 Completed on 7.13.2019 unedited *Mature Audience ⚠️

    Completed   Mature
  • Mysterious Ways
    75.5K 4.8K 38

    The man on the bridge, he wants to end his life, the cruelty he saw everyday, the pain and the depression that he wants to end, he just wanted to jump until a hand grab his wrist and pull him. Making him realise how important life is, how he can turn those feelings into something positive. He remember how that boy smi...

  • the Throne // kth×ksj
    14.2K 1K 12

    "The throne must not be empty." A sequel to "Vow to the King". HR #2 vjin